Batshuayi wants the Hammers

Michy-Batshuayi-612149West Ham are hoping to hijack Michy Batshuayi’s loan move from Chelsea to Swansea.. with some help from the player himself.

Chelsea have agreed to send the young Belgian international to Wales on loan as part of a deal that will see  Fernando Llorente arrive at Stamford Bridge.

However, it has become clear over the course of the day that striker Batshuayi is digging his heels in and wants a move to the London Stadium rather than join the relegation-threatened Swans.

And with the Irons striking problems becoming ever more difficult, Slaven Bilic is ready to move in again on the player after speculation a couple of months ago that the Hammers were keen.

Having bid £31m in the summer, the Irons are now very keen to grab the player on loan. At the time of the speculation arising  CandH was told by a top insider: “Of course we’d like to get him – he is a player we were very keen to sign and anything is possible in January!”

Now, with the player not at all keen on the move to  Wales and looking very much to east London, the Irons negotiators are back on the case.

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21 comments on “Batshuayi wants the Hammers

  1. Here we go again. I notice Leicester played their replacement for Kante on Saturday. So that is the Jan 7. Amazing… How did they get that all sorted out without months of rumours, failed medicals, visa problems. Anybody would think they plan ahead. Wonder how that works.

    • Or you could turn it round the other way & say they failed to replace Kante in the summer properly & its taken them 6 months to do it 😁

    • Good comments 64.Our mob look rather amateurish compared to other clubs. If this story has any substance,then what’s the bet that someone like the spuds come in to gazump negotiations??

      • Im sorry fellas but lets get it right here if The Foxes are being mentioned.They signed a replacement for Kante.The lad Nampalys Mendy who has failed to live up to expectation yet so they have now gone out to replace him with Ndidi.
        I think to base an arguement on our so called amateurishness on the Leicester Kante replacements is quite frankly well wide of the mark.

        • It really does irk me when i read these throw away amatuerish comments.Look through the last few years.How much did Van Gaal pee down the drain,Pardew at Newcastle with his fremch revolution,Spurs with the bale money,Di Canio at Sunderland.To believe it is exclusive to us is rot.Look at some of the chronic players Allardyce & Glover signed.Man City & Chelsea have signed some real lemons but they go unnoticed due to the size of the squads.What about Rodgers at Liverpool,Martinez at Everton,they signed some real rot.The list goes on but you are too blinkered to see it.

  2. Of course he does, so does Messi

  3. Irons negotiators back on the case? Those words fill me with dread. Haven’t they got to finish their homework and put their toys away before bedtime?

  4. The only way to keep the press quiet is to keep our mouths shut.

    It would be great to suddenly be told a deal is done without the ennnnndless speculation.

  5. Get him ! Tonic player who wants to prove he has the quality and level to play in this league.

  6. Now if there is any truth in this then we must do everything we can to get him. Absolute quality this guy, he’s got it all and is hungry! I’d rather the club pay his ridiculous wages instead of paying out £10m + for striker that night not cut it. COYI

  7. If true, I’d be very happy with him!
    Hasn’t torn up any trees in the PL so far, but hasn’t had too much game time tbf.
    Didn’t he play with Payet at OM?
    Could be a factor in us keeping him through this transfer window?

    • Yeah he did play with Dimi there Condor.I thought the same about it possibly putting a smile back on Payets fat little chops 😁😁

      • Yeah, let’s hope so Rads👍
        Whilst I’m not condoning Payets apparent lack of effort and enthusiasm this season, I can sort of understand if he’s a little p155ed-off with the board, as he was probably taken-in with the world class stadium (they apparently forgot to mention it was an ‘athletics’ stadium) and marquee 20 goal signing rubbish/straight from the horses mouth gospel truth (depending on which side of the fence you’re on).

        • Yeah he looks like has got the right hump.But it dont stop him from puttng the effort in.Mind you fans complain he doesnt track back but one of the only times he did at Liverpool he almost gave a penalty away.Maybe he is best leaving that to someone else 😁
          Same as the fact fans say he is heavy looking,the geezer had a double chin at OM as well sometimes when i watched him.He is a chunky end of story.I bet when he finishes playing he will weigh 25 stone 😁😁

  8. Sky sources,i mean who doesnt believe their bullsh*t are saying we have raised our Hogan bid to £12 mill 😁

  9. reading the comments for a minute I thought I clicked on the wrong site, if every team had signed all the players they needed or wanted in the summer there would be no need for a winter transfer window at all. Most teams in the PL will sign at least one player this month so it isn’t exclusively a West Ham screw up.
    it’s my guess that Baty boy might have regretted signing for Chelski instead of us in the summer. he was probably sold a load of bs about starting every game when in fact he hasn’t started any. Bit of a come down for the lad, the promise of PL glory & CL football in the bright lights of London only to be told six months later to pack your bags, go to Wales & enjoy a battle against relegation.
    oh but that is all SuGo’s fault in the first place of course, we should have offered whatever it took to buy him & pay him £200k pw.

    • Essex mate its all a load of bullsh*t.I aint sure exactly but i think that amongst the whole Prem League teams they have signed a max of 4 or 5 players.No one is doing business yet.
      Ndidi,Lokman,Barton,Gestede & possibly a couple more i have forgotten.
      Thats the entirety of the business done in the first week.So how the f*ck we are well behind the pack doing business is beyond me.Its fantasy time.

  10. I think I would go in with a cheeky £30m offer to buy. The lad isn’t happy obviously, Conte obviously doesn’t see him as ready and they have Lorente now (although much older i do know) and as for all the moaning about doing our business in public do you not think most of that is either paper talk and not from the club anyway, Sullivans £30m Marquee striker signing aside. Also it has a lot to do with the fact we are all following our transfer window and jumping on every scrap, we are not doing the same with Leicester, Stoke or Palace. They are and having spoken to a few deluded friends who don’t actually support the mighty Hammers they feel their club is doing exactly the same. As for last window we got caught out because the players all simply didn’t perform. I personally can’t blame Slav or the board for the last window. No we didn’t get that Marquee striker but offers went in to all the realistic options android way above our capabilities of getting.

    • If we can get him on loan then an option to buy in the summer would work.
      I know what you mean about other clubs fans,i have a few mates who are Gooner fans & when it comes to their transfer windows they are broken men by the end of them 😁

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