West Ham Reject Spurs Bid For Bowen

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Football website HITC has reported that West Ham United swiftly turned down a transfer inquiry from Tottenham Hotspur regarding winger Jarrod Bowen. The validity of this rