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Selfish Hammers told to ‘grow-up’

Selfish Hammers accused of putting self interest above football 

Charlton co-owner Charlie Methven has laid into West Ham, accusing them of obstructing a funding deal between the Premier League and the EFL.

During a meeting on Monday, Premier League clubs declined to endorse a proposed £900 million pay-out package to support the rest of English football. Instead, they prioritised reforms to their own spending regulations.

Methven slammed Palace and West Ham for their “narrow self-interest” and urged them to “mature.” Speaking on talkSPORT, he stated, “There are a few Premier League clubs that are hindering progress and frustrating the rest of the industry by focusing solely on their immediate interests. Everything else is just background noise.”

“It’s well-known that Palace and West Ham are spearheading this resistance,” Methven continued. “It’s not yet publicly known which clubs they’ve persuaded to join their cause. If you talk to executives from other Premier League clubs, they share our frustration. They understand the bigger strategic implications of working with the public regulator.”

He further emphasised, “I would urge them to act more responsibly. They should remember that their clubs were recently part of the Football League and that their current position is not guaranteed forever. There may come a time when their clubs return to the Football League.”

West Ham-London Stadium_stadium-Hammers are accused of being selfish

Selfish Hammers? West Ham have been accused of blocking funding to the lower leagues

Selfish West Ham have forgotten their roots?

It has to be said that this is not a good look for West Ham. There has never been more money in football and much of England’s success is based on the club pyramid. It is becoming increasingly difficult for Championship clubs to compete in the Premier League and this will further widen the gap.

FFP has already stacked the odds firmly in the EPL’s favour. What we are starting to see now is a closed shop in all but name.


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