With and Without Andy Carroll

In this graphic created by Steve Ridgway we can accurately see West Ham with & without the influence of Andy Carroll.  The win rate with Andy Carroll is 36% while the win rate without him drops to 28%.



However, Sky Sports News. There graphic for the 2014/2015 shows a 36% win rate with Andy Carroll over 14 games with an average goals per game of 1.1 and average points per game of 1.4. Without Andy Carroll Sky shows us we can manage a 46% win rate over 11 games with 1.8 goals per game and 1.6 points per game.




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14 comments on “With and Without Andy Carroll

  1. The above table should be a little reminder to all those of our supporters who don’t quite like AC and perhaps feel happier when injured! I for one disagree and wish that AC was fit and ready for all games.

  2. I would imagine those statistics change a bit this season. Last two seasons we had very few other options. This year the win ratio etc. was fairly good without him. That said we need at least four options and with Any out then Cole and Lee are the back up.

  3. Always find these comparisons a bit misleading there could be numerous stats that prove or not, like we didn’t score any more or any less goals with Andy, surely that proves our defense was to blame or not…

    The fact is Andy is a superb player, but the financial cost of keeping him must be wearing thin with the owners, he has scored 14 Prem goals for us and 5 assists, at a cost of approximately £1.97m per goal, while he does add more to team than just goals, he only plays 50% of the time, I doubt we could sell him and I doubt we will renew his contract,

    it’s a real pity for him and all involved at WHU,



    But you are having a laugh, right? 😆

  5. I think AC is a decent player,good to have with the other options.But the stats about win/loses pale into insignificance when you take the first line into account.He has missed 46 of 99 matches.How can you continue to have a forward line of 3 or 4 top quality strikers when one will miss almost half the matches over a prolonged period.We just cant afford to be without one of them so often.Especially a guy on such big money.Hope he recovers quickly from is injury,he must be gutted.But so must the board who weighed out so much money for him.Can we as a club & team continue to have one of our strikers out so regularly.

  6. Last season without Carrol was with Maiga. Not too much competition.

  7. I’d like to see the graphic when Sakho and Valancia played together. Anyway sometimes statistics make no difference; If I watch a football match first of all I want to have fun and that happend when the thrilling duo played together.

  8. Some people have clearly missed the 2nd table which show that this season we have won more games without Andy

    Personally i like him but he has not been value for money and should not be started whenever he can walk in a straight line.. but thats BFS’s fault not his.

  9. Sam has done everything to prove he was right about Carroll, even to the extent of playing a poorer line-up than he could have done, now it’s all blown up in his face.
    He didn’t have a single logical reason for playing Carroll against Southampton, in fact he had every reason for not playing him. Now, because of his own stupidity, his star boy has gone for the season.
    I see another Deano here but had Sam used Andy the way he would have been very effective, as an impact sub who could change a whole game, we’d have got some mileage out of him and he’d have scored a lot of crucial goals

  10. Games played with AC does not include which teams we played against,e got better results against the better teams without him,
    Any person can manipulate any table to read what you want people to see,AC is no longer this season our problem can we see a table were Valencia and Sakho play up front with no other forward and Nolan not in the lineup and a table when he is ?

  11. You can work Stats however you want.One person can say we have only won two of our last nine games so were useless.Another can counter argue by saying we have only lost one of our last nine games so we are doing fantastic.People can manipulate them anyway they want to prove a point.Just ask Van Gaal 😉

  12. None of this maters anyway will he stay if BFS GOES ?
    Will we get any money for him with his health record ?
    Let’s hope he returns 100% this time and BFS does not rush him back just to prove he is right,
    Now we just need to loose Nolan and O,Brien for the rest of the season and we have real chance.

  13. ahahha… nice comment bubs.

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