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Moyes tells Hammers players to give it a rest

Moyes tells Hammers players to recover at home

According to The Daily Mail, David Moyes has granted the West Ham players a two-day break, which appears belated for several Hammers players who visibly struggled due to a lack of substitutions and rotation in the lead-up to the humbling defeat against Fulham.

It is reported that Moyes himself, along with Edson Alvarez, Emerson Palmieri, and others, has been unwell. The Hammers gaffer hopes that this short respite will serve as a reset for the team ahead of our Europa League clash against Freiburg on Thursday.

Following the Fulham thumping, Moyes held a brief post-match press conference at Craven Cottage, attributing the poor performance to the squads demanding fixture list, leaving the team ‘mentally and physically’ drained.

In response to the defeat, Moyes utilised his full quota of five substitutes for the first time this season. Emerson was rumoured to have caught a widespread sickness bug, and Edson Alvarez couldn’t participate at all.

David Moyes-West Ham-Press conference-told West Ham players to take two days off

Moyes tells Hammers players to recover at home

Following the defeat, Moyes decided to cancel training for the next two days, in preparation for hosting Freiburg on Thursday. Moyes is believed to be under scrutiny over the next two games following the capitulation, however club sources expect him to recover and he continues to enjoy support from the Irons hierarchy.

After the Fulham match, Moyes discussed the illness affecting his players, without specifying the number impacted, acknowledging that it had been a hindrance. He also attributed the subpar performance to fatigue resulting from a quick turnaround after their Thursday win against Spurs.

Expressing embarrassment for the result and performance, Moyes apologised to the supporters. The West Ham away fans had been in tremendous voice throughout the match and clearly deserved better.

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New investor moves in on Hammers shares

New investor moves in to buy up Gold shares

West Ham United could be set to sell 10% of the club’s shares to an American investor. That’s according to C&H regular Sean Whetstone, who has published the details on his Twitter (X) page.

It was announced two months ago that the shares would become available following the sad passing of David Gold, closely followed by the surprise death of his daughter Jacqueline. As a result, Vanessa Gold decided to place some of the family’s shares up for sale, with Rothschilds mandated to find an investor.

Sean wrote: “West Ham could soon find itself a new American shareholder after a new name has been offered as an investor for the 10% shareholding that Vanessa Gold and family have put up for sale with Rothschild. The Hammers already have one American shareholder in the form of Tripp Smith, who owns 8% of the West Ham holding company.

The Premier League is under increasing influence of American investors, with Arsenal, Chelsea, Spurs, Manchester United, Aston Villa, Bournemouth, Liverpool, Burnley, Crystal Palace, and Fulham all owned or partially owned by Americans. Everton is also in the process of an American takeover by 777 partners.”

West Ham had been rumoured to be of interest to the Qatri investment fund who failed in their attempt to buy Manchester United. Sheikh Jassim bin Hamad Al Thani withdrew his bid to buy Man U, paving the way for British billionaire Jim Ratcliffe to eventually gain control of the club.
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West Ham grappling with structural issues

Let’s face it West Ham are grappling with concerning structural issues. The absence of Edson Alvarez has created a personnel dilemma for Moyes, exacerbating the challenges faced by any team losing a quality player from its starting XI writes Michael Talbot.
However, the current solution presented is deeply flawed. The pairing of James Ward-Prowse and Tomas Soucek yesterday proved ineffective— the normally reliable Soucek appeared static and lethargic, contributing minimally, while Ward-Prowse, who sees himself as an attacking player, struggled in a double-pivot without the resolute Alvarez

West Ham will need to drop either Edson Alvarez or another midfielder.

West Ham are grappling with concerning structural issues

This midfield struggle ripples through the team, impacting technically proficient players like Ward-Prowse and Paqueta. Despite their skills, their time on the ball is disjointed and limited, resulting in extended periods without meaningful action for attacking players.

