Carlton Cole reckons Manuel Pellegini is set to take the club to that famous “next level.”

The Hammers cult hero and ambassador is thrilled with the appointment and told the official site:¬†“It‚Äôs exciting times. We‚Äôve got a world-class manager, one of the best in the Premier League now in my opinion.

We know what his credentials are and what he can bring to the table, he’s obviously got the full support of the Board and the backing to help him take the Club to the next level.

“He brings experience at different levels. He has coached teams like Malaga, who may be considered lesser teams in their league but have over-achieved to enjoy great success. He is also going to bring that style of play that West Ham fans want to see.

“He is going to be attracting a few top players that he wants to fit into the team now. He may let a few go and let a few in. His money is going to be spent wisely.

“It’s hard to [pick specific positions]. I think he needs to galvanise the team he has already got and then add a few players who can bring different angles to the team, and help approach the style of play he wants.

“You have to look at his history ‚Äď he loves to play the ball on the floor. He will get some ball players in, and players who will make the team stronger.

‚ÄúWe‚Äôve always had optimism, but last year we didn‚Äôt produce in the way we wanted to. This year we now have a different angle, we‚Äôre going to get behind the new manager from the start, and I‚Äôm so glad that he has been appointed so early, so that we can start restructuring in the right way for next season.”