Your Shout: Mark Noble

We’re back with our weekly fan magazine show ‘Your Shout’.

On this episode Mike talks about the paucity of strikers and in particular the reliance on Sakho and Carroll to remain fit throughout the season.

Regular contributor Mr B has quite a lot to say on the subject of our captain Mark Noble who came in for some criticism on social media following his injury during a pre-season friendly. Regardless of personal opinion about Mark it was incredibly harsh that some of his critics were rejoicing in the fact that he was injured.

Also during the show former Over Land and Sea fanzine writer Mathew aka Olas1 questions the wisdom of allowing Ashley Fletcher to leave whilst Canning Town Len and Avit are up to their usual tricks.

We’ll be expanding Your Shout at the start of the season to feature some of your video footage from withing the stadium or the boozer before the game so please feel free to join in even if it’s just the crowd singing.

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23 comments on “Your Shout: Mark Noble

  1. My shout has turned into a manic SCREAM . Noble is awful . Is there another player in the league that cannot …. Run , head the ball , tackle fairly , track back , take free kicks and corners , lead by example ? The answer is emphatically NO NO NO NO NO > So why does Bilic wheel him out week after week .Same same old rubbish but still picked . My gran could do the same job but without giving away the free kicks for late tackles ……. And why are they late …because he is slower than a tug boat . If he is in the team whatever we spend is a waste of money . He s holding us back and I will continue to tell the truth until Bilic or whoever remember that loyalty is admirable but does not win matches .

    • Unfortunately noble is becoming a hate figure , bilic needs to grow a pair and realise its his job that could be on the line if he persists with noble, personally I would have moved him on when the slug was here , noble never recovered from the injury he received which kept him on the sidelines for quite a while and has steadily become slower and moved in the totally opposite direction to what he was , I wouldn’t stop at noble but the season is upon us and bilic has himself to blame for not addressing the obvious in the back four and creative players that are obviously needed to back up lanzini , a fully fit side is a strong side but we lack depth which is obvious to the eye and anyone with half a insight in the knowledge of football , defensively we are poor and for our manager to not see this is not good enough!
      Early season is going to be harem scarem , I hope we can pull it together but have my doubts but we are west ham nothing changes because we are never a complete side, so we will probably win all three and put my armchair theory to bed , because we are west ham , its the norm πŸ˜‰

  2. I don’t think Noble is a hate figure, I don’t think he should start matches but he is pure West Ham he always gives 100% even if in some of our eyes the team plays better when he is not in midfield. My thoughts are he should be club captain and we should have another playing captain.

    • That is no problem with the captains 32, but the stats of last season show we won considerably more points per game with Noble in the team than without him.
      I admit I’m a Noble supporter, but when I saw us play without him, there was no drive or cohesion in the midfield at all. Of course the lack of drive could be fixed by Rice or Zabaleta, but even Nobles immense work-rate is under-stated by his critics.

      • We were for a time lightweight in midfield last season, I don’t under rate his work ethic Sleeps I just watch him and he doesn’t read the game, he reacts to everything rather than anticipating, Rice from what we have seen in a preseason environment has looked like he should walk into the first team probably alongside Obiang but Slav hasn’t so far been keen to blood the youngsters so we will have to wait and see, as you know I am not a big fan of Noble on present form but I am a fan of his attitude and his willingness to do anything for the club he will go down in the legends category one day.

  3. Disagree 32 he is becoming a Nolan figure and anyway since when does a poor player giving 100% but in real terms = 30% compared to the opposition he’s facing ? That does not put points on the board it draws criticism what he’s experiencing right now, make him the king of england if you like but put him to pasture before he loses all respect, its unfair to single him out as theres others who are getting stick so he isn’t on his own , make kouate or zabbaleta capt , chiechk is captain of his country and would be my choice !☺ defiantly going to bed now ! Enough whinging for today πŸ˜‰

  4. A fresh day for whinging Lazarus but you are so spot on with all of your comments . Perhaps not King of England but certainly Mayor of London .
    I am bemused by the comments saying Noble is immense… perhaps in the shower ?? Loyalty went out of the window ( unfortunately ) 20 years ago . We are talking big bucks with big rewards and we are not going to get them with players like Noble in the squad . GO NOW NOBLE AS NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU BECOME A HATE FIGURE OR SEE OUR NAME ON THE TEAM SHEET

  5. … YOUR Name…. !!

