Your Shout: Fans Walcott reaction

This morning the Sunday Mirror broke a story suggesting that West Ham were preparing to bid for Arsenals Theo Walcott. As you would have read on Claret and Hugh earlier today the article suggested that the winger and sometimes striker was concerned about his England place if he were to continue to play a supporting role for Arsene Wengers team.


We were also heavily linked with the player last season and the player himself is highly regarded by West Ham manager Slaven Bilic so it’s certainly not the most bizarre rumour of this transfer window. We also know that pace in attack has been highlighted by the coaching staff and owners as an area where we could improve the team for the upcoming season.


In this latest video of ‘Your Shout’ we have four fans reactions to the story that has been the talk of the West Ham websites on what has been a very slow news day.



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15 comments on “Your Shout: Fans Walcott reaction

  1. Do we need an injury prone winger?

  2. Not a c/f , he,s a right winger ! And definitely not going to be in front of the bard is he ,
    Put this one to bed , not going to happen ! Zzzzzzzzz

  3. Thanks for that comprehensive verdict then lazurus.You dont want to dive back down in the deep water do you.Zzzzzzzzz

    • Deep water ? More like a stream , salmon only leap going up stream in shallow water lol, so you think a player that’s spent more time on the table than sakho and carol would be an asset do ya. We would all like to hear you’re take on it then ludo, but please put it over in a comprenensive way so us mere mortals can understand it , being brought up in a cave with a Pict makes it hard to understand intellectuals 🙂

      • Have we got a new clown joined the circus in the form of Lazurus lol or more likely an old face with a new identity.

  4. Would be quality. Would walk into our side. Mind you I thought Oxford would walk in to our side and look how that turned out.

    As well as seeing a quality forward come in I’d like to see us go and buy Delph and Barkley. Our mid needs a bit of a revamp.

  5. Getting fed up with it all now just buy someone for fs

  6. Right I’m off on my holidays for 3 weeks. When I come back mid/end of July I’ll expect you lot to be waxing about a couple of marque signings and the other site writing them off as another teams minging rejects. I don’t want that African geezer as he will take January and February off. Giroud remains my favourite but I reckon Theo would be good for us at centre forward as he looked decent there for the Arses. Nacho would also be agreeable. So those are my requirements.

    The other thing to say is stop kidding yourselves we will only sign a couple of strikers. We have let 9 go now!! Even allowing for a bit of youth promotion we’ve got to bring in another 4/5. So I’d say a couple of strikers total spend £40/50M and then a flair midfielder £15/20M and then a punt or 2 and a free.
    I reckon only Snod is still to go. Feg will stay.

    Sounds good to me. COYIS.

    • John , I think we should dig up Douglas badder lol, we could do with a fresh pair of legs in place of captain slow , if we spend more than £4.50 I’ll be shocked and finally convinced we are a big club , I’d be happy with ineahenco , gilfi sigurdson , van dyck and the young Nigerian with a parking permit but that would take about £170 mill which ain’t gonna happen 🙂 🙂 🙂
      No panic buy’s !! Not yet anyway, give it a few weeks eh!

    • Enjoy your hols mate

  7. Bubbles?

  8. No mate, some of us feel nobles a burden , great servant but his legs have gone , we can all see it, no malice from me, just say what is a fact , bubbles has his own take on him, as do GW, and Daphne lol. No drama mate,!!
    🙂 🙂 🙂

  9. 1. it’s not even july yet, the peeing of pants is ludicrous. bloomin’ twitter generation – have a break for goodness sake.
    2. getting Walcott would be a no brainer (if possible). those saying he’s not good enough need a dose of reality. I doubt he’ll ever be a hammer though.

  10. f rumours are true he is on bigger wages than any of our players so very unlikely we would sign him.

  11. Lazurus is an imposter.We all know only one man rises like a salmon (on his day) 😂
    Dont see this rumour as anything more than media bullshyte as usual.But maybe they will prove me wrong.

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