Window update: Here’s the £50m bid reality

By Hughie Southon

5 pm January 27, 2022


West Ham are no closer to signing anybody in the winter window today than they were yesterday despite the multitude of stories from websites and ITKs.

Once again today there has been story after story appearing about the club closing in on defenders, strikers and even midfielders.

But the reality is that we have just  on “tiny” chance of buying a striker despite a bid of £50 million having recently been knocked back by an unknown club.

We have learned that despite several players having been put to the manager he considers none of them good enough other than the mysterious £50 million striker.

But we were told this afternoon that it’s now very unlikely to happen with chances being rated at less than five per cent.

Even the Jesse Lingard story is now dead despite the Hammers assistant boss Stuart Pearce claiming yesterday that the club are still interested in buying him.

We were told a few minutes ago: “There’s just a TINY, less than a five per cent chance, of a 50m signing. Other than that there’s nothing happening.”

Nothing is certain until deadline day passes but as things stand it’s best to be honest with ourselves and accept this window may pass with no new arrivals.



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19 comments on “Window update: Here’s the £50m bid reality

  1. If this is the case, no more hesitation. He HAS to give the youngsters game time to get them integrated in the first team gradually.

  2. Not many of the top clubs seem to be buying in this window I’ve noticed. Teams like Liverpool tend to save their money for the summer. I can understand the bottom clubs being desperate to get players in to avoid relegation or whatever but it doesn’t always work. Sometimes it can upset the balance of a team, the harmony and team spirit. Especially if it’s the old scatter gun punt approach on players who are unproven in the premier league. We’ve been that club ourselves in the past and I’m not sure it ever worked.

  3. That is not acceptable Moyes can’t make a decision , we need cover . We are saying we could have a chance at CL but we will stick despite the fact any injury would affect our chances . That is infuriating and I blame Moyes & the board . There are players out there who would improve us I am disgusted at the lack of signings

    • Why do u blame the board if Moyes can’t find what he wants – he’s in charge

      • Hi Hugh , there should be identified targets before the window opens which should be presented to the board . The board and Moyes are not a separate entity they should have a clear plan in place to implement a strategy on signings . There is a lot we don’t know and are not privy to but discussions should and would have been discussed e.g budget . What is the.point in dithering if targets have been identified. But like I say there are things we’re not privy to , I am frustrated as I see an opportunity to progress with signings. Injuries where we don’t have cover would derail our chances of competing in the top 4 or progressing in Europe . Sometimes it’s about not just wanting loans .

        • What I know for absolute certain is that Newman and Moyes agree targets now. That was one of Moyes provisos for signing a new deal, that he put his own scouting system in place and Sullivan agreed Newman would do the deals financially. Sullivan has a new woman in his life is no longer in control and Kretinsky and Gold have agreed Newman gets on with it. So it’s really down to them mate. That’s how it works now. DM has apparently turned down every name mentioned as not good enough apart from the £50m mystery man

          • Thanks Hugh , I guess if there not good enough there not good enough . I seriously hope they pull a few rabbits from the hat though !

          • Thanks Hugh , I guess if there not good enough there not . I seriously hope they pull a few rabbits from the hat though !

          • Thanks Hugh , I guess if there not good enough ! . I seriously hope they pull a few rabbits from the hat though !

  4. If this is treu and we do not bring in the players we need to push us on, then the consequences are very clear, bye Declan Rice, bye bye Champions League, bye bye bye Europa League and bye bye bye bye European football next season. And one last thing sack the recruitment team including Moyes son as they are a waste of time and money, they simply have failed to prepare properly for this window so basically they have not done what they have been asked to do..

  5. He never can make up his mind, leave it to the Director of Football. We would not have Cresswell or Antonio if he had been in charge at the time.

  6. Never believe anything that you think you know or have heard. It’s all a strategic game.

  7. Instead of blaming Moyes and the board for not getting champions leave football how about thanking them for getting us into the position to compete for it in the first place.

  8. Hey all West Ham fans on here & throughout the world its not Monday yet so let’s be calm & wait & see we know the squad needs strengthening & we can see where in the team that does so for the next 4 days let’s be positive & if on 1st February we haven’t signed 1 player then we all know we will slide down the league probably go out of the Europa League & FA Cup then come the summer the likes of Bowen Rice & probably Soucek will be off we have followed this club through thick & thin but we can only take so much of what goes on behind the scenes COYI

  9. The worse thing that can happen is we end up buying a player who does not improve us for example Phillips from Liverpool, if we end up with players like this and Moyes honestly believes this is progress and signings like this will keep our top players well he is delusional. We are all giving out about the lack of signings and I still lay a huge portion of blame on the recruitment team for this failing but what we cannot do is to make average signings. We want 1 o2 top quality players in but failing to get them then we need to give the youngsters their chance and not signing very average players. I cannot say how disappointed I have with the planning for this window from a recruitment perspective.

  10. If you look at the history of January window the vast majority if deals are at the 11th hour.
    This January it is interesting to see all the social media mania around possible signings but hardly any activity.
    I am sure targets have been identified but it takes two to tango. All the really decent prospects are key players for their current clubs . Those that are available fall into the same bracket as Karmalenko, strange we have not recieved any bids for him!

  11. Are we the only side in the country that only has one striker, who wasn’t even that a couple of years ago?

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