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Can’t defend & won’t attack

Mark Twain famously stated, “There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics.”

I think his inference was that statistics could be massaged to help reinforce a lie. However, the Opta site on X (formerly Twitter) has posted some most troubling but hardly surprising statistics about West Ham. . . and it doesn’t sound unreflective.

Opta Joe wrote, “10 – West Ham have conceded the opening goal in 10 Premier League matches in 2024; the joint-most of any side, alongside Luton.”

That’s an absolute shocker of a statistic but perfectly in keeping with a team that has the joint worst defense outside the Premier League relegation zone. In effect, the stats suggest that we can’t defend at all; we’re horrendous at it.

Andreas-Aguerd-West Ham-Fulham-defenders

West Ham can’t defend and won’t attack: Helpless Aguerd watches on as another goal goes in

So why does David Moyes still insist on defending when all the evidence suggests it’s a terrible tactic? During yesterday’s 2-0 defeat to Fulham, Moyes’s first three substitutions when 1-0 behind were Zouma, Johnson, & Soucek.

Yes, the Hammers’ gaffer introduced George Earthy in the 81st minute, but we were 2-0 down by that point.

As pointed out by Marco Silva yesterday, West Ham have some excellent attackers. Unfortunately, the Irons’ manager can’t quite bring himself to shake off the shackles of a career spent being cautious.

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West Ham Benefit from Rent Deal Under FFP Rules

West Ham United enjoys a financial advantage under Financial Fair Play (FFP) regulations due to their rent agreement at the London Stadium, according to football finance expert Kieran Maguire.


Maguire, speaking on The Price of Football podcast, revealed that West Ham’s £3 million annual rent for the stadium can be offset against FFP regulations. This means the rent is considered a legitimate business expense, improving West Ham’s financial standing within FFP.

However, Maguire also highlights the disparity in the deal. While West Ham benefits from offsetting the £3 million rent, the London Council, funded by taxpayers, shoulders a much larger burden of up to £16 million annually to maintain the stadium.

This agreement has been a point of contention for years, with many questioning the justification for such a significant public subsidy. From West Ham‘s perspective, however, the ability to offset the rent offers a valuable financial advantage, particularly in light of the strictures imposed by FFP.

With Premier League clubs facing increased scrutiny for their spending habits, any advantage gained under FFP regulations can be crucial in avoiding financial sanctions. West Ham’s rent agreement provides them with some financial leeway within the FFP framework.

Overall, West Ham’s rent deal at the London Stadium presents a complex situation. While the club benefits from a favourable financial arrangement, the burden falls heavily on taxpayers. This situation highlights the ongoing debate surrounding stadium financing and the role of public funds in supporting professional sports teams.


The Mourinho Enigma

It appears that Frank McAvennie is the latest convert to the Jose Mourinho fan club.


Cut from the same cloth. Mourinho and Moyes share tactical similarities


Mourinho’s name has emerged (again!) as a possible successor to David Moyes at West Ham, adding a layer of intrigue to the ongoing contract saga. While Moyes’ achievements at the club are undeniable, the lack of a contract extension has fuelled speculation about his future. Mourinho’s availability as a manager, coupled with his own managerial history, presents a complex situation for West Ham to consider.

The Alluring Mourinho:

Trophy Magnet: Mourinho’s track record speaks for itself. He possesses a remarkable ability to deliver silverware, having won trophies at various clubs across Europe. His winning mentality could be a welcome addition to West Ham’s ambition to compete for major honors.
Tactical Mastermind: Mourinho is renowned for his tactical acumen. He can effectively adapt his strategies to exploit weaknesses in opponents and ensure defensive solidity. This could prove beneficial for West Ham, addressing their current defensive frailties.
Motivational Leader: There’s no denying Mourinho’s charisma as a leader. His ability to motivate players and get them to perform at their peak, particularly in crucial matches, is a valuable asset.

The Mourinho Concerns:


Dour Pragmatism: Critics often accuse Mourinho of prioritising defensive stability over attacking flair. His teams can be seen as pragmatic to the point of being boring, a stark contrast to the potentially more exciting style West Ham fans might desire.
Short-Term Success: While Mourinho delivers trophies, questions linger about his long-term suitability. Some suggest a pattern of initial success followed by a decline in results after a few seasons. Can he build a team for sustained achievement?
Player Management: Mourinho’s fiery personality has led to well-documented clashes with players in the past. His critical approach can damage team morale and potentially trigger key player departures, something West Ham needs to avoid.

Jose Mourinho is a complex figure in the world of football management. His undeniable record of success is countered by concerns about his playing style and long-term fit. West Ham must carefully weigh these factors when considering him as a potential replacement for Moyes. Ultimately, the decision will depend on the club’s vision for the future – prioritising immediate trophies or building a team for sustained success with a more attractive brand of football.



