Cresswell’s Redemption Song

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Aaron Cresswell’s post-match interview is a tale of two halves, mirroring West Ham’s performance against Wolves. While acknowledging the “deserved” win, his words also hint at underlying issues that need addressing.

Cresswell rightfully defends the second-half performance. The Hammers emerged a different team, controlling possession, creating chances, and ultimately securing the win. This revival raises a question: why wasn’t this the approach from the beginning?

His relief at the overturned Wolves goal and uncertainty about Ward-Prowse’s corner expose a streak of inconsistency. While these decisions evened the score with recent calls against them, relying on luck isn’t a sustainable strategy.

Cresswell’s call to use this win as momentum for the Europa League is admirable. However, their recent struggles raise doubts. Can they replicate the second-half performance against a tougher opponent in a high-pressure environment?

He also acknowledged the need to fight on both fronts, a stark contrast to last season’s Europa League prioritisation. This balancing act will be a major test for West Ham. They need unwavering positivity and a commitment to excellence in every game.

Cresswell’s intelligent interview is a mix of optimism and veiled concerns. The second-half performance offers hope, but West Ham needs consistency and a solution for their sluggish starts. Their European dreams and potential Premier League finish hinge on their ability to maintain this newfound momentum and translate it into a winning formula for all remaining matches.

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