Zarate enjoys the London Sun

ZarateMauro Zarate posted a photo of himself enjoying the warm weather on his way to training at Chadwell heath this morning ahead Thursday’s Europa League opener against Andorran minnows FC Lusitans.

Zarate appeared to enjoying the London Sun saying “Sun in London 😁😁😁. For you Natalie Webber lol”  Natalie Weber is his Argentinian model wife.

His wife teased back “Send me photo in the morning when you have got your jacket back on and it rains”

Mauro Zarate has been included in the squad for the opening two legs of the Europa League qualifiers and has a good chance of being in the starting line up after returning from Ireland yesterday.


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31 comments on “Zarate enjoys the London Sun

  1. Matte don’t google Natalie Weber there’s nothing to see aya chihuahua lol

    • Ahah… Too late Quick… I Know her… What a hottie figa…

    • Haha you’re not wrong when I put the image up my phone started sizzling

      • ahahha… IT: I don’t know why, but I just got a promotional message on my phone: SENSUAL GIRL: CHECK THE WEBSITE… it’s all true… loool

      • Haha lucky you I just get an annoying Sony ad dancing across the screen,swap? Lol

  2. Notice he only showed his shoulder upwards ?
    He is a long way short of match fitness and 2 stone over weight,
    What did they feed him at OPR,

    • He was eating Arrys dog Rosie’s food that was left over she’s very wealthy so only eats the best lol

  3. Christ,if i looked like that two stone overweight i would take it all day long.My missus would probably be quite content with it as well 😉

  4. Mrs Chicken wants a piece of Zarate,she fancies him.I hope he will come take her off my hands,lol

  5. Natalie Weber..sexy lady,wouldnt mind slotting one into her bottom lefthand corner 😉

    • And what do you mean by that? How sexist! Haha only doing a Vera Lynn impression.
      Good to see you back I saw you were missed by our benappied friends and we’re welcomed back,but did it last lol

      • Oh,haha,i have been busy all day so havnt had time to post anywhere but briefly this morning.Think i will stay out of Liddys way for a few days.I get the impression im not her favourite person on there,lol.Not a good idea to p*ss a lady off at anytime in life.Especially one with Iron in her name,lol 😀

      • Haha very true we had that old witch the Iron Lady running the country,beware all iron ladies and irons that look like ladies lol

  6. Sorry lads but she dont do much for me.Looks like a knock off cheap version of Megan Fox,lol 😉

    • I must be getting old I had to look Megan Fox up to see who she is,she seems a nice young lady too lol

    • ahaha… I’m gonna take her, if you don’t mind Rads… lol 😀

      • No worries,i have plenty lined up.You have Natalie & Megan i will see if Kelly Brook will do me a turn.She has always seemed like a game girl 🙂

      • Haha Radai you’ve learned from BFS hoping to get the best out of an ageing star. Mind you you’re right about her lol

        • Haha,she is only 35,not a bloody GILF.I bet she can still turn on the style for sure 😉

          • Must be a quiet news day boys.I see you have been sidetracked,lol.Im with you Rads,Kelly Brook,what a figa to put it in Matte terminology,lol

  7. no no no! There’s just too many distractions right now… I would like to remind you that we are in a Shaolin Temple: meditation please, no pleasure, no rapture, no exquisite. Thanks.

    • Oops I’ve broken my vow of seriousness I will meditate double time for my lapse. Dunno is Rads and Spoonie can make it I think they’re double Brooked lol

  8. None of this then Matte 😀

    • ahaha … it’s disgusting! Please stop it Spoonie! lool 😉

    • I can see the points made against Sams P45 yesterday on Wetpants the women’s game is a very serious thing lol

    • Lol,now thats how i like to watch football.The one who took the penalty in white.Figalicious 😀

      • Btw,just a small point but no one put OT at the start of your new conversation about hot women.I am just bringing the matter to your attention,lol

  9. ahaha…let me let you in on a little secret: I was engaged to a British girl, Lucy Pinder… but I broke it off because she wasn’t as smart… loooool 😀

  10. yeah you wish Matte,keep dreaming,lol

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