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Your Shout: Deadline Day Verdict

After what turned out to be a very emotional and highly charged transfer deadline day our regular contributor from overseas ‘Paul’ give us his usual calm and measured opinion on the Hammers.

Having not recorded his views since the Shrewsbury game Paul talks us through the last week culminating in yesterdays transfer dealings which saw Andre Ayew depart and Jordan Hugill join.

He also assesses the squad depth, injuries, players leaving on loan as well as his thoughts on how David Moyes is dealing with a depleted squad.


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17 comments on “Your Shout: Deadline Day Verdict

  1. It’s quite obvious for me and I think fo other hammers supporters NOW? That we are not in the same league as the big 6 in the premiership ,and it pains me to include spuds in that ?? We were sold a dream of becoming a top team but unless we get a multi billionaire that invests in the club the way the aforementioned team’s have, we will always be looking at bargain basement players and getting lucky now and then. What happens is what for years we’ve suffered at the hands of different regimes “pie in the sky promises ” And If the people who run the club ran it like some of the other team’s around our position the expectation would not have been so great ? But you cannot promise the next level unless you back it up with what you promise? The chairpersons are a victim of there own stupidity and we the fans ARE for believing what they promised . In hindsight of years of supporting we all should have known better?? Still keep the faith C.O.Y.I ( and hope that our dreams will come true) come on Mr money bags your out there somewhere ? Buy us please?????

  2. Don’t we normally have a message from the owners by now explaining their side of the window, or is it too early? I don’t really want to know al the stuff about why this or that transfer did not happen, but I would like to know the logic for selling Ayew. If it is true as reported that he did not want to return why did we sell a player who, while he did not set the world on fire & did not justify his transfer fee, did a job here & there (12 in 50 games not bad for a midfielder). Given out ongoing injury problems & even with ( unproved as yet) Mario I would have thought he could have played a part in the struggle ahead. Just too good an offer to refuse??

  3. 😂😂😂 64 the silence is deafening ! Water off of their backs. But they have to open up sooner or later. I’m sure they’ll pick their moment when we /if we win a game ish 😎 the racist accusations has IMHO become a stay of explanations ! Or maybe they believe now they’ve been rumbled they feel the need not to ?😈

  4. Ìts been pretty quiet on here today ? I thought it would have been lively in debate about the poor window ? 😟

  5. Selling ayew was stupid and apparently the ledonker deal fell through because we offered 4.4 mil up front with 8.5 to follow in the summer I mean ffs that is just unbelievable and he wanted to join us …someone saiud today the old Boleyn ground died for this rubbish and that’s spot on ..I used to like the Davids but there just stripping this club down and they really don’t care its shocking.. Will anyone put this questioning to the board ..and couldn’t we get a partition going to get them out before they ruin this club ..god I miss the Boleyn ….angry sad and shocked

  6. Go to facebook and go on real west ham fans group

  7. Never a dull day at West Ham London, eh?


    I wonder if this could be the end for Sully’s Rottweiler at WH (hopefully her political aspirations too).
    I live in hope, but doubt it.

  8. According to K.U.M B we’ve been offered a free transfer! Defensive midfielder Jan Kirchhoff played at Sunderland but got a injury ? But ready to try again Big Sam signed him there

    • Sully will be all over that like a dodgy Italian suit.
      Is he any good?
      Doesn’t matter, he’s FREE!!!

  9. L.O. L 😁

  10. So Dendoncker will probably never come to us, his merchant value will increase by 50 % this summer. The opportunity was now.

    We can now only think of out of contract players. William Vainqueur could be a good bet. Good midfielder, lots of experience, not afraid to put on working clothes and be physical when needed. I think he is free, rescinded contract with Antalyasport.

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