Your Shout: Where are the strikers?


Once again it’s your turn to voice your concerns about all things West Ham with our show featuring fans video clips. I never know what I’m going to get sent my way via the inbox but it’s clear that fan frustration is building regarding our lack of strikers.

It’s not just the lack of transfer activity that has people worried either (although a couple of new additions to the squad would certainly help) but the paucity of options in our first team squad for tomorrows friendly in Austria. Both Diafra Sakho and Andy Carroll are unavailable due to injury which will come as no surprise to many but with Ashley Fletcher named as the only senior striker the forward line looks like it’s been put together by Old Mother Hubbard.

When I say ‘senior striker’ I do use the phrase in it’s broadest possible terms because as promising as Ashley Fletcher may be he is a kid with a handful of games behind him and not somebody we should be relying on to lead the attack.

My frustrations and concerns appear to be shared as you will see in the video which also questions the impact of the move to the London Stadium on our transfer activity.

Thanks to Greg, Alan, Olas 1 and Mikey for their contributions and if you have something that you’d like to say please send your clips to

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  • JRS says:

    I would a look at Lucas Perez we wanted at least 2 strikers going in and that was their promise.
    Perez @ £12m sistn get much of chance bc Sanchez move to CF but showed in limited time he can play and is rounded can score hold up play and Link up to create. With 21 apps or so and only 11 starts scores 7 goals and 8 assists not shabby.
    So we could get him and Chicharito for £25m which is same price as Marko.
    Also I like Babacar but doesn’t seem they want a player outside English leagues but is comparable to AC but more pace at 24 and Chris wood a kor think he cannot make in Premier but never really given a shot think scored 2 goals in 7 apps not starts for Leicester when they can up.
    But 27 goals I think he could hit double digits with his skill size and good movement for big CF good with feet to made some great goals.
    Could be for for £10+£15m and would have reasonable wages and offer something diff that.Chicarito.
    Promises at least 2 strikers.
    I’d like to see Chicharito and either Babacar, Perez, or Wood. Who are all attainable.

  • No Nonsense says:

    Its nothing more than a large dose of deja vu, fans told exactly same last year and what did we get loan deals and out of contract rubbish. My question on transfers is where is all the money going, increase on gate money by 25K = 12m extra per year, plus surplus on last years sale of Le Snake. Add to that the saving of putting on games as the stadium owners now pick up those costs Then you have the vast cash cow called Sky who really throw huge amounts of cash at football clubs, which make me wonder where is it going.

    Our chairmen are not poor men yet they loaned the club money at crazy interest rates, what happen to the money from the UP sale apart from merchandise sales etc.

    Quite simply someones wallet is getting fat at the fans and clubs expense, it seems our transfer budget is set at 20m and in todays market it wont bring in top players or much more than 1 or 2 squad players and they will expect the going rate in there pay packets.

    We claim we are only interested in forwards but are signing a keeper on loan, other than that we have signed an over the hill full back with no transfer fee involved, we have sold players which I presume we got something for, so why are our chairmen not reinvesting and building the club, like they have claimed they would do for last few years, the reason behind the move to Stratford was to become a top club not a mid league yoyo team.

  • dannyboi85 says:

    I would like us to take a pint on Perez and Remy I know with confidence and a good pre-season Remy would be a great asset to the club and bang the goals in like ge used to plus Perez has been unlucky the other side of London and is a handful to play against ….. I would rather we look at tadic or chadli instead of Mr wanna be bad boy and think that no ey would be better spent getting Joe hart in if it happens is a great signing

  • The Demon says:

    Don’t get hung up on the reported fees; that’s just the beginning. Chicarito might cost ‘only’ £15m, but then he wants £7.3m a year in pay. Over a three year contract that would be £36.9m, so with bonuses etc., say £40m.

    I’m not saying we don’t need him, or that we couldn’t afford him, but saying Chic + Perez = £25m is undervaluing the deals by about 60%.

  • dannyboi85 says:

    Perez I think would be a cheaper option and a great option already settled in London and looks a decent player

  • markro says:

    Okay, I give permission to the owners to take the pea.

  • Stratford E20 says:

    West Ham have a lot of totally deluded fans. Read their posts on the West ham facebook pages or fan sites – most make you cringe. They blame the owners for not signing the type of players that we all want to see playing for West Ham but they fail to release that we can’t sign those sort of players because we’re a small club in the premiership who are usually battling relegation. This isn’t something new, its historic, we never achieve anything. Why on earth would decent players sign for us ahead of any bigger team? We battle with the likes of Stoke and Burnley for players.

    These type of fans always ask where the money has gone? or state that the chairmen have pocketed it all. All this information is in the public domain but they don’t search for it, they don’t read it and they wouldn’t believe it anyway. Look at one of the posts above asking where the Upton Park money went. The answer has been posted so many times but these people don’t want to listen.

    Anyway, back on track. I don’t know who we’ll sign but we can only hope that they will do their best in a West Ham shirt. I won’t be worrying about that at all. I’ll be enjoying my holidays and save my gloom and doom for the walk home from the usual countless defeats in the wind, rain and cold of the great British winter. Its been that way for 50 years of my life so I won’t expect much change now.

  • JRS says:

    This is all over hopefully it is true why we waited until Chelsea where interested I don’t knowni guess it’s the Sullivan way.
    Little Pea’s wages to be met Link Below

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