West Ham Player Rating Page

We partnership with Zebra metrics to rate the players after each match.

The plug-in below will allow you to have your say, rating players, the manager and the ref after each and every Premier League game.

Over the course of a season, these ratings will at long last give you, the people who matter, a voice in the public debate over who is playing well or not. After all, why should we allow a handful of pundits on TV, press and radio tell us, the hard core fans, what to think of the players.

All you will have to do after ever Premier League game is expand the new plug-in below and select the players you wish to rate.

You will have 5 hours from the final whistle to submit your player ratings and compare them with your fellow fans! So get registered and have your say!

An app is coming soon that will allow you to earn points by predicting lineup and rating players. These points can be redeemed for goodies!


2 comments on “West Ham Player Rating Page

  1. Not working for me, no option to click on a player to give them a rating.

  2. ok fairly screwed up you can only rate 3 and it’s not intuitive that you have to click on the zebra popup again!

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