West Ham have a left back problem

The left back position at West Ham has become a bit of a problem.  Arthur Masuaku has shown he is more of a left sided winger than a left back and his defensive frailties were shown up yet again as he stood by as he allowed Murray to score again against the Hammers. Manuel Pellegrini […]

Hammers signing of the season

When West Ham announced the signing of Polish goalkeeper Łukasz Fabiański for £7m many Hammers fans were underwhelmed, to say the least. They had been rumours of perhaps making a cheeky punt for Jack Butland and here was Pellegrini signing a 33-year-old from a relegated club in Wales. The natives were unimpressed! Many had thought he had been […]

Back to reality with a bump

It’s the West Ham Way to hold an unbeaten Chelsea, thrash Macclesfield 8-0 in the cup and beat Manchester United 3-1 four days later yet lose to an out of form Brighton the following week. We all know the drill by now! West Ham build up your expectations to lull you into a false sense […]

What a difference a week makes

I have just returned from Chicago and what a difference a week makes in the West Ham world.  Having missed home losses against Bournemouth and Wolves as I was on holiday in Spain and missing the Chelsea game at the London Stadium as I was on a stag weekend in Prague  I faced a diary […]

30,000 foot view of London Stadium mess

I am writing and publishing this blog 30,000 feet above the Atlantic ocean on a British Airways 747 thanks to their in-plane Wi-Fi service. Bored on my flight to Chicago I have been watching the webcast of the London Assembly Budget and Performance Committee from yesterday morning chaired by West Ham season ticket holder and […]

Rice should take the deal on the table

The Declan Rice debate rages on in typical Hammers fashion…if we haven’t something to worry about we’ll soon find something. But come on, the latest suggestions that Spurs are about to wait three years to land  the 19 year old  are frankly  ludicrous! While Rice has been amazing in recent games we are judging things […]

Hundreds of tickets remain for unsold for Chelsea

This weekend I am off to Prague for a fellow West Ham season ticket holder’s stag week so will miss the West Ham v Chelsea derby, after the recent news that up to 12,500 season ticket holders are missing from each West Ham game played at the London Stadium I decided to re-list my West […]

Where are the missing 12,500 season ticket holders?

The BBC freedom of information request on Premier League attendance figures confirms what many of us already knew. Although West Ham sell out each game with an average official attendance of 55,309 over 12,500 are missing each game despite having bought a ticket to attend. The BBC figures reveal: West Ham: Newham council says the average […]

What the playground squabble really means

The current standoff between London Stadium owners and West Ham could be described as a playground squabble with each party trying to get in the last convinced their position is right. Both sides seem to suggest the other one is misleading the public but who is right? First let me cover what they do agree […]

What an LLDC mess as they get it all so wrong again

LLDC CEO Lyn Garner got it so wrong in her first performance in front the London Assembly as she tries to blame West Ham for the Stadium woes! She listed four main issues why the London Stadium is losing money 1. Cost of the move of the seats (nothing to do with West Ham) 2.  Inefficient […]