The tactical approach in the match was disjointed and dull, marked by frustration evident in Paqueta’s gestures towards his defence for poor decisions. This frustration hampers decision-making, leading to wasted possessions and a lack of forward momentum.
The defensive solidity that usually characterizes Moyes’ sides was notably absent. Zouma and Aguerd had sub par performances, frequently caught off guard in their own box, beaten in the air, and shaky on the ball.
Coufal and Cresswell’s struggles were somewhat masked by Fulham’s crossing limitations, but Mavropanos and Emerson, introduced later, displayed a lack of tactical understanding in the back five, contributing to Fulham’s increased control.
While there’s talk of Moyes needing to be replaced, considering his past success and the team’s position in the top half of the table and Europa League competition, I hate to say it, seems premature.
Injuries have undoubtedly played a role, and addressing key areas, such as adding support for Bowen and Paqueta in leading the line and reinstating Alvarez to the defensive midfield role, could alleviate some issues.
But nevertheless, losing is one thing- but 5-0 is a clear signal that the current plan of passiveness and hoping to nick one at the death is suicidal.
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Romano: Hammers face busy January transfer blitz

Romano: Hammers face busy January transfer window

Football ITK Fabrizio Romano has stated that West Ham will be busy in the January transfer window, although he has fallen short of naming players.

The Italian football journalist has close links to Hammers director of football Tim Steidten and was at the forefront of West Ham transfer news during the summer. Speaking in his column, Romano said, “I expect West Ham to be busy in January as they’re looking at opportunities around, though it’s still too early to say anything about specific names. Nothing is advanced, but the owners and directors are working on it.”

Tim Steidten will be busy in January

Romano claims Hammers face busy January transfer window with Tim Steidten in charge

This is in stark contrast to what Claret and Hugh have been told from sources within the club. As recently as two weeks ago, we were informed that West Ham would only be looking to bring on a striker during the January window. We were also told that the signing would most likely be a loan deal rather than an expensive transfer.

With manager David Moyes unwilling to rotate and fully use his squad, there appears to be a pressing need for more than just one signing, so hopefully, Romano is correct.

Higher Education with West Ham United Foundation: How West Ham United Academy Works

Brief Overview of West Ham United Foundation

The West Ham United Foundation has been a cornerstone in combining sports with education, offering aspiring athletes a unique platform to excel both on and off the field.

Ham United Academy gives the chance to learn from highly skilled professors and professionals in the field while also doing work experience with West Ham United Foundation, West Ham United Academy, or West Ham United’s WSL Academy.

Students who choose to study in a joint degree program will have a lot of great options. For example, they can help out with our foreign programs over the summer, which will help them learn about other cultures and gain the professional skills they need to work in sports.

With connections to a Premier League Football Club, students will also be able to take advantage of a number of unique opportunities. These will give you a taste of the football and sports business and give you the skills, experiences, and credentials you will need to be successful in your future job.

Sports Coaching & Performance

Students in the BSc (Hons) Sports Coaching & Performance program will learn the ideas of good coaching and how to make a place where high-performance players can do well.

Students who study BSc (Hons) International Sport with Enterprise will learn a lot about the current state of international sports. They will also have the chance to work with business leaders from around the world and do internships abroad.

West Ham United Academy: An Overview

History and Background

West Ham United began as Thames Ironworks in 1895 and changed its name to West Ham United in 1900. In 1904, it moved to the Boleyn Ground, which it called home for more than a hundred years. Before joining the Football League in 1919, the team played in the Southern League and the Western League. It moved up to the top level of football in 1923, the same year it lost the first FA Cup final at Wembley. The team won the first Football League War Cup in 1940.

While King was still in charge, West Ham joined the Football League’s Second Division in 1919, drew their first game 1-1 with Lincoln City, and in 1923, they were promoted to the First Division. They also reached the first-ever FA Cup final at the original Wembley Stadium. They were up against Bolton Wanderers. “Billie,” a gigantic white horse (really grey) rode by PC George Scorey, had to be removed off the pitch before kickoff, and the event became known as the “White Horse final” because to the estimated 200,000 spectators that descended onto the field. Bolton came out on top in the cup final match. While their First Division results were all over the map, they were able to hold on to their position for a whole decade and even made it to the FA Cup semi-final in 1933.

Importance of Higher Education in Sports

In today’s competitive sports landscape, higher education plays a crucial role in shaping well-rounded athletes. The West Ham United Academy is a prime example of this integration.

Balancing Academics and Athletics

Balancing education with sports can be challenging. However, it instills time management skills and underlines the importance of having an educational background, especially in a career as unpredictable as athletics.

Balancing the rigorous demands of sports and education can be a formidable challenge, especially for students pursuing specialized fields like sports medicine nursing. The West Ham United Academy offers invaluable support in navigating this delicate equilibrium for student-athletes. However, for those immersed in complex medical studies, the task becomes even more intricate. In such cases, dedicated professors and mentors often recommend seeking assistance from resources like EduBirdie. Specifically, EduBirdie provides nursing assignment writing service and a range of other academic support on their platform. This external help becomes a crucial lifeline, enabling students to manage their academic responsibilities effectively while excelling in their pursuit of sports and specialized medical education.

