C&H Exclusive: Kudus DOES have £85M buyout clause

Image for C&H Exclusive: Kudus DOES have £85M buyout clause

Claret & Hugh has learnt this morning that Mohammed Kudus DOES have an £85 million buyout clause in his West Ham contract. A well-placed club source confirmed to C&H that Kudus insisted on including the clause, and it was essential for the completion of the transfer.

The buyout amount mirrors that of Lucas Paquetá, but the specific timing and conditions around triggering the clause remain undisclosed for strategic reasons. It is believed that a narrow window exists during which the clause can be activated, so West Ham have understandably withheld detailed information in an effort to try and retain the player.

Despite the clause, any club can make an offer for Kudus at any time, though West Ham insists he is not for sale. The Ghanaian has had a fantastic first season at the London Stadium, and many within the club are eager to see how he performs in a more possession-based team under Julen Lopetegui next season.

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  • D.f.butcher says:

    How are we supposed to build a team if we get players with buy out clauses, soon as they prove good it’s goodbye?

    • Chris says:

      Unless you are one of the super rich clubs contracts like this are the only real way clubs like ours can attract players of this calibre and whilst it may not be the best the fact that they come showcase there talents and possibly move on it can work well for us…….firstly other players of a similar standard will think yes i can go there and showcase my talents for a bigger club….secondly we make a very nice profit on such players that can help us build on our woefully underused academy players and help in there development by being around such talent.
      If you look at Real Madrid/Barcelona/PSG/ etc most of them have players with buyout clauses inserted into contracts so it is nothing new.
      Finally players come and go that is football but in this instance as in Paquettas as well the club will not get shafted finacially for once.

    • Gary.whitford says:

      It’s the way of modern football,buy low sell high and repeat

  • Sydney C says:

    You’re spot on Chris. But I would add that if you follow this identify and buy talent early, develop, sell with high buyout clause eventually enough of the developed talent stays around leading to more success which attracts better players, and on and on. Of course, this all relies on a well funded , well managed club. Kind of where it all falls down for West Ham.

  • Alan Smith says:

    At least we get a full season out of world class players and you never know they may just stay on for another season

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