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The perfect storm for an empty London Stadium

Poor football, low transfer spend & price hikes could mean an empty London Stadium

With season ticket prices rising at West Ham next season, the club could be facing a perfect storm that may lead to reduced matchday attendance.

As Sean wrote earlier, the Hammers’ price hike could range from 6% to 11% depending on the ticket. However, with uncertainty surrounding the manager’s position and a low transfer outlay, fans may be unwilling to risk a significant sum on a season ticket.

Band 6 season ticket prices start at £345, which is exceptional value by Premier League standards. At the top end of the scale, the 1966 tickets are £1720, which is a considerable amount of money, especially with people’s budgets becoming increasingly squeezed.

However, the application of Financial Fair Play (FFP) with profit and sustainability measures will mean that many clubs will be unable to spend lavishly. Whilst West Ham are not in as dire straits as some clubs, it’s likely that our transfer business won’t break any records.

West Ham fans leave the London Stadium early as West Ham were thrashed by Arsenal_An empty London Stadium could become a regular occurrence next season

An empty London Stadium could become a regular occurrence next season

Therefore, the prospect of limited signings, combined with uncertainty surrounding the manager’s future, could decrease ticket renewals. Paradoxically, David Moyes is probably the perfect man to manage a Premier League club on a shoestring budget. His pragmatic style of football would almost certainly ensure survival, and the board’s prudent spending should prevent any points deductions.

Unfortunately, the plans for the London Stadium to operate at an increased capacity have probably come at the wrong time. While thrifty accounting and pragmatic football might be beneficial for the football club, I doubt it will be enough incentive for many to renew their season tickets at an increased price.



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