Aaron Cresswell Stats

Aaron Cresswell Stats: An In-Depth Look at His Football Career

As a mainstay in the West Ham United defense, Aaron Cresswell has proven himself to be one of the most reliable and consistent performers in the Premier League. This detailed analysis aims to capture the essence of Cresswell’s contributions to his teams over the years, providing a deep dive into his performance metrics that reflect his value on the pitch.

Early Career and Foundation

Aaron William Cresswell began his professional football journey at Tranmere Rovers after departing from Liverpool’s youth setup. His performance at Tranmere showcased his potential, leading to a successful stint at Ipswich Town before moving to West Ham United in 2014.

  • Tranmere Rovers (2008-2011)
    • Appearances: 70
    • Goals: 5
    • Assists: Not commonly tracked

At Tranmere, Cresswell began honing his defensive skills, which paved the way for his future success in higher leagues.

  • Ipswich Town (2011-2014)
    • Appearances: 138
    • Goals: 6
    • Assists: 20

His tenure at Ipswich was marked by his durability and his burgeoning reputation as a set-piece specialist, contributing significantly to both defensive stability and offensive opportunities.

Premier League Career at West Ham United

Since joining West Ham United in 2014, Cresswell has been a fixture in the team’s lineup, known for his resilience, tactical intelligence, and free-kick capabilities.

  • West Ham United (2014-Present)
    • Premier League Appearances: 250+
    • Goals: 10
    • Assists: 25+
    • Clean Sheets: Part of 60+ (as part of the defensive line)

Season-by-Season Breakdown:

  • 2014-2015:
    • Appearances: 38
    • Goals: 2
    • Assists: 4
    • Named “Hammer of the Year”

Cresswell’s debut season at West Ham was nothing short of impressive, playing every minute of the Premier League campaign and quickly adapting to the rigours of top-flight football.

  • 2015-2016:
    • Appearances: 37
    • Goals: 1
    • Assists: 4

In his second season, Cresswell helped guide West Ham to a 7th place finish in the Premier League, their highest in several seasons, and qualification for the Europa League.

  • Significant Seasons Post-2016:
    • Consistently appeared in 30+ matches each season
    • Contributed to West Ham’s dynamic defensive and offensive plays

Key Performance Metrics

  • Crossing Accuracy: Cresswell is known for his exceptional crossing ability, consistently ranking among the top for crossing accuracy, which has been crucial for setting up goals.
  • Defensive Actions: Averages around 2-3 tackles per game with a success rate of over 70%, alongside numerous interceptions and clearances.
  • Set Pieces: Has scored multiple free-kick goals and regularly assists from dead-ball situations.

European Competitions and International Appearances

Cresswell’s ability to perform has not just been limited to domestic competitions. In UEFA Europa League and Europa Conference League:

  • UEFA Appearances: 15+
  • Goals: 1
  • Assists: 3

His international experience, while more limited, has seen him put in solid performances for England, adding to his repertoire of experiences at the highest levels of football.

Legacy and Future Outlook

As of 2023, Aaron Cresswell remains a pivotal figure at West Ham United. His consistency, leadership, and ability to perform in crucial matches continue to endear him to the fans and cement his legacy as one of the club’s most reliable players in recent history.


Aaron Cresswell Stats not only highlight his role as a cornerstone for West Ham United but also reflect his evolution as a premier defender in one of the world’s most challenging leagues. His ongoing impact at West Ham is a testament to his skill, dedication, and passion for the game. For more insights and continuous updates on his performance, keep an eye on Aaron Cresswell’s detailed profile.

This comprehensive page serves as a rich resource for fans and analysts alike, offering a deep understanding of Cresswell’s statistical contributions over the years and encapsulating his journey and evolution in professional football.