Higher Education’s Role in Promoting Sports Ethics

Ethics and integrity are crucial in sports. Higher education addresses issues like fair play and doping, promoting a cleaner and more respectable sporting environment.

The Role of Higher Education in Developing Sports Professionals

Higher education plays a pivotal role in shaping the careers of sports professionals. Not only does it provide a solid knowledge base in areas like sports science and management, but it also enhances practical skills crucial for athletic success.

Impact on Athletic Performance

Higher education equips athletes with the tools to improve both physically and mentally. It delves into strategies and analysis, which are key components in modern sports.

Higher Education and Career Longevity

Courses focusing on injury prevention and management are essential for a sustainable athletic career. They also prepare athletes for career transitions, ensuring a smooth shift from active sports to other professional roles.

Facilities and Infrastructure

The academy boasts state-of-the-art facilities, including training grounds, classrooms, and technology-enhanced learning environments.

The MSc Workplace Diversity in Sport course will make you think about how to break down walls in places where race, religion, and culture affect a person’s ability to gain from sports.

In conclusion, the West Ham United Academy is more than just a football academy; it’s a hub of higher education, personal development, and community engagement. It stands as a model for how sports and academics can coexist harmoniously, shaping the future of young athletes.


  1. How can one apply to the academy?

Applications to the West Ham United Academy are accepted through their official website, with specific criteria for each program.

  1. What are the career prospects after graduation?

Graduates often pursue careers in professional football, sports management, or related fields, benefiting from the academy’s comprehensive training and education.

  1. Are there opportunities for international students?

Yes, the academy welcomes international students, offering them a unique opportunity to train and study in a diverse environment.

  1. How does the academy support student-athletes’ mental health?

The academy places a strong emphasis on mental health, providing resources such as counseling and wellness programs.

  1. What makes West Ham United Academy unique in higher education?

The unique blend of high-level football training and academic rigor, coupled with its rich history and community involvement, sets the academy apart in the realm of higher education.

Image from: unsplash.com

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Detached Moyes only has himself to blame

Detached Moyes seemed puzzled by players fatigue 

I must confess that I didn’t see a thrashing by Fulham on the horizon this weekend. However, what was utterly predictable was David Moyes‘ use of fixture congestion as an excuse following the humbling.

I guess there may be some merit in what Moyes is saying, given the unpredictable Premier League results we’ve had during the last week. But Moyes has less cause for complaint than most because he doesn’t rotate his squad.

Detached Moyes seemed puzzled by players fatigue against Fulham

Detached Moyes seemed puzzled by players fatigue

The Hammers manager has flogged players such as James Ward-Prowse, Tomas Soucek, Mohammed Kudus, and Lucas Paqueta so hard that they looked dead on their feet at Craven Cottage. I totally respect Moyes’ wish to deploy his favourite players from the start, but they are not even given a rest for 20 minutes during games.

The fixtures against Tottenham and Crystal Palace preceded yesterday’s game against Fulham. During both matches, Moyes made a solitary token substitution in the 87th minute. High-flying Aston Villa made FOUR substitutions whilst beating Arsenal. Emery’s first sub was at half-time and was closely followed by another on 56 minutes.

Remarkably, Moyes seemed to view the fatigue levels of the West Ham squad with detachment, as if it were somehow an unfortunate occurrence in which he’d played no part. Put simply… the players are knackered because Moyes doesn’t rest them. Unsurprisingly, this is not a tactic copied by his contemporaries.


West Ham fans have had enough

West Ham fans have had enough of the David Moyes brand of football and want change!

West Ham fans have had enough

Many are totally fed up with what they are seeing with the notable exception of 45 minutes on Thursday when Spurs were turned over by some exciting stuff in which Jarrod Bowen and Mohammed Kudus were the most prominent.]

Today, however, a bunch of very tired looking players were taken apart piece by piece and crushed by a Fulham side who followed a 5-0 win over Nottingham Forest with exactly the same result against us.

Apart from the opening 10 minutes when we had a couple of half chances we had no opportunities to speak of as Fulham dominated and ultimately destroyed us..