  6. No comment on Noble,im keeping in the Noblettes good books for today πŸ˜ƒ

  7. So we call him Mr West Ham, love him for the loyalty he shows that is so lacking in footballers in general and then don’t feel any loyalty to him; you lot should hang your heads in shame, very hypocritical. Does he deserve to start, no but does he still have something to offer, yes; he galvanises and is well respected by the team. He doesn’t deserve to be talked about like this

  8. Just remember haters.. like Nolan the problem isn’t Noble the problem is Bilic picking Noble!

  9. I dont hate Noble at all,never have,never will but i still see the hypocritical of fans who scream about Fonte,Snodgrass & others being shyt & should never be in our team but but if anyone dare mention Noble being dropped have a meltdown & say he should be first name on the team sheet.
    Now that is a joke πŸ˜‚

  10. He shouldn’t start but he does deserve to be spoken about with more respect than often happens. He has devoted his whole career to this club, doesn’t happen often these days where money is king.

  11. Probably been at the club his whole career even in the championship because no else wanted him.
    Ok im only joking before all hell breaks loose πŸ˜ƒ

    • Trouble is Radai … you are 100% correct . I have never , ever , read or heard of anyone wanting to buy him . Why would they ? He has only ever had commitment to offer . There have been few less talented players play regularly anywhere . He is very lucky to be a west Ham player as he would never have reached 100 appearances at any of the top clubs . Not a lover of England managers but they can’l all of been wrong could they ? Bye bye and thanks Noble . Now move over .

  12. Morning rads πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ gonna be a lovely day by all accounts , think I’ll go out and buy a pair of group captain ( not a hate figure just yet but getting closer ) hobble, pilot sunglasses , the claret and blue ones πŸ˜‰ I bought a snide pair last week and started doing backward moon walks , must get the originals this weekπŸ˜‰ what ever you do dont mention the poppodom or the dirty fork in the canteen πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  13. I forgot about the dirty fork ….. fancy a pair of the shades

  14. You can get them at the imperial war museum on a stall next to douglas bader,s spitfire
    Bubbles πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  15. Think you are being very harsh Bubbles and when you quote England manager bit with the crap who have filled that position over span of Noble’s career and some of the inexplicable choices they made I just have to laugh. He has never been a flair player, he is not a crowd entertainer in the way the Messis, Ronaldos etc of this world are but he has been effective in the no frills position he occupied. He did a job. The fact is we do have better choice now, so first name on the team sheet, sorry no, but not the player you have him out to be.

  16. Noble is far better than a lot of fans think or give him credit for . Loads of ridiculous prices for players that are not worth a toilet roll . True he is not Messi or Neymar or Suarez but , he is Noble . West Hams win rate or points tally has always been better with him in the side .
    Some fans are turning this into a debate and a One Man campaign against a player who can still contribute to our cause in a big way . The fact we had a awful season last term is not down to Noble , in fact it would have been a darn sight worse without him . Give the Man the Respect he deserves after all he has given to West Ham . Some of the things being said are downright disgraceful . Say what you like , I like Noble .

  17. Make you’re mind up kev ffs 😎 give the man respect πŸ‘ say what you like 😈 if you think noble is good enough for this team that’s fine , I think he is a total liability and way past his sell by date , I don’t hate him , I just know he’s a poor player getting slower as we speak and I want him gone , wake up man he’s finished as are a few more in the team , which is by the way OK for you to pass judgement on but not the precious noble 😈 or the poppodom 😈
    Don’t be a Hippocrate kev ,πŸ˜‰ say what you want but don’t pass judgement on others points of view be it nasty or jokingly its up to them. In case you haven’t noticed mate the post says noble you’re shout πŸ˜‰

    • The only thing that I am trying to say , Laz , is that some comments about Noble have been very bad and he doesn’t deserve it . No more , no less .
      I think he is still capable , you don’t. . That’s not the point I am making .

  18. No he doesn’t , agree on that but he’s done mate , the longer he plays like a cross between a snail and a crab more and more ribs are gonna get tickled , ish, 😈 its in his court now he must be aware of what’s being said the past few day,s , and week monthsπŸ˜‰ 😎 good luck to the fella , but a poor performance v the manc,s = 😈

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