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Woe is Sam – it’s the injuries yer know!

miserMy God it diodn’t take long for the “woe is me I have injuries and it’s a crisis ” Allardyce head to go on – about 10 minutes after the match actually

In my match report I wrote: “With players hobbling off through injury these are worrying times as we start to descend towards our usual level  – what’s even more worrying perhaps is  that if they keep players out for a couple of games it presents a handy excuse to the boss for any sub-standard performance.” 

It actually took a couple of minutes rather than games. For as he stood looking folorn and lost in front of the nation he whined: “Ginge had to come off with a hamstring, then we lost Reidy. It’s not a problem it’s a crisis.”

Yeah Yeah Yeah as Liverpool legends The Beatles sung when we last won in their home city back in 1963!

Carroll of course had hobbled off allowing Sam the opportunity to bleat: “That’s three on top of the four we left behind” which of course would include Kouyate and Sakho who is now being kept in cotton wool as the Senegal complaint goes to FIFA.

He claimed the “medical staff will have all hands to the pumps this week”  as Manchester United await but as I wrote earlier I’m not wearing this injury stuff being presented as as an excuse.

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We were beaten today before a ball was kicked and to say anything different would be a lie! Stand up and be a man Sam.

You have Koutaye who can do a shift at the back and as we are now more or less safe what about blooding Reece Oxford?

Big people see times of trial as times of opportunity so please stop moaning and groaning and show some balls!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

14 comments on “Woe is Sam – it’s the injuries yer know!

  1. A couple of injuries and the weakness of the Squad is cruelly exposed!

  2. How ironic that Liverpool made big changes when their previous set up didn’t work. And we make changes when our system DOES work. Today I thought we looked like the team we were last year. Valencia was invisible at times but I don’t hold him at fault. I also thought Oxford should have been brought on in the last few minutes so the kid could make history and what a place to do it. We had nothing to lose at that point.

    There can’t be many managers in history who got their team off to a great start to the season then decide to revert to vastly inferior tactics. This isn’t just about today, it’s been since Carroll and Nolan have been fit together. I forgave him at the start of the season but now he keeps trying the same thing over and over without a good result (insanity?) with decent players on the bench huge questions should be asked by the board.

    If we are headed for a lifetime of mid table mediocrity under him I would almost rather finish in the bottom half so the board have to get rid of him. 8th or 9th and they’ll probably give him a free pass.

    • Absolutely nailed it for me Pennsylvania. Allardyce has to go.The moron is decimating a great team.I can’t wait for bubs,rugby and rads to have an input.

      • Nothing more to be said Roman,the man is trashing what could have been one of our best seasons in years.Lets enjoy finishing in the middle of the league playing Sams way.The first months of promise totally wasted.Sam will be alright though,he will still be filling his big bank balance while we all feel more & more deflated by whats happening.He knows exactly how we played at our best this season & he refuses to pick this team.In the army it would be deriliction of duty & he should be made to stand infront of a firing line 😉 😉

  3. He has got to go and the sooner the better,2 Daves you are having the **** taken out of you and you know it,put him on garden leave before the team starts playing in front of half full grounds,
    We are not going to pay to watch BFS on a ego trip with his favourites,and how long will the likes of Song and Jenkinson want to play this crap,

  4. BFS time of excuses is finished. You just have to go as far away as possible with your chewing gum and your diseased brain. And please don’t forget your lovers, Nolan and Carroll. Thanks a lot old dinosaur.

  5. Dare I mention Glen Hoddle as a replacement?

  6. Although we weren’t at our best today defeat at anfield can’t have come as much of a big surprise to the majority of hammers fans?
    Afterall we have a terrible record on merseyside and at Liverpool in particular.

    Although it can never be used as a valid excuse for defeat or a bad performance ther is no doubt that they played their part today.
    Afterall, any team having Sakho unavailable and Kauyate, Tonka and Jenks all injured is going to be under par.
    If you then add to that injuries to Carrol, ginge and Reid then you could concede that BS had a point. For not only is that eight eight first team players unavailable by the end of the game but Valencia looked woefully short of confidence too.

    This is all very well but tactically and formation wise BS certainly didn’t help himself. He seemed to be caught in two minds, whether to defend and play for a point or to keep the attacking diamond. To be honest I don’t think he ended up doing either.

    With Kauyate injured bringing in amilfitano at the expense of noble left Song exposed and with too much go do. At our best Song should always have a defensive partner. If not noble then probably poyet.
    With Jenks injured our diamond becomes unbalanced and moving Downing from its tip to continue to accommodate nolan is simply indefensible. Especially with valencia low on confidence and drifting wide go allow the runs that never come from nolan.

    Finally, as it has rightly been stated above, with two centre halfs injured and the game nearly up it is baffling why Oxford never came on, especially as just how good this kid is. He couldn’t have done any worse.

    So while I take into account that all the injuries certainly played their part today I think questions can be asked concerning his tactics and formation today.

  7. No u daren’t mention Hoddle

  8. If were short of central defenders i guess BFS could always give Roger Johnson a call.He is normal available this time of year 😉

  9. BFS the sooner the better for everyone – he has destroyed the team we had at the start of the season. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get rid now before our best players do not want to play for us.

  10. Im confused though, so we invest all this money in our youth system,we call orselves “TweThe Academy of Football,have all these injuries and no academy player will be given a chance. Whats the point?!

  11. Perfectly summed up Hugh: ‘We were beaten today before a ball was kicked and to say anything different would be a lie!”

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