Will the protests work?

So the next question is: Are the current round of protests against the West Ham United going to work?

The only answer to that is that they MIGHT!

Another is planned for the Southampton game on February 29 although there will be a load of very angry words spoken between now and then via social media should results show no sign of turning around.

The latest financial position – as we understand it – is that there will be £40 million required in the summer to keep the club afloat and that will of course be a great deal bigger if we have dropped into the Championship.

Fan pressure on the board is unquestionably having an effect and if a genuine, good buyer came in it now has to be more than likely  David Sullivan  would listen.

The reality is that no club has to be put up for sale – any interested party can bid at any time…only time will tell if that is going to happen.

The irony is that it may take a drop into the Championship makes it far more likely when the club’s value drops and new buyers can plough additional money into the squad.

In the meantime we can expect the protests to continue which can only put the board under more pressure and with chief shareholder Sullivan now 71, rule nothing out!