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Zaza – a taste of what we are getting!

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

19 comments on “Zaza – a taste of what we are getting!

  1. Reid,Collins & Ogbonna starting.Interesting.Cant believe Biggins is on the pitch again ffs.Good to see Fletch starting though 🙂

  2. Yeah I just saw the team..the problem is we have so many injured players,we have to mix & match.Though that hasn’t stopped the match thread FIFA Managers on the other site already dismantling the selection.

  3. When all are fit and available we could line up something like this,
    Byram Collins Reid Cresswell
    Kouyate Noble
    Antonio Lanzini Payet
    Masuaka Ogbanna Fernandes
    Fletcher Feghouli Ayew

    Exciting just need to get through the next

  4. I’m as happy as slaven with the signings. We’ve come a long way the last few years. The quality of our players is probably the highest it has ever been. The strength in depth better than ever. You will still get the odd John Thomas who moans but they just need to be remind themselves of the team we had only just a few short years ago.

  5. Five across the back – I think they should line up shoulder to shoulder across the goalline with Adrian playing as a rush goalie – but hey, what do I know?

    Valencia again – what’s Bilic thinking? Beats me!

    • I will tell you what he is thinking.He is thinking Sh#t I wish I had Feghouli,Ayew,Payet,Carroll,Sakho or Zaza available instead of Valencia 😀

  6. For me today is a free hit.Lets wait until after the international break,get the injured players back & maybe it will be wiser to judge things after the next batch of matches.We have WBA,Saints,CP,Stoke,Watford,Boro,Sunderland,Everton.Not in that order but those are our games.Ripping the team a new one with so many injuries & 2 of our first 3 games being away at Chelsea & City is bonkers.It won’t stop many though.
    FIFA Managers Eddie,yep you have got it right there bud.The matchday thread lynchings will begin soon.

  7. This looks a team selection to get a point away from home,
    Biggins is unsalable until he has a good game,so they are playing him hoping( good luck with that )
    We need the club to give us the true story of what’s happening with Payet ?
    I can see me watching 15 minutes then falling on my sword,
    I hope Antonio plays more forward and only tracks back when we are desperate,

  8. Reading other sites I can’t get my head around this Fletcher is going out on loan to Leeds ?
    So today if he scores goals and play brilliant football we are going to dump him in the championship and stick with Biggins,
    That makes no sense at all,
    Why would we keep sending our best players out on loan to have lumps kicked out of them in the championship

    • Don’t know, I suppose when Ayew,China Dolly,Sak perhaps,Zaza & Calleri are all available he might be down the list.He has potential & has had a decent few minutes against lesser opposition but I have seen nothing to say he is our first choice or even second choice pick when all are available.Dont give up on Calleri,he will be a good,good player with a goal in his locker.I hope he sticks a few opinions up their backsides.Barca were not interested because he was pony lol

  9. Payet is still injured or we are sacrificing this one game to stop him travelling with France when not match fit.I have read this bull earlier that Slaven is being untrustworthy now.What a joke.
    I know some fans need a bloody conspiracy theory or drama to keep them alive but let’s just believe that he is simply not ready yet.I hope Jenks looks after you in the bar bubs

  10. Crikey that WHTID match thread gets more embarrassing on a week to week basis.Its like reading a gang of Spuds on there.

  11. It’s a spud field on there mate.How the hell that absolutely stench ridden andyh doesn’t get banned I will never know.He needs a shotgun wedged up his hooter

  12. There is a stench of Spud on there mixed with the smell of ammonia from the nappies 😀

  13. Then throw in a few Sam mentions from f*ckwit Dazhammer about Hippo being a genius & it’s all good 🙂

  14. We are going to win 3-2,have faith guys.Yeah I know,wishful thinking but it’s got to be better than being a manic depressant.

  15. Some of them must be gutted now Ant scored.Sat in their high chairs nibbling on their Farleys rusks lol

  16. We ain’t doing bad considering that some of the tw@ts were saying we were going to lose 6-0 after 5 mins.You just can beat fans like that eh!

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