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As the news broke of our new 3rd choice keeper, the 33 year old Wes Foderingham being signed. Another goal keeper, the 20 year old Jacob Knightsbridge is being released.

The 20 year old stopper has represented England at U17 level and has been at West Ham since he was a seven year old. After establishing himself in the U18’s in the 2021/2022 campaign, he kept 13 clean sheets in 26 league outings.

The following season he joined the Southern League side, South Harrow Borough playing regular league football, he also made his development team debut in a Premier League International Cup match against Monaco in 2023.

His contract expires at the end of next month and he will be off to pastures anew.

It is a shame for young Knightsbridge, but this seems to be a classic case of experience over youth.

We wish him well in his career.

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  • ElpoJohn says:

    They Should Get Rid of the Spanish Coach Xavi Valero , Not this young Man with a bright future ahead. Valero was the only Coach they kept, I wonder Why !, when we are one of the teams that conceded more goals against them. Very Unfair to get rid of Jacob who was there since the age of Seven. and not get rid of Valero instead.

    • Kristian says:

      Hegyi is a better ‘keeper with more experience.
      I think Xavi knows far more about goalkeepers than you do, or me.

    • John says:

      Heaven elpo, you ain’t got a scooby do

  • Deathblow says:

    Let’s hope he can gain some regular football out there and there’s a buy-back clause.
    I’d imagine Krisztián Hegyi is in front of him by some way though and I hope he’ll eventually be our number 1, however long that takes. Not wild about Foderingham but Hegyi is better off going out on lone again, unless he gets fed-up waiting. Waste of time sitting on the bench twiddling his thumbs being third choice.

  • says:

    Bloody fodringham is the worst gk even 😤 I be in goal 😒 😪 is just an absolute insult to me

  • SydneyC says:

    I was somewhat disappointed with this news, but given that Fab is old, and Areola has missed some time every season, I suppose it’s prudent to have an experienced backup to the backup.
    Plus, I assume most young keepers would rather be first choice in a lower league. That’s why a quick look around the PL shows most 3rd string keepers are over 30. Let’s hope he doesn’t need to play at any point.

  • Brian says:

    Always sad to see young Academy players leave the club.
    Best of luck Jacob, Once an Iron, Always an Iron ⚒️

  • Michael bond says:

    West ham got the wrong manager, the board haven’t got a clue, should have gone for Carrick, would have hit the ground running next season, he is well liked by hammers fans, he would have had our respect ,this time next year we will be in the championship…..

  • Hugh Jars says:

    Another one from gods waiting room! Another young un gone. Yet, Sullivan perv, Brady bunch and the rest still raking it in. Bye, bye premier league

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