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Zaza set for “first choice” Bilic talks


CandH Exclusive

Simone Zaza will sit down to talks with Slaven Bilic later today aimed at discovering how he is set to be used should he finally commit to put pen to paper and join the Irons.

The player has agreed personal terms of around £100k a week and the Hammers will dig deep to find the £24 million fee in what has become a complicated deal – should Zaza be satisfied after talks with the manager.

ClaretandHugh understands Zaza will need assurances from the manager that he will be his first choice striker whenever fit and available.

He will sit down with the Croat later today as the club bid to vault the final hurdle in bringing their ‘marquee ‘ striker to The London Stadium.

Our top source told us exclusively just a few minutes ago. “We are close and  getting closer but a lot depends on how meeting with manager goes as obviously the player needs to know he’s wanted and is first choice.

“IF it goes through it will be a very expensive loan that automatically becomes permanent given certain provisions. It’s complicated –  almost a permanent deal, but not quite.”

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

33 comments on “Zaza set for “first choice” Bilic talks

  1. for all those of you feeling down today I challenge you too watch this a few times it is sure to put a smile on your face 😀


  2. You are joking me, he wants to be guaranteed a first team place. OMG what are we becoing – if Bilic concedes this to ultimatum then I am sorry but he is opening up a can of worms for himself and he will lose the respect of every player in the dressing room. And btw stop dressing this up as the marquee signing, a marquee signing is Suarez, Cavani, Aguero, Laccazette, not this lad. He is a complete waste of our money. I see nothing but more miserable days ahead for us if this deal goes through.

  3. Crikey Johnham1 you are worse than an old woman moaning.A marquee signing is all relative to the size of the club it doesnt have to be one of the top 5 best players in the world.Get a grip of yourself sir.

  4. You might be safe yet rads !
    This can’t happen , this sounds like a get out for Zara ? Ffs , callamari and sakho , fletcher , ?  and as with everyone , you earn you’re place ?
    Beware France , Batton down the sea front ???
    Possible tsunami headed you’re way , get the bleach ready ?

  5. Well he will be first choice by default as we don’t really have anyone else! Glad to see him come. As for a marquee signing, he is as good as we could have got and cheaper than than the £25m quoted for Johhny Evans to put things into some perspective.

    • Clever perspectives Mr Nest, but I don’t want him at those prices. I don’t blame him for asking to be no 1 striker, esp as he seems to have spent so much of his career on the bench….
      BUT I sincerely hope Slav is not foolish enough to agree. Hopefully (for me), this gives Zaza a get-out, and it’s arrivederci…. What a selfish b@stard I am! Just don’t see him as a 20 goal man, and could easily turn out a dud….

      • I agree it could well turn out as a dud, as could Ayew but thats the chance we need to take. Th simple fact is Carroll can’t be relied on to stay fit, Sakho is not fit and alo can’t be relied on, Valencia has been poor and will/should now be allowed to join Villa/West Brom, Callieri although deserves time, but his misses so far don’t show that he will bang in the goals, Ayew is injured which leaves Fletcher, who for all his promise last night i think is a bit too much to ask him to be a 20 goal front man, although he looks that he coul dbe the part in years to come. We need someone and he seems keen to come. To be fair he took his goal against us pretty well. Just keep him away from pens!

        • Well, Nesty, all good v points again… v hard to argue against. V true that it would be a lot to ask of the youngster. I do think he could handle it. Not expect 20, maybe 10. Meanwhile we can get plenty of goals from midfielders; all are scorers, esp (my favourite) Antonio….
          Calleri might yet come good, and Carroll will be back….(for how long??!).
          I see the problem as only relatively temporary, especially with superb stand-ins…even Martinez and Browne looking pretty tasty for goals.
          We could finish up with too many attackers, like the midfield…..
          so I do beg to differ, but only just!

  6. Zaza minus Seria A = Zz(zzzzzzzz)

  7. He will be a very good signing.I am looking forward to watching him play in the claret & blue if he signs.Why take something said so literally about the first choice statement.Its a comment made by the author not Zaza or Bilic.
    OMG!!! OMG!!! Cuckoo,cuckoo.

  8. Upgrade on what we have. COYI

  9. Totally mewp.The only way some supporters will ever he happy though is if we signed Messi or Ronaldo.Even then they would probably claim they were a waste of money or not marquee enough for their fine taste.

  10. Telling him what he wants to hear is part of the game,I am sure Calleri wanted to know he would be playing,
    Ayew I presume did not join us thinking he would not be first choice,
    Sak wants to go because he is not first choice,
    Oxford won’t sign until he knows he will be playing in the first team,
    If I were him I would be asking him where I will be playing
    Goal keeper RB LW or maybe CF
    Slav would reply Captain and sweeper if that’s what you want,
    Daddy will be having babies within 2 months,
    Why is my little boy only on the bench,
    Still that’s how it goes these days,the worlds full of prima donnas,

  11. Guardian are saying on loan ? With option ?
    Hold the fitting Rads ! You may have a stewards coming ?lol. ( smiley ?)

  12. Yeah my nappy fitting has been put on hold,i think I am safe Johnboy lol.I got a tweet from David Goldfinger anyway he said I can’t wear a nappy in the ground on safety grounds,just in case I was packing some heat in it lol 🙂

    • Would have been a giggle at the entrance security though , waving the wand around you’re crutch ?? Haha then asking you to remove it to have a look inside ,!!
      Sellotape and a tuck may be in order ? Haha ? ( smiley )

  13. No news is no news,
    How long does it take to say of course my son trust me you will always be number one in my eyes,
    Ask Emineke that’s what I told him last year,
    Just double up on the Tenners Rad it shows a bit around the backside but then you have a reason to stand,

  14. zaza doesnt belong in the same sentence as Batshaui,Lacazette…he is replacement for Mandzukic…so act acordingly ,please..

  15. Taking a long while this meeting, Bilic. Guessing Bilic misses his own beard and is dragging this meeting out through the night purely down to beard envy. Maybe Ginge is in there too. Talking beards.

    “Of course Ginge has good beard but it’s not the right balance in colour. It’s bright of course of course you need dark beard also. This is why you make my side better”

    “Of course if you sign I will grow my beard back, but if you out beard me I will pay you at right back….of course”

    • Bit like Bilbos house ?? Loads of beards talking , and eating , and singing songs ,
      Stand up if you got a beard , stand up “”””””””””””””

  16. Woke up feeling a bit downbeat, but thanks jagerchuger had me laughing, feel better now.COYI

    • You got the Valencia curse baddow ?
      Seek medical treatment immediately ,
      You may never score with the wife again lol.( smiley )

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