Paqueta receives dressing down from police

Hammer Lucas Paqueta was stopped by police at the traffic lights on Pudding Mill Lane after leaving the London Stadium after West Ham’s two nil defeat to Fulham.

The Brazilian left the London Stadium players car park in his Ferrari after the game but fans and police witnessed the Hammer over taking being on the wrong side of the road and excessively revving his engine.

Three police officers approached the player while he was stationery asking him to wind down his window to explain his actions.

After a brief dressing down from the coppers the player was allowed to leave without a ticket or any further action.

Paqueta’s Ferrari Roma costs a whooping £210,000 has 610 horse power, the 3.9 litre V8 petrol engine can deliver a 0-60 speed of 3.4 seconds and a top speed of 199 mph.

The 26-year-old West Ham midfielder will be missing this this Thursday’s second leg of the Europa League quarter final at the London Stadium after he received his fifth yellow card last Thursday in Germany.

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Fulham fans were disrespectful

Fulham fans were disrespectful as George Earthy received treatment

Fulham fans showed a complete lack of respect while George Earthy lay unconscious on the floor singing ‘Is this a library?’, ‘Is there a fire drill?’ and singing a song for Muniz as medics worked on the downed player for seven minutes.

The London rival fans became the first away to sit down in the Sir Trevor Brooking lower only briefly standing for their two goal celebrations and the injury period while Earthy was knocked unconscious.

The Fulham fans did applaud the player when he was  finally removed from the field of play and their manager Marco Silva also send best wishes adding “Sad moment for George Earthy, 18-19 years old only 3 minutes into his debut. That is all we are focused on right now; hoping for good news and wishing him all the best from everybody at Fulham.”

One Fulham fan took to social media to defend his kin by saying  “I was there .. Yes we were singing , but had no idea what was happening until we saw the poor lad stretched off .. Then the whole away end started clapping.. .. Most West Ham fans were leaving and didn’t stay to see what was happening.”



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Kudus Wants Central Role

West Ham’s Ghanaian midfielder, Mohammed Kudus, has expressed his desire to play in his preferred position as a central attacking midfielder . This revelation, made in a Sky Sports interview, raises questions about how manager David Moyes will utilise the talented attacker.

Kudus: I almost joined Chelsea

Kudus wants central role

The 23-year-old has predominantly played as a winger since joining West Ham from Ajax at the beginning of the season. However, Kudus insists his natural role lies as a CAM, a position he’s occupied throughout his career. He even mentioned filling in as a striker on occasion. Despite playing out of position, Kudus has still managed a respectable 12 goals and 4 assists in 39 appearances across all competitions. His scoring record from last season at Ajax, when he played a central attacking midfielder amongst other roles, is even more impressive: 11 goals in significantly fewer minutes.

Many believe Kudus could flourish if deployed in his preferred central attacking role. This could unlock a new level of performance for both the player and the team. So far, manager David Moyes has only started Kudus in a central role once.

West Ham fans are eager to see Kudus unleashed in his natural position. His statistics suggest he can offer even more offensively if given the opportunity. The key question remains: will Moyes adapt his tactics to accommodate Kudus’ preference and potentially unlock the player’s full potential?

Sadly, I doubt it

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Paqueta Criticised for Role in West Ham’s Defeat to Fulham

West Ham’s Lucas Paqueta has come under fire from pundit Andy Gray for his performance in their recent 2-0 defeat to Fulham.

Gray specifically criticised Paqueta’s role in Fulham’s second goal. He pointed out that Paqueta’s attempt to dribble out of trouble in his own half resulted in a turnover that led directly to the goal. This wasn’t the only instance of Paqueta losing possession, as he was also dispossessed in the build-up to Fulham’s first goal.


Analysing the second goal on beIN SPORTS, Gray remarked on Paqueta “messing around” and “trying to do it on his own” before losing the ball.

While Paqueta was singled out for his errors, it’s important to note that West Ham’s entire team underperformed in the match. However, Paqueta’s recent praise as a potential world-class player made his mistakes even more glaring.

Despite his errors, Paqueta did create some scoring opportunities for West Ham, with two key chances created and a game-high of four successful dribbles.

The second goal conceded highlighted Paqueta’s need for quicker decision-making on the ball. However, there’s a shared responsibility for preventing such lapses. West Ham needs a collective improvement to avoid a similar outcome against Bayer Leverkusen.

Overall, while Paqueta’s performance against Fulham was disappointing, it’s important to consider the team’s overall struggles. West Ham needs to address these issues quickly or our season will be finished.


West Ham: A House of Cards Built on Fatigue

West Ham’s recent slump can be attributed, in large part, to a squad built on shaky foundations. Manager David Moyes‘ recent comments expose a critical flaw – a lack of depth.

