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Yedder is Arsenal or Sevilla bound claim reports

Fwissam-ben-yedder-3rench TV channel Canal + claims Toulouse striker Wissam Ben Yedder will sign for Sevilla or Arsenal in the coming hours. Ben Yedder has been available on the transfer market with Toulouse President Sadran looking for €10m plus performance bonuses as he is in the last year of his contract.

Sevilla had agreed a deal with Toulouse and were all set to sign the player, but then new manager Jorge Samapoli decided against the signing at the time. Football pundit Ludo Deroin on Canal +  claims Sevilla have come back in recent days. West Ham and Leicester City are alos known to have shown interest but the sudden Arsenal link with Yedder has come out of the blue and got some people puzzled.

There are concerns from some in the West Ham camp whether Yedder is physical enough for life in the Premier League and need to be convinced he would be right for the Hammers.



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15 comments on “Yedder is Arsenal or Sevilla bound claim reports

  1. the one that we could have got we dont go for cheap young and scored the same amount of goals as the one that went to Chelsea what ever his name is should have signed him a few weeks ago

  2. There is a really good forward everyone has forgotten. He is skilful, aggressive, works his socks off and scores goals. You can see he hates losing. We could get him for about £10m and he appears to be the type of man who would stick with us as a team player. Step forward Jordan Ayew of Aston Villa.

  3. Why no mention of Berardi?

  4. So Valencia was strong enough ??
    Sick and tired of the excuses coming out of the club .if true ?
    This guy should have been bought weeks ago .
    He’s so week that Wenger wants him ? Pull the other one ??
    Just go to YouTube ! The only thing that’s weak is the persuit of bacca ,
    And some has been’s that have been mentioned of late !
    Shame the names of the some can’t be known Sean !
    The bacca circus is out of hand ! He is not coming , as good a player he is ?just not coming ,
    The whole striker thing is getting everyone down , let’s hope there’s a surprise at the end of the tunnel !

    • wasn’t Valencia brought in from the last management team though so where you get that from i dont know. but yes the bacca crap has gone on long enough never liked the look of this deal from the start not that there is a deal anyway thank god

  5. Cranhamhammer,

    I’m not sure if you remember, but there was an article on here a little while ago with info from a ‘club source’ who apparently said the club wasn’t looking at players like Ayew (J or A), Andros Townsend, Nathan Redmond etc as the club (or more accurately some misguided people in it) thought they were bigger and better than that.

    Shame, we have missed out on some decent talent in a pursuit of ‘the big name’. The craziest thing is given how much success the board have had from unearthing relatively unknown gems, you would have thought they would have stuck to what they are good at!

  6. Well put DJ !
    Yedder is one of those !!

  7. Well they have signed Fletcher,Martinez & Quina,how do we not know these could be hidden gems.
    You can’t only buy players you have a hunch for.Whats wrong with trying to buy bigger & better,we are well past the Mido,McCarthy days.There are still teams in the league who have signed no one or just one or two.Whats wrong with a little patience!!

    • There’s no hunch ray ? Don’t get that comment ,
      The three you mentioned are prospects who will get limited game time if any once the first choice players get back . The likes of yedder have been doing the buisness for their club and getting recognition for it , same as sakho and kouyate did , plus you can see a classy player when you see them ,
      I’ve watched , fletcher , Martinez and quina , only impressed by quina who is some way off first team choice . Fletcher and especially Martinez did nothing to excite me at all ,

      • It’s pretty easy to understand.A player who isnt a renowned player,someone from a lower league,someone from a lower league abroad.A SAKHO type player,a player without recognised credentials who you have a HUNCH may turn into a decent signing
        F#ck me gently I give up.

    • It’s not patience that’s the problem. I very much hope that Fletcher, Martinez and Quina do fulfill their potential and, having seen Rashford’s impact, I wouldn’t put it past the sense of humour of the footballing gods that our twenty goal man (Fletcher) arrived under the radar and has been right under our noses nearly the whole time.

      The point is the chairmen said we need a big name for our big move and we need to pay a big price to get him. That meant they ruled out too many players that would have still improved the squad in my opinion and taken us on to new heights. My worry now is that after all this bravado, are our chairmen too proud to say “actually, lets take the Ayew brothers as they are both talented, will score goals and offer value for money?”

      Did we overlook the likes of Breel Embolo and Janssen (both of whom I think will be excellent players) because their name wasn’t big enough? I appreciate the efforts of the chairmen and I’m sure they are both working tirelessly to make good things happen, I just hope that their commercial plans are not clouding their footballing ones.

      Personally, if they turned round tomorrow and presented the Ayew brothers, I’d be over the moon.

  8. I worry about some of our fans sanity during the transfer window.Im sure one day one of them is going to get so stressed they are going to do a Michael Douglas in Falling Down.Pull up to some traffic lights get out of their car & go on a one man rampage 😀

    • Haha Sam, good point, the window still has a month to go I worry also about what will happen to them, as for Jordan Ayew that would be a real punt, he was playing in a trully awful AV side last season but for me he looks a bit green for the PL but you never know. Ben Yedder would have been a good signing but I expect he will go to Sevilla as that was always his first choice. Andre Ayew is another name mentioned but according to DS lasy tear he didn’t sign for us because Swansea offered him £110k a week so I can’t see that happening and he isn’t worth that kind of money either. Once the Higuain transfer to Juve is completed we will probably see some movement on the forwards front as it will have a domino effect on other clubs transfer dealings.

      • Andre Ayew scored 12 pl goals (playing as a winger a lot of the time) in a side that only scored 42 all season, in a side that spent a large amount of time in the relegation zone and in a side that was far from rosy and needed to change manager as he ‘lost the dressing room’. Yep he does get a lot in terms of wages, but that’s because he came in on a free transfer. If the truly world class (and Pelle) don’t get anything less than 200k, is 110k for the next bracket down really that expensive? if tv money pushes up transfer fees, why not wages too?

        P.s our top scorer, a certain Mr Payet, also “only” scored 12 and earns 125k a week and he was playing in a much, much better team :))

        • I saw that the new Villa owners said Jordan wasn’t for sale at any price.Well obviously players do have a price that owners can’t resist usually but I wonder with that statement whether new owners would immediately go back on their word.It would certainly make them lose face with fans from the get go.
          But fair enough I do like Jordan Ayew myself.

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