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Bilic delays contract talks

bilic_main_3437996b-large_transpjliwavx4cowfcaekesb3kvxit-lggwcwqwla_rxju8Slaven Bilic is still unready to discuss a new deal with the Hammers board despite the turnaround in the team’s form.

But should the club continue to head out of trouble it’s a given that a one or two rolling contract will be an offer towards the end of the season.

Bilic himself wants no distractions from the job in hand and has made it clear he would sooner put the issue aside until the end of the season.

The club are aware of the incredibly difficult season the manager has endured with the switch to the London Stadium and the unexpected early problems involved as a result.

And they have been mightily impressed with his handling of what was described as the “unbelievably difficult” circumstances surrounding the Dimitri Payet situation.

Few clubs have faced such a problem with a star player “striking” in mid season but Bilic’s handling of it was described to CandH and “admirable.”

With the team now having played so well over the last two games and acquired 28 points, relegation fears are receding fast the manager now looks entirely safe.


Irons speak on reported Payet interest from Nice

A morning report suggesting that Nice are ready to offer Dimi Payet a loan deal until the end of the season has been ruled out by West Ham.

According to the Sunday paper the ‘deal’ would have allowed the Hammers to offload his £125,000-a-week wages gave him his wish to return home.

And it claimed that having been  taken over by Chinese and ­American investors last summer the club had significant finds to make the deal happen.

But a top Hammers CandH source has quickly poured cold water over the story and made it clar there has been no approach of communication with the Ligue 1 leaders.

He said: “It would suit us for other clubs to come in on whatever basis but I can assure you this is not the case and the truth is that Nice do not have serious money available.

The deal is exactly where it was with offers from Marseilles having been turned down because they do not measure up to our valuation.”


West Ham’s target has had his head turned

scott-hoganBrentford director Phil Giles raged after West Ham target Scott Hogan received phone calls regarding his future on the eve of Brentford’s last TWO games. The Bees’ co-director of football made it clear that he was NOT criticising the 24-year-old striker and understood that it would impact on Hogan’s preparation. The Bees have rejected multiple bids from more than one club.

He raged against the agents in the game who have interfered in head coach Dean Smith’s match preparations with Brentford losing 2-1 against Newcastle and Wigan respectively.

Giles explained: “Before the Newcastle game, Scott was meant to be involved. On Friday night, he got a call saying a club were going to make a bid. It’ll be done on Saturday night. He’s completely distracted. It’s not his fault. He’s completely distracted – it’s not his fault but his focus is not on the game anymore. This week, he trains all week. He had a slightly tight hamstring. He was going to be involved – the same thing last night happened.”

“He got a call saying there were things moving and he got a call and I got a call. No criticism of Scott. He wants to play and needs to play. It’s unfair on him and Dean who is trying to make plans for the game today. The whole thing is completely out of control. The whole system needs looking at. All clubs are getting affected by this.”

He added: “Agents are making the calls telling him you’re going to get a big move, it’s your big chance. Of course, he’s going to get distracted by that. No criticism of him whatsoever. We support him and he wants to play and I support Dean and the way he deals with it. The whole system is completely crazy. He was meant to be involved today and then he gets a phone call. It changes our plans completely.The whole thing is ridiculous. We’re looking ahead to next week – what are we going to do then? We want to pick our best players. We’re paying our best players to play a big game.”

West Ham are thought to have made a offer of £9m for Hogan with £4.5m of potential add ons. The deal is thought to have been agreed in principle but the West Ham board are still awaiting final approval from Slaven Bilic.

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Andy Carroll speaks about his goals

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Slav speaks about away win, Ogbonna, Fonte and Payet


Report: Marseilles face French rival for Payet

payetWest Ham are this morning reported to be considering  a possible loan deal which would see Dimitri Payet join French outfit Nice .

Nice lead Ligue 1 and are believed ready to make an offer after the Irons again turned down Marseille’s on the ‘cheap attempts’ to get the playmaker.

The deal would see West Ham, offload his £125,000-a-week wages. and carry other encouraging possibilities. It gives him  his return to France, and should Nice win a Champions League place, the Irons could land a big bonus on such a clause in the deal.