Moyes’ reluctance to utilise substitutes exposes a troubling truth: the gap between the starting eleven and the backups is significant. This core group, forced to play a relentless schedule, is burning out, leading to lapses in concentration and fitness issues.

Incredible Steidten interview reveals West Ham future

A House of Cards Built on Fatigue? Steidten & Moyes survey the West Ham squad warming up

Despite significant spending in recent seasons, West Ham‘s squad depth remains a glaring weakness. The blame can’t solely fall on the ownership; transfer strategy also deserves scrutiny. Have they been getting the right value for their money?

While Moyes deserves credit for his past success, his current squad selection raises questions. Can he adapt and effectively utilise a deeper squad, or is a change in leadership necessary?

The presence of Tim Steidten, the talented director of football, offers a glimmer of hope. His expertise in player recruitment could be instrumental in building a more balanced and effective squad.

West Ham needs a two-pronged approach. Firstly, significant investment in quality players across multiple positions is essential. Secondly, a more strategic transfer policy that identifies the right talent to complement the existing squad is crucial.

West Ham faces a critical decision. Do they back Moyes with the resources he needs to address the squad depth issue, or is it time for a change in leadership? Regardless of the managerial direction, a significant investment in a deeper squad is paramount for the club’s long-term success.


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Exclusive: Earthy tests results revealed

Latest news after West Ham midfielder suffers head injury against Fulham.

Hammer George Earthy was released from hospital yesterday evening.

West Ham midfielder Earthy suffers head injury against Fulham.

A club source speaking Exclusively to Claret and Hugh said Earthy underwent tests for concussion in a London hospital after he was knocked out during yesterday’s game. However there was nothing alarming in the results which will be a relief for many.

Therefore, the young player will not follow FA and Premier League protocols with the club source saying he “will be out 2-4 weeks”

The FA and Premier League have set out clear ‘return to play’ guidelines for players who suffer or who are suspected to have suffered concussion. Essentially, no player will be allowed to return for a competitive game for at least six days. There is no blood test or medical scan which can diagnose concussion. Diagnosis is made on the basis of history and examination. The guidelines work on a step-by-step basis, with a player only allowed to progress a step every 24 hours. However, this process can often take longer. The steps are: No physical activity, light aerobic exercise or sport specific exercise. Also non-contact training drills, full contact training, return to play. However, after an all-clear from the club’s medical officer Earthy will be allowed to resume playing.

The player was rushed to hospital in a neck brace following his head injury which is thought to includes a broken nose.

The club have released a statement this morning saying:


“West Ham United’s George Earthy has been discharged from hospital after the head injury he suffered in Sunday’s Premier League fixture against Fulham.

Earthy, 19, entered the field as a late second half substitute to make his Premier League debut at London Stadium, only to be withdrawn in stoppage time.

He was immediately transferred to a local hospital for further assessment.

Earthy will now follow FA and Premier League concussion guidelines ahead of his return to play. 

Richard Collinge, Performance Director at West Ham United, said. “George is back home and we will continue to monitor him over the coming days. He’ll complete the graduated return to play programme.”

West Ham United wishes to place on record its thanks to our own medical team. We’d also like to praise their counterparts at Fulham and Medics24, our pitch side rescue team, for the immediate response to yesterday’s incident.

The Club also extends its thanks for the many messages of support sent to George.

Everyone at West Ham United wishes George a safe and speedy recovery.”



Shearer joins ‘be careful what you wish for’ brigade

How many times do West Ham fans have to hear “be careful what you wish for” from football pundits?

Well, on last night’s Match of the Day 2, it was Alan Shearer’s turn to churn out the well-worn cliché. Speaking after the highlights of West Ham’s 2-0 defeat to Fulham, the former England striker was asked about some Hammers fans’ disgruntlement with manager David Moyes.

Shearer said, “West Ham are 8th in the Premier League and two points off 6th. I think it’s a case of be careful what you wish for.”

And that was it, the pearls of wisdom from somebody who clearly knows very little about West Ham fans’ gripes. It was a complete reframing of many fans’ complaints, which have very little to do with league position.

West Ham fans-Match of the day

Shearer was at it again as he told Hammers fans “Be careful what you wish for”.

There was no nuanced analysis, no talk of the £450 million spent by David Moyes, no mention that we have lost 7-0 on aggregate to Fulham this season and are dropping like a stone. Certainly, nobody on the MOTD2 panel discussed that West Ham have the joint-worst defence outside the bottom three, nor the fact that once again Moyes’ reaction to going a goal behind was defensive substitutions.

Lazy punditry from a man and a production team who clearly hadn’t researched the real reasons behind many fans’ frustrations with the manager.