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Your Shout: Get involved with these ‘goodies’


We’re back with the third edition of our new show ‘Your Shout’ and we’d like for you to get involved in this fans opinions feature.

All you need to join in is your camera phone and yourself, then simply record your views and send them to

In this episode we have a couple of strong opinions on Robert Snoddgrass, a fans analysis of the goalkeeping situation, and interesting view on Sky & BT’s fixture scheduling and well as some views on Reece Oxfords loan move to the Bundesliga.

Also keep your eye’s peeled during the week because I’ll be inviting you all to join our fantasy football league group where we’ll have some West Ham related prizes as well as regular videos to track everyone’s progress. We’ll also be running a fans premier league prediction league next season so watch this space.

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  • John says:

    Lmao these guys! Didn’t Warhol say everybody will be famous for 15 mins? Come on, who’s going on? Kevin? Stan? Rads? GW on the merits of keeping AC?

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