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Why The Board Are Here To Stay

In his latest ‘Your Shout’ contribution former Over Land and Sea writer Matt aka Olas 1 outlines why he believes the latest ‘board out’ campaign may well prove fruitless.

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5 comments on “Why The Board Are Here To Stay

  1. Fair enough, they’re here to stay. At the very least we can retain some self respect by letting them know how despised they are, and how their lying has been exposed.

    By the way, I don’t doubt that Gold is a fan. This interview with Sullivan (go to about 4:57 in) suggests that he’s a Cardiff fan.


  2. Contrast the above video with this one;


    When people can lie about this sort of stuff – ie. saving the club even though there were three serious bidders, who you support and so on – what do you expect from this calibre of person?

  3. Unfortunately the club is stuck with the 3 owners for now…However they need to seriously start listening. Get London off the badge for a start, do what they said in regards to the stadium look and feel..The ill feeling will not go away unless there is a dramatic improvement in the teams fortunes and they start to listen..Let’s get behind the team..

  4. Yes been saying the board won’t sell anytime soon bc payments if sell w LS & other issues. Not to mention who would buy us & def wouldn’t meet their valuation. Newcastle own their stadium & can’t get £300m. We want get £800m or even £500m.
    The best thing they could do if true fans. Brady isn’t & just needs to go her Column does more harm then good for us. And she is supposed to be PR guru. So I don’t really see what se brings. Gold one I can stand sometimes says dafy things on social media but mostly doesn’t deal with club issues.
    That’s what Sully should do as real fan get in a board of professionals & a director of football w experience relationships w clubs agents managers etc. And let’s get a recruitment philosophy & club ethos & let the pros do it. Then Sully can sit back be 81yo Fan & watch the games.
    That is best we can hope for & is what they should so his kids aren’t ready. But if we cut Brady who makes a lot they would cover a lot of funding.
    Hire pros & take a back seat

  5. How anyone can stand up for our owners is beyond me …a minority of fans are unhappy at the majority being negative but the simple fact is the owners have brought this negativitie on themselves with the the lies they have spun year after year..

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