Why we needn’t worry about Payet leaving!


PayetheavenIt was always going to kick off wasn’t it?

Thankfully, however,the story  it was only in The Sun and repeated a little later by The Star.

According to Flreet Street’s ‘not so finest,’ Chelsea and Manchester United are interested in Dimi Payet just as Man City were in Aaron Cresswell and Chelsea (again) were in Enner Valencia. Remember those?

Now the truth of it is of course that if we have to rely on those particular media outlets for our ‘news’ then we really are in trouble and let me explain why… beyond the obvious.

Chelsea have an interim manager and Manchester United have one unofficially so any idea that either club will be making any sort of move before they have settled on their next bosses is more than slightly ludicrous.

I sometimes think that there are people out there who have the template for every transfer story written with only the names changing: Valencia, Cresswell – now Payet.

It’s a story that is going to be written regardless of the facts because it’s an easy one and works from both ends. United want him…that looks after the northern editions…Chelsea want him and the Hammers will improve his contract which works for the London end.

The truth is simple and here it is. There has been no approaches or inquiries for Payet but there have been no inquiries.

Agents have indeed been banging on David Sullivan and Karren Brady’s door attempting to get a better deal but that is par for the course. However, the knocks have not been so regular over the last couple of weeks since his form took a dip we’re told.

With only two transfer windows avaialable to them, agents spend the rest of their time trying to earn a few bob by getting contracts improved.

It’s conceivable the Hammers will  offer  an improved deal at some stage hence but with agents planting stories about United and Chelsea everywhere via their favourite journos, it’s not gonna happen any time soon.

I’ve lost count of the times agents have rung me and told me so and so is interested in so and so – the story rarely happened by the way.

Dimi is on a watertight deal. He’s going nowhere.


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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!"

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  • bubs says:

    The man never wanted to leave his last club but they wanted the money and I believe that,plus more players left at the time that they did not want to loose so it rings of truth,
    Any of the clubs mentioned he would be a squad player not the star with more or less a guaranteed starting spot unless Lanzini takes that off him,
    Most players are content at our club if they play regularly and love the fan base,
    Man U can be forgotten as players based in London don’t normally down grade going North,
    Last is the relationship players have with the manager and I think Slav will be a good boss with his players if they play ball

  • It’s not true Bubs…I never write from what I don’t know only what I do

  • bubs says:

    Well today Hugh people are quoting an insider of saying that the agent has asked for over £100 k and that is not acceptable as we don’t look at contract improvements this quick into a new contract,but this time last year we were offering Sakho and then Kouyate new contracts as well as Cresswell to keep them, only what I read not that I have your contacts,
    He is 28 we have him on a 5 year contract why bother with doing anything,
    What will he be worth at 33,
    If he breaks his contract e cash in or he stays and plays,
    He won’t want all this before the Euro,s
    Don’t want to see him go but I hate greedy people ( his agent )
    Not saying your wrong Hugh but there is a lot of people quoting inside information

  • johnboy says:

    For me bubs the the news paper writers were always going to try to disrupt west ham ! Most are , spuds arsenal and man u bias , it makes me feel great knowing they see us as a threat and will do everything in their power to try and disrupt us !! The spuds tryed it last year with kouyate if you remember . Payet is going nowhere its all just wish full thinking , merson , redknapp , plug etc have been trying to discredit us as a force by saying that its inevitable that a bigger team will come in for him and implying in so many words that we are not a team of great substance and that we will not be a threat against their teams as no one has the right to do so . ? Well the truth is we are a huge threat to these teams and they know so !!! Maybe national newspaper writers who are west ham bias could do the same , spin and disrupt them accordingly , its all in the mind , and can do damage ! Hence we are making comments about it !! It works !! I’ve just heard that Sanchez is unhappy at arsenal and has hinted that he would like to join west ham at the OS next season , ? If you get my drift … Wenger , Ferguson , mourinio , etc all play the mind game !! They cheat !! As do the pundits , when you compete with the so called big teams ( the ones we beat regularly this year ) you have to compete in a similar fashion and counter attack !! I personally don’t like it but it is part and parcel I’m afraid !!!

  • johnboy says:

    Payet could put this to bed , just make a statement on the whu site to condemn it and put it to bed , maybe pass it on Hugh and ask the question , the club made a statement but IMO payet needs to back it up .

  • johnboy says:

    Payet just confirmed on twitter acc that he is going nowhere! His future is here with us. ! Sorted !! COYI!!!!!!S. All disruptive paper talk . Counter attack !!!!!!! Charrrrrrrrge !!!!!!!!!

  • exsoulie says:

    You would think that the media would be far too busy writing ******** about LCFC keeping the likes of Vardy et al.Payet is a bit special……how dare west ham have a player of this quality?….the premiership will find that Payet wont be the last quality player we sign.

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