And were Nice to attempt making the deal permanent in the summer it would take the ball out of Marseilles court or at the very least set up a bidding war which would push the price upwards.

Nice were taken over by Chinese and ­American investors last summer and still have significant funds after bankrolling moves for the likes of Mario Balotelli to the club.


Fans respond to hero Ogbonna’s injury blow

Angelo Ogbonna will miss the rest of West Ham’s season as he heads of for knee surgery.

He has played through the pain barrier all year and given his all to the cause at a time when a certain Frenchman has simply more or less walked out.

ClaretandHugh FB forum fans at https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ have given their views.


Angelo_Ogbonna_BGR-ITA_2012O He will come back much stronger
O Good commitment Ogbonna playing through the pain COYI
OHope to see you back soon Ogbonna ⚒⚒
O Now will people stop the criticism of signing Fonte
O Brave lad would explain a few moments possibly
OSome have been slating him thou not realising he has been injured
O Thanks Angelo – you really are a Hammer.
O At last the Fonte singing adds up. Not that I don’t rate him, just didn’t understand it until now. COYI.
O Very bad news has been a great centre back  since signing hopefully he comes back even stronger!! Forza Ogbonna
After the Payet saga, this is a pleasant reminder that we do have players that are committed to the Club, the fans and each other.
O Really puts things into perspective when you have lazy and ungrateful Payet getting paid bucket loads stropping around while Ogbonna has played injured for the whole season and giving absolute 100% and playing well without a single complaint. Anyway I think it’s made it clear why we bought Fonte.

I’ll take one Ogbonna for 100 Payets!

Angelo_Ogbonna_BGR-ITA_2012So Angelo Ogbonna has played through the season with a knee injury which needs surgery.

He played with the help of pain killers, never flinched a tackle, had the odd moment of uncertainty of course but by and large always produced a minimum six out of ten performance.

Now we know the situation he’s been living through he can take on Hammers hero status – that’s what proper people do -give it all to the club and the fans.

He’s a great lad and a terrific player and everyone over here at ClaretandHugh wants to thank him for his brilliant efforts given some worrying circumstances and wish him the speediest of recoveries.

Compare the professionalism and dedication of ‘Oggy’ to a certain French player who has gone sulking back to France from all accounts after almost making Judas look like a good guy!

He was given the world, indulged and issued weasel words about how much he loved the fans and the club before kicking every single one of us in the balls.

So Payet reckons he has personal problems – Oggy had one which saw him putting his career on the line perhaps every time he ran on the pitch.

Keep your so called geniuses…I’ll take one Ogbonna for 100 Payets.


Brave Ogbonna out for rest of season

Ogbonna1Angelo Ogbonna is our of action until next season.

Ogbonna featured in  today’s win over Middlesbrough but must undergo an operation to correct a problem he has been carrying for the whole campaign.

Slaven Bilic said: “I have to praise Angelo Ogbonna, because he has played the whole season with an injury.

“He needs an operation on his knee to be fit long-term, and it was supposed to be a couple of weeks but we asked him to play.

“Ogbonna will now have surgery after today’s game which will rule him out until the end of the season.”


Bilic well happy and AC is “all good”

BilicberrySlaven Bilic’s smile is firmly back in place after another fine performance from his happy Hammers.

After victory at Middlesbrough the boss said: “It was a good week for us after Palace, the confidence we played with, and we used that momentum to come here and put out a strong performance and get three massive points.

“Week in, week out he (Andy Carroll) is a brilliant player. Not only goals. He makes an impact with his presence. His work rate is quality and he is unbeatable in the box. It is very hard to stop him.

“He loves it. He gives you everything. Hopefully he is going to stay fit.”

Mark Noble was forced to hobble off in the second half and Bilic said: “We have to wait to see the results of a scan, to lose the skipper who is a leader and a mentor in the middle, he keeps the team in shape, it was a blow.

Carroll revealed: “I didn’t train all week and had a couple of days off, so I didn’t want to risk anything.

“I’m all good, looking forward to the next game. The lads played well and the goal at the end to kill the game was fantastic.”