Your Shout: Irons kit gets a hammering

Gonzo is back from holiday and getting amongst the fans again.

And here in the latest edition of ‘Your Shout’ he has a chat about all the issues that matter to the supporters and invites them to share their views via mobile phone.

In this video we have a couple of scathing reviews on the leaked pictures of West Ham United’s new home kit as well as some strong opinions on our summer transfer targets.

There is also a very left of field suggestion from one fan on how to solve our striker crisis as well as plenty of other Hammers fans opinions.

It’s new and it’s exclsuive to Gonzo – a partner of ClaretandHugh – don’t dare miss this!


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5 comments on “Your Shout: Irons kit gets a hammering

  1. Are fans even moaning about the bloody kit on video now.Blimey some people have got too much time on their hands lol

    • Lol here is a little tip for those that don’t like it. Don’t buy it. There that was easy wasn’t it?

  2. When they see it worn and in 3d that’ll change their minds sharpish

    • Maybe I should model it, plus sizes are in now right even in the mens world !!! So long as they use an aerial photo they should be able to get me in alright 😀

  3. Gonzo you are a top man, you do produce some good stuff for the blogs. Keep it up mate you’re a star.

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