Will Irons Euro history repeat itself 50 years on?


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24 comments on “Will Irons Euro history repeat itself 50 years on?

  1. I hope it will.
    I was at the 76 final in Brussels against Anderlecht ( which we lost ), and I missed the 65 one. So I would love to see us do the business this time.
    By the way anyone who thinks that football played 40 or 50 years ago was dinosaur stuff, should watch the 76 final on U-tube. It was a good as anything today.

  2. I have seen the game but i was just a little kid.It might not have been dinosaur football but it must be only dinosaurs who were actually at the game.Almost 40yrs ago,that is prehistoric times in my book.Queen Victoria was still reigning wasnt she,lol 😀

  3. Well I thought it was strange that everyone there were wearing black and white. Even me …..weird.

  4. Haha,nah fair play,must have been great to go to brussels for a euro final,you were lucky to have been there 😉

  5. sure was fun even though we lost. even the ferry was fun. I still say it was no penalty! I wind up my Belgian freinds even now that it was no penalty. We out played them for the first hour and they beat us 4 – 2 mainly because of the ( wrong ) penalty turning the game.
    You should watch the whole game on u-tube. we scored a briliant west ham style goal. Everybody now would have loved Keith Robson who scored it.
    Men were men in those days lol. and Totenham were women. lol

  6. I was only 6,remember watching it on the box though.I cried my eyes out when we lost,haha,now i am used to us losing so no tears ever needed,lol

  7. so did Tommy Taylor lol so no shame. Mind you it spelled the end for him, Alvin was 10 times better.

  8. I wasn’t old enough for the good old days and can’t make it tonight grrrr but I hope everyone who goes tonight young and old has a fantastic night. A great start to a great new era.

  9. The Eintracht Frankfurt game in 76 was my first match.
    What a game to choose, I was hooked ever since,
    The final that year was heartbreak, we was in control and leading by a Patsy Holland goal when good old Frank Snr did THAT back pass.
    Although he later played well for us I never completely forgave Van der Elst either.

    Different times then, we have to play so many games just to get to that stage now, then all the CL failures come in too.

  10. A lot of people say that Eintracht semi-final was there most exciting game ever. I would agree along with the fa cup semi replay against everton in 80

    • Yes that was a good one too,

      I’m dreaming of a frank header
      Just like the one at Elland Road

      There was a game against Man Utd at home too, we had to win to stay up and they were in the Cup Final the following weekend…..we ended up winning 4-2
      What an atmosphere.

      • was that the one where pikey scored a scorcher from 20 yards?

        • That’s the one
          He’d missed a penalty in the first half and the crowd were on his back a bit start of the second half….that’s how to answer them.

          We went a goal down after about 30 seconds, Gordon Hill I think?

          Cracking game

          • That Elland road semi=final against Everton; a spurs supporting mate of mine said they were listening on the radio in the pub, and when Lampard scored the winner he couldn’t believe how long we cheered for. I seem to remember cheering and jumping about until the end of the match ( about 10 minutes I think ) which seemed like hours lol

  11. lol at the time I wasn’t even spermatozoa… 😀

    • Haha,you nutter matte 😀

      • ahahah… 😀

      • Spermatozoa? Is that another one of our potential signings Matte? A tricky little fella who wriggles around in the box lol

      • Dont worry Sting,he still hasnt got over his Parenthesis moment lastnight,now he is hitting us with Spermatozoa as well.Must have found a new English Words site.Any word over 10 letters & Matte is going to start firing them at us so we have to google them to find out what the hell he is on about.Professor Matte of Milan 😀

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