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Will Sullivan offer Moyes a new deal?

Will West Ham be tempted offer Moyes a new deal? 

West Ham’s director of football, Tim Steidten, appeared poised to assume control of football operations at the club. Talks regarding a new contract for David Moyes had hit a snag, leading to expectations that Steidten would oversee all footballing matters from the upcoming season onwards.

Steidten strategically positioned family members and allies within the club’s scouting network, fuelling speculation that he would play a role in the recruitment of a new manager for West Ham. Crucially, owner David Sullivan seemed supportive of a restructuring at the club. But things at the club may have changed.

Will owner David Sullivan offer Moyes a new deal as West Ham manager?

Will Sully offer Moyes a new deal?

However, football is known for its rapid changes. However, following two victories against Brentford and Everton, West Ham have reclaimed 7th place in the Premier League. If the Hammers successfully navigate their way into the quarter-finals of the Europa League and defeat Burnley, Moyes will find himself in a significantly strengthened position.

The pressing question now arises: Will David Sullivan be tempted to abandon his plans for an upheaval at West Ham? Will he instead opt to retain David Moyes? Should the Hammers secure a 4th consecutive season of European football, it will be exceedingly challenging for the chairman to justify any major changes.


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