And Claret and Hugh follower hammerpete6 summed up the feelings of many  saying: “Moyes is  exposed completely as a manager unable to integrate and motivate a squad.

His chosen players are completely weary, no gas in the tank. Only two clear days since the last game, yet he made only two changes. No sign of bringing in Cornet, Kehrer, Mavropanos, Mubama or any young players.

Instead he rudely threw on players when the game is gone. Young Mubama on at 4-0 down? He made fewer subs than Fulham who were buzzing. Moyes is a manager who has been getting away with it. This has been coming!


David Moyes is back on thin ice

David Moyes is back on thin ice!

West Ham-David Moyes has a decision to make following injury news

David Moyes is back on thin ice

The 5-0 defeat by Fulham has gone down very badly in the Hammers corridors of power largely because it was entirely unexpected after the win over Spurs on Thursday night and our inability as a result to make any serious impression on the top of the league. The manager admitting he isn’t sure the club can make an impression on the top six has alarmed a few after the money that has been spent on new arrivals. And today’s defeat has raised the old fears about his future with the powers that be still looking closely at the situation.

David Moyes is back on thin ice!

Tonight our key source at the club could hardly have been more fed up with things admitting: Some players are physically ill with Alvarez unable to even go on the bench but we were bad, very bad.  “Let’s put it this way. We consider the next two games VERY VERY important.”

The Hammers need a win or draw against Freiburg to ensure topping Group A on Thursday evening whilst Wolves – currently sitting in 13th place – arrive for our next Premier League game at the weekend.

(2) CLARETANDHUGH | Facebook

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David Moyes is embarrassed

David Moyes is embarrassed

David Moyes is embarrassed by a 5-0 defeat at Fulham but it didn’t stop him offering some half and pretty lame excuses for the loss when he addressed the media after the game writes Hughie Southon.

First he claimed the midweek had taken a lot out of the team saying Fulham played their midweek game 24 hours earlier which “makes a big, big difference.”

Next came the comment that we have had illness in the camp which kind of forgets other clubs seem to manage in such circumstances!

He continued to insist that the Hammers midweek game could have been on the Wednesday and that given the current schedule of Thursday/Sunday games it is nearly impossible to keep players fit. Once again perhaps he should bear in mind it’s the same for several teams, few of which by the way find themselves hammered 5-0 by bottom half of the Premier League table teams”

Commenting after the game Moyes declared: “I’m embarrassed for the result and the performance, and we’re sorry to the supporters for it. There were a wee bit of mitigating circumstances – I think the midweek took a huge amount out of us. Playing Thursday and Sunday in two Premier League games, compared to [Fulham playing on] Wednesday and Sunday makes a big, big difference. We’ve had quite a bit of illness in the camp over the last few days and that’s not helped.

Even at half-time, I said ‘we’re not going to concede any more goals, if we’re going to lose we’re not going to lose by any more’. But we did. There were bits of the second half where we got a wee bit closer to them and there were a couple of half-chances, and ultimately we conceded another couple of goals. It was really poor.

The supporters were great and stuck with the team. I think most of the supporters probably understood where we’d been in midweek, and we had two away games this week.

Everyone had two away games or two homes in this period and not many have taken six points. Two away games, if you’d given me three points Id have probably said yes. If you’d given me two draws we’d have said that might have been good results away from home, so to get three points from the two games wasn’t that bad. But more importantly it was a disappointment today in how we performed.”

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Alvarez update

West Ham will need to drop either Edson Alvarez or another midfielder.

Alvaraz update

Alvarez update

An update on Edson Alvarez is that he missed today’s game through illness.

And Emerson came on as a sub in the second half despite having been sick himself for several days. The left back had travelled with the squad but the manager decided to leave him out of the starting X1 due to his illness.

Meanwhile, the major defensive midfielder Alvarez had been sick despite turning out in the win  against Spurs but we understand he has relapsed and it remain to be seen whether he will appear in the critical Group A Europa League match against Freiburg on Thursday evening.

Emerson did particularly well given his health circumstances after coming on for the hugely ineffective Aaron Cresswell whose West Ham days are now surely behind him. For the unwell defender to be required to replace Cressie tells its own story.

Alvarez has been ill since returning from international duty which is always a problem at this time of the year when players are travelling for hours to different countries.

However, there can be no reason to use that absence as an excuse for today’s performance which was worse than shambolic. Hammers fans can accept most defeats so long as they see the team giving everything but today none of them gave a thing!

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