Worst shirt ever !


The infamous 1991/92  third choice kit

Being a self confessed anorak when it comes to all matters West Ham, I was looking back at some old programmes and came across a photograph of perhaps the worst kit design ever !

Way back in the  truly awful 1991/92  season, some bright spark decided that we should have a  West Ham third kit for the first time … and it’s an awful one.

Our previous shirt sponsor Bukta, must have been annoyed with us for some reason and got their own back on us  with a top with rectangle patterns across the middle that they would later try with other clubs achieving similar failure.

Despite the rubbish shirt, a miserable season back in the top-flight would see Billy Bonds’ team finish rock bottom, six points adrift of safety

What do you all think was our worst shirt? And more to the point, what was our best?

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  • exsoulie says:

    For a brief moment i thought you were showing the new away shirt….yes its bad,but so is the orange and white as worn in the final.Not loved a shirt since the early 80s Adidas.

  • Buster says:

    Most of our home shirts since 1975-76 have been dreadful. Only about half a dozen of them get my thumbs up, the best being the Fila top from 2001-03.

  • Limey says:

    Surely the worst shirt has to be this seasons away kit, worn in the final. It looks like a used Tamp**??!!?

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