Sevilla Now Open to Selling

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Youssef En-Nesyri, a long-time target of West Ham United, could finally be available this summer as his contract with Sevilla enters its final year.

With En-Nesyri’s contract expiring in June 2025, Sevilla faces a decision. They can either sell him this summer and recoup a significant transfer fee or risk losing him for free next year.

West Ham, who have repeatedly shown interest in En-Nesyri for several years, are back in the picture. With the striker’s future uncertain, the Hammers may see an opportunity to acquire him at a more favourable price.

Sevilla reportedly wants €20-25 million for En-Nesyri, a significant decrease from their initial expectations. This suggests a financial need for the club, making them more open to selling.

The longer Sevilla waits to sell En-Nesyri, the weaker their bargaining position becomes. The Irons might be able to secure a bargain deal if negotiations drag on.

Also at 27, En-Nesyri’s market value will likely decrease as he ages. Sevilla understands this and now recognises the importance of selling him this summer.

So the saga continues !

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  • JB says:

    Lads I get that you’re a “ rumour site” but please stop recycling the same story over and over .

  • Ian thomas says:

    How about as a club,stop saying who your going for,as it never really happens till they are sat there behind the table with our beloved shirt on and a flag draped over their shoulders with a pen in hand!!!!!!also stop rehashing stuff over and over and over(I think you have my drift)COYI’S

  • Bullsh*tman says:

    Yaaaaaaaaaaaaawn ffs

  • JOHN says:

    This was my point the other day, and apologies to Gonzo for been rude to him! But, all this stuff on constant repeat is driving most of us mad lads, we have been linked to this player now for 3 – 4 years, please can you just use common sense and calm it down until we have actually signed a player, if we are to become a serious club no rumours should be leaked and sites like this shouldn’t print as it makes our targets public for the likes of spuds to take note of our hard scouting.
    There you go Gonzo, Simon, constructive criticism.

    • Martin Treasure says:

      Thanks, John. Apology kindly noted on Gonzo’s behalf..Constructive Criticism or otherwise.. it all gets read.

  • Ian says:

    So yesterday you reported that En Nesyri was definitely signing for Fenerbahce after Mourinho personally called him. Now Sevilla are open to selling him and we’re in for him? Proof that no one here knows what’s happening with our plans.

  • Lance Marsh says:

    Even if there were just a grain of truth in this, why would we chase a player whose best years are behind him? Did anyone from this site watch him in 2023-24?
    If we are serious about competing with Aston Villa, Newcastle, Brighton and so on for a top eight place, we need better. And on our budget we need to be smarter. We should be looking to bring young and hungry players who have great potential. No more Fodderinghams please.

  • Vote Tory says:

    FFS I’ve read this rumour so many times in the last month, and that’s all it is is a rumour. If it does happen C&H will say ‘we brought you the news first’ YEAH 50 f***ing times

  • Jase tucker says:

    These fake stories are mind numbing snore bores. Leave it out now

  • Morkus says:

    When we are repeated linked to the same player over a number of season Iand they never arrive I get suspicious they are just using us to get a better deal elsewhere

    • Martin Treasure says:

      Agreed, Morkus, or in view of the agent earnings in the Ben Johnson ‘free’ to Ipswich stories, just as likely the agents originate the stories to help ramp up interest and their subsequent earnings from their own player clients’ moving on.

  • Charlie Farley says:

    Whilst we are mug enough to be seduced by such clickbait, thus earning revenue for the writer, they will continue to produce this time-wasting drivel.

  • Morgan says:

    I would advice any moroccan football not to come to the premier league as it’s the graveyard for Moroccan footballers, West ham destroyed Nayef agrued. Chelsea destroyed ziyech, Southampton destroyed Boufal, Arsenal destroyed chamakh, Nan utd destroying Amrabat. You guys are to stay away from. Your retarded mentality of underrating the others are still stuck to you. Spanish League or Italian is the best. You think you are the best in the world, over rated league. While your national team is absolutely crap, hardly can beat any team.

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