Zouma Not Up For Hammers Transfer

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West Ham United captain Kurt Zouma could be on a collision course with the club’s transfer plans, according to journalist Graeme Bailey.

Bailey reports that Zouma, despite being a potential sale target for West Ham, has no intention of leaving the London Stadium. His high weekly wage of £125,000 adds another layer of complexity to the situation.

The report claims Zouma previously snubbed a lucrative transfer to the Saudi Pro League last summer, a move that would have benefitted both West Ham financially and offered Zouma a new start. This past decision casts doubt on his willingness to entertain any transfer offers this window.

Zouma’s refusal to leave could create a domino effect:

West Ham would miss out on acquiring funds needed to pursue other targets, signing a new central defender, like Max Kilman, which could lead to a tense situation within the squad, especially if Zouma loses his captaincy.
Also Zouma’s hefty salary coupled with a potential lack of playing time if Kilman arrives ,would create a management headache for West Ham’s new boss Julen Lopetegui.

While West Ham’s defence conceded a staggering 74 goals last season, Zouma is considered a vocal leader in the dressing room, despite his seemingly quiet demeanour on the pitch. His potential unhappiness could negatively impact team morale.

West Ham now faces a difficult choice. Do we prioritise selling Zouma to free up transfer funds and potentially disrupt squad harmony? Or do we keep an unhappy player on a high salary who may not be a regular starter?

Zouma’s stance has undoubtedly created yet another headache for the club as they navigate the summer transfer window.

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  • Phil McDonald says:

    I think this has always been a non-starter. How could Kurt possibly pass a medical? I expect him to be bench cover until his contract expires.

  • John Ayris says:

    I never thought it likely that anyone would want him given his salary and the state of his knees. I’ve always thought the most likely thing would be that he’ll be seeing his contract out.

  • Jeeps says:

    It was going to take £7m to get rid of Moyes at Christmas and we didn’t.
    Right or wrong decision?
    Now we’ve got captain Zoom(a), Moyes old mucker screwing things up.
    He knows his time is done and just like the cat needs to be kicked into touch.
    Subs bench needs strengthening from last year and putting Zoom(a) on it is not the answer.
    Sweeping up and boot polishing is apt but needs to take a paycut.

  • Iron_It_Out says:

    Simon Leyland spouting more rubbish! Zouma will be OK if we aren’t in Europe and playing twice a week, so just use him and run down his contract. Makes much more sense than any of the speculation that this place loves to spout!

  • Deathblow says:

    “squad harmony’? FTS!

    He’s an employee like the rest of them and therefore they have no right to spit their dummies out if their sicknote mate loses the captaincy and gets put on the transfer list. He should never have been given the captaincy in the first place.
    Hope JLo shows who is in charge and if any player doesn’t like it then they get put on the transfer list too if the sulk over that buffoon.
    I was hoping the French-speaking clique had been disbanded.
    If it includes Areola, then we will soon find out if he values playing for the club more than having his wildly over paid mate around.
    The sooner Zouma goes the better. Pay him off. Just get rid.

  • D says:

    Can only echo what most have said. This was another short sighted disastrous purchase okay for one season since then he has been like corporal Jones from Dads Army. Hardly surprising we shipped so many goals last season. The only defenders that showed anything were Emerson and Vlad and Mavropanis . Hopefully Aguerd and Zouma will go soon but in Zouma’s case not sure who would be stupid enough to buy him

  • Rich says:

    The maggot behind the kilt, Sunderland the 2nd hopefully been avoided, Moyes left when he knew we were at the root, so glad he’s time has ended .

  • Wayne says:

    Pay him off and get rid. Not good enough, never has been.

    Moyes making him captain was farcical from day one.

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