Zaha : A Short-Term Spark or Long-Term Gamble?

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According to the Turkish news outlet Footmac, West Ham’s are reported to have made a £6 million bid for Wilfried Zaha. This does raise more than a few questions though.

Zaha’s undeniable talent and 68 Premier League goals are attractive. However, at 32, his best years might be behind him. Can he maintain his explosive pace and dribbling ability that made him a menace in his Crystal Palace days?

A short-term deal could be a masterstroke. Zaha’s experience and leadership could inject a spark into a struggling attack. But a long-term contract could be risky. West Ham might be blocking the path of a younger player with long-term potential.

The £6 million bid is a good starting point, but can West Ham afford Zaha’s high salary, especially if they’re not convinced of his long-term value?

David Moyes previously praised Zaha, suggesting he could fit tactically. However, Lopetegui‘s preferred possession-based system might require a different type of winger – one who can combine dribbling with good passing and movement in tight spaces.

Zaha is a proven talent, but age is a concern. A short-term deal could be a calculated gamble, but a long-term contract feels risky. West Ham might be better served looking for a younger player who aligns better with Lopetegui’s philosophy.

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  • Chingford says:

    Leadership, as long as He is able to stop sulking after every tackle not going his way, and back chatting the ref.

  • D says:

    He’s a decent player especially for a short contract and small fee. I don’t think it a risk

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