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Window moans start with weeks to go

It’s not entirely surprising the mood is changing as each day ticks by without a signing or even it seems a new rumour!

The fact that many moan when stuff is leaked but seem to get the hump when they believe nothing is APPARENTLY going on represents a serious contradiction in terms.

David Moyes has made it clear over and over that there would be no information escaping into the public domain if he had anything to do it.

So as a result serious transfer gossip this summer is severely limited beyond the fantasies going on in the  heads of websites, newspapers and ITKs.

The result is that outrage is heaped on names that will probably never appear in a West Ham shirt with all sort of accusations being made against the manager and the board by those with axes to grind.

I can’t remember a time when the Irons have had players linked with major clubs so it might be a good idea to wait until the end of the window before mouthing off as usually happens ever year.

Anything else just represents a yearning to have everything our own way! Everyone loves a moan up but hold on the window doesn’t close until August 31.

It seems only yesterday we were celebrating a magical season – shall we just relax a little more.

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

31 comments on “Window moans start with weeks to go

  1. Never let the truth get in the way of good story is how I see this part of the year.

    So much speculation Im back off ask to Benji if we’re getting Messi on loan. I heard it somewhere so it must be true.

  2. Quote from your article: “So as a result serious transfer gossip this summer is severely limited beyond the fantasies going on in the heads of websites, newspapers and ITKs.”

    Posts from you in recent days: “Hammers in race for Gambian Defender”, “keeper speculation continues” “Hammers boost from pereira news” “Hammers linked with liverpool defender” “irons send transfer warning over striker” “Barkley link resurfaces”.

    These are just from the last 7 days or so.

    So essentially these are fantasies according to your own words so why bother writing them if its just made up?


      • Why repeat what others have said unless it is to comment on or add further details?
        I can see where the confusion has come from – it might save some future angst

        • Because it’s what we do – we report as much West ham related news as we can find. Those who follow here come to see what’s going on – thus we report it as it may not be seen by them elsewhere.

          I rather like the informal definition of angst: a feeling of persistent worry about something trivial.

  3. The proof is always in the pudding and where there is a vacuum people will always make up their reality. This is probably our most important window for many years given the fact that we are in Europe proper. Whereas I have no issue with the silence and laugh at some of the ridiculous media stories we have a lot of work to do and I think we will all calm down as we see things starting to happen. The season starts in 3 weeks and it is less than ideal to be trying to integrate new players after it has started, especially as the Europa League starts almost immediately as well.and we most definitely do not have the squad for both competitions yet. Silence no issue, but let’s start seeing some output from the work we have been told has been put in to identifying our targets, that is time to get moving or risk not getting the targets we want.

  4. Hi Hugh could you give any idea you have as to an explaination for why we have not used the Haller money (as promised) on his replacement please? We have had 6 months to deal with the massive chasm in our squad, yet here we are nearing the start of the season and we have nobody. I think the reason many are concerned about the direction of travel is down to previous windows, as a former district manager told me to look at previous behaviour as an indicator for future behaviour. Many thanks in advance

    • Sadly I don’t have the access to the boardroom many would love to believe so no idea Dean. If I give an explanation it will only be believed by some and actually I don’t know but I hope it will be spent

    • There is no “Haller money”. Why do people think there are pots of money just sitting around called the Haller money or Anderson money? It all goes into the budget and will have been used to pay other installments.

      The manager made the choice not to bring a striker in January and was proven correct as Jessie lingard was outstanding. There was no chasm as his goals made a huge difference

      • Pots of money…. ??
        According to Journalist, Nick Harris (@SportingIntel), WEst Hams share of the TV money for 2020/21:
        5. West Ham
        Actual League Position: 6th
        No. Of Paid TV Games: 24
        Estimated Prize Money: £147.4m
        Estimated Rebate: £3.9m
        Total: £143.5m

        Fifth highest total in EPL

  5. Hi Hugh,

    I appreciate you wanting your site to endorse kindness and respect, but using terminology like ‘mouthing off’ and replying in CAPS to people in an aggressive tone (as per your reply to ‘LJ’ above, doesn’t really do you guys any favors.

    Fans have every right to be frustrated and yes, you’re right to some extent that we should wait until the transfer window closes to see what we end up with, but the gaps in our squad have been gaping for some time now in a number of areas, most of which were not to be fixed in this transfer window, but previous ones.

    In addition, Moyes would no doubt like signings in well before 31 August so as to meet the squad, understand how we want to play etc. Sullivan is simply an appalling negotiator and that’s backed up numerous times. I can forgive getting close to 31 August with a one or two gaps needed filling, but we’re in real, real trouble with the depth in our squad. It’s negligent that we have one injury prone striker and moves need to be made now to start plugging these gaps – not in late August when there’s a clamour of rushed signings.

    The point is that I understand what you’re saying and if we get to the start of the season with a bad transfer window, we have every right to throw the kitchen sink at showing GSB our displeasure. However, please understand that we’ve been through this time and time again with GSB – broken promise after broken promise – publicly embarrassing themselves in the transfer market (e.g. Sporting Lisbon/William Carvalho) so we have every right to be concerned.

    Respect is earned. Moyes has earned his but GSB have not and in order to do so, signings need to be made.

    • You assume the delay in signing players is all down then board. It could also be down to the manager being very selective and not just buying any old rubbish just to keep fans happy.

      • Oh that’ll go down well LOL. Don’t say what they don’t wanna hear.

        • ‘They’ want to hear – I am interested who ‘they’ are Hugh?
          I assume people who aren’t in bed with the board one way or another £ (oops I mean ?)

          • Had u bothered to read the site u would see we have savaged the board all week but you don’t want to hear that do u?.not in bed with anyone. Feel free to insult us. No problem. Quite clearly “they”v are protestors and thus those who dislike the board. It’s actually quite self evident. Unlike most of those we are more balanced as we have shown this week

      • I didn’t say that Kev – but you can’t honestly believe that Moyes doesn’t know who he wants yet. Wake up mate. He’s had one striker for 6 months and the guy hasn’t looked at any? He knows who he wants, it’s now about getting a deal done. Something which other teams have mastered and others haven’t.

    • I have to agree with you JB15 as we have been in this same position time and time again, add to that Moyes has previously been quoted as saying, that he prefers to get his business done early.
      As for the moaning and the angst……it goes with the territory!
      As much as I trust Moyes, maybe a reliable ITK nod and a wink (no names), would settle us all down a bit.

  6. You are having a laugh. Be patient. We were given promises of a great signings at the time we left Upton Park. We are still waiting. Did the David’s ask you to write this piece? As previously pointed out, we had 6 months to find a Haller replacement. 20 million for Haller and the 30 million we was suppose to use to buy a CB when we paid 4 million for the geezer from Warford. Same old WHU low bids which they know will not be accepted. The Davids made promises when we left Upton Park. They have not been kept.

    • Coufal was a low bid. I don’t remember anyone moaning that we got this class player on the cheap.

      Judge the window when it closes. I suspect a lot of business will be done but a lot of clubs have pre pandemic valuations of their players so better to wait then over pay

  7. This is very true but on the other hand it was Moyes who wanted players in early to work with in pre season. Am I right or not? Is Sullivan holding back on a couple surprise signings or is he holding back the wallet? Who knows only him. Whatever Ever way we need 5-6 new good upgrades on what we have and a couple of under23s to throw in the mix.

  8. In the last few days there have been transfers Lejeune, Gray and Sancho.8 mill, 1.7mill and 73 mill. There’s only 1 that I’d like at WH but we don’t have that sort of money. Silence or rumours doesn’t really matter. If WH show their hand now every Tom,Dick and Harry will join in the bidding war. Have a bit of faith in Moyes and Sulli- they haven’t let us down so far, have they?

    • I am ok with Moyes not letting us down but Sully!!!!

      Since the move to Stratford we could have been treated to this Team –
      Roberto, Arbeloa (he must have been brought out of retirement), Evra,(he was older than Arbeloa) Nordvelt, Fonte, Gokan Toure, Carlos Sanchez, Sadd Haskerbanovic, Calleri, Hugill and Zaza.
      Sully also buys players the Manager has no idea about – according to Allardyce

      • Well if we are getting our news from Allardyce we really are in trouble. What he said was: He sometimes gives you gift – all true and we accept he’s not a great judge of players. Thus I’m gad he is bringing in a director of football which is something we have been calling for over a couple of years or more

  9. Not sure how many times I have said it, the transfer window should be two weeks long, over 90% of transfers get done in that time unless a club wants to get shot or they are offered ridiculous money for the players. Why we need over 2 months for it is beyond me. Like Brexit every window. bucketloads of hot air for eons then at the last minute deal is done.

  10. For me it’s not so much the lack of leaks, I think that’s a good thing. I do wonder if we’re skint though? We’ve borrowed against everything from the training ground to the Haller transfer fee recently. Also various outlets suggesting we’d struggle to even meet the transfer fee for Lingard.

    Most business does get done at the end of the window but surprised we’ve not had so much as a loan or a free transfer in yet. I don’t really count the youth team players we’ve brought in. Ideally we’d bring in around 5 or 6 players given the extra Europa games and the fact we had one of the smaller squads anyway. We may not be as lucky with injuries this time around either.

    Glad Moyes does his due diligence but he seems to tie himself in knots over it. For instance, he doesn’t even seem to be certain which keeper he wants given the reports surrounding Areola and Johnstone. Wonder if he overthinks these things to the point where he struggles to make a decision. Would go in line with the ‘Dithering Dave’ tag that’s followed him around since his Everton days.

  11. It’s not the silence or the rumours foe me it’s all part of the grander window. Ok there may be deals being done we don’t know about. What does worry is that we have not announced one single first team signing with 4 weeks until the season starts. Now that’s not me moaning , it is a concern players need time to bed in.

  12. What concerns me most with the contract situation regarding Declan is the fact that you can never be sure, after, the Grady Diangana transfer what could happen next Admittedly, there’s not a chance of him leaving for less than 100m but after his Euro 20 exploits, anythings possible and continued speculation about a bid from Chelsea being imminent it could be just too tempting for GBS and the bid gets accepted. The longer the club’s inactivity in recruiting new player’s, especially a replacement for Haller, the greater the chance that David Moyes runs out of options, similar to the January window and we do very little or no business which is unthinkable but not unlikely. The frustrations ‘s the same with every window and I can’t wait for this one to close.

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