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Yet Another Ex-Player in Lopetegui Rant!

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Following former Hammer Julian Dick’s rant yesterday on the appointment of Julen Lopertgui, it is now the turn of another ex-player Frank McAvennie.

He has questioned Lopetegui’s ambition, citing his uninspiring spell at Wolverhampton Wanderers. He further criticised Lopetegui’s character, particularly his decision to leave the Spanish national team on the eve of a World Cup for Real Madrid, suggesting a lack of commitment and loyalty.

The former striker believes West Ham should have appointed someone with a stronger connection to the club, like Michael Carrick. Carrick, a former Manchester United midfielder, has been building his managerial reputation and boasts a deeper understanding of the club’s identity.

With David Moyes’ departure, West Ham is on the cusp of a new era. While most fans will likely back the incoming manager, McAvennie’s comments voice the concerns of a section of supporters who are less than convinced about Lopetegui‘s suitability for the role.

Nevertheless, a ball has not been kicked yet under his tutelage, so perhaps we should wait for a few games before criticising him?

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  • Hamblehammer says:

    NEGATIVETY. Why all this negative talk especially from our all-time ex great pro’s I.E. McAvennie, Cottee, and Dicks all of which were my firm favourites back in the day but we move on and it looks like Loppy is here to stay (not my first choice) but the board have decided he’s their man so let’s give him a fair chance because it’s not going to change next season and we all need to accept there decision and get behind the team. C.O.Y.I.

  • Pav says:

    I find it a bit sad everyone in the media, ex players and pundits seem desperate for the guy to fail. We need to be a bit more grounded in our expectation on who we can attract. I think he will do well for us, at least in what might be a transitional period anyway

    • Sean says:

      Totally agree. McAvennie and Cottee both club legends, but like Merson just employed for sound bites these days. If City win by 4 plus on Saturday I think the board will have justified not renewing Moyes’ contract or begging him to stay. If Moyes had of stayed I expect we would of got relegated next season ? Everyone has worked out his one option tactics

      • B says:

        IF Man City win by 4 goals….
        Depending on the Citeh game Vs Spurs tonight, 4 goals will be a minimum expectation.

        As far as ex-players and sound bites are concerned; Why bother?

  • D.f.butcher says:

    You sure someone ain’t got their hand up his harris and working him the muppet

    • David Traynor says:

      I’ve been reading some of the drivel on the site regarding David Moyes. Like if Moyes had stayed we would have been relegated next season ! Etc Etc you lot don’t deserve a good manager you should hang your heads in shame

  • John Sharp says:

    I remember Cottee, McAvennie and Dicks all leaving West Ham when a better opportunity appeared elsewhere at Everton, Celtic and Liverpool respectively. Where was their concern for our club then. Only ticket buying supporters should have a view on proceedings at West Ham.
    It’s bad enough that West Ham hating media vermin like Simon Jordan, Merson, Sutton, O’Hara, Cundy and Crooks have to constantly try to belittle West Ham, without our ex-players joining in.
    Now they all have an opinion on Loppy when he has not even officially joined yet.

  • John Harrison says:

    The misinformation about Lop’s past is reaching new heights. He was unfairly dismissed by Spain. We’ve often heard about international managers seeing a team through to end of a tournament, then they move on. He didn’t walk out on them ‘on the eve of the World Cup’ as McAvennie claims. Strangest of all is the Wolves stuff. The were several points adrift and heading for relegation. He turned everything around and saved them. He rightly left because he was promised funds that then did not materialise. His record with Spain’s under 19s and 21s kids was fantastic. Over 80% win record and 2 European championships. Sometimes you just wonder about these ex-players. Lop has proven quality. He may not be Amorim, but he’s good and could be very good for West Ham.

    • It’s the hope that gets you says:

      I work with a Spanish coach, ex-Atletico, and he re-assured me that Lopo is good, plays possession based football but ADAPTS to what is needed at the time, also that he was like unbeaten (?) in two years (?) as Spain boss. Needs a fact check, but he was happy with him as Spain boss and thinks he’s a good appointment.

      • Brian says:

        Loopy was in charge for 2 seasons, before being dismissed by Spain, due to his agreement to join Real Madrid.
        His record: 20 games, 14 wins, 6 draws, ZERO losses with 61 goals for and 13 against.
        As Spain U19-20-21: 38, 3, 4 with 131/48 GD….

        All pretty impressive

        Even at Wolves, 36 points from 27 games.

    • It’s the hope that gets you says:

      I work with a Spanish coach, ex-Atletico, and he re-assured me that Lopo is good, plays possession based football but ADAPTS to what is needed at the time, also that he was like unbeaten (?) in two years (?) as Spain boss. Needs a fact check, but he was happy with him as Spain boss and thinks he’s a good appointment.

  • Mike says:

    All these ex pros just want to in the limelight.
    Go back to the natural history museum and give us all a break

  • Zahama says:

    I remember Frankie Mac had one great season then went to Celtic and came back later and did his scoring at Stringfellow’s rather than at Upton Park – apart from a hattrick as a sub on his last match

  • Phil Baker says:

    Will Lopetegui quit if Westham don’t spend 200 million on new players . Westham need some freebie players to make FFP work and Lopetegui is already turning down Steidten’s researched options . Another sh!t show from the Spanish Moyes .

  • How many pop-up ads? says:

    Whenever I read that it’s MacAvennie I just close the article before I even get to the monetising pop ups and ads. He whinged on and on like an old git, like Victor Meldrew for those old enough to remember that show. Mr Negative. Go and whinge in your haggis, Frank, can’t be arsed with your views that clearly are not from inside the club,

  • John Ayris says:

    Bloke can’t buy a break can he. How about just shut up and lets see how he gets on.

  • Steve Clarke says:

    He’s probably a bit short of the readies for his next snort, but seeing as there are so many pundits about these days need to sensationalise to grab some attention. Nothing here, move on and at least give the incoming Loppy a chance to get the balance right !

  • Matthew Chapman says:

    My mum’s big fat scoundrel copper partner took great delight in telling me Frank was going to leave for Celtic and the sick evil b****d was cock-a- hoop when it happened. I cannot forgive Frank for forcing me to suffer that a******e. Hero to zero. Loyalty my arse. He’s got a point about Micheal Carrick though. I think we missed a trick there. I can understand the board not wanting to risk him but I reckon he’s got the wherewithal to achieve greatness as a manager. Maybe if Lopetegui walks by Christmas….. haha 🤣

  • Tezzard says:

    Tbh he is not the exciting appointment we wanted after Moyes is he ? IMO a middle of the road choice from coward Sullivan. I will back him of course but of if it goes wrong watch Sullivan throw the fans under the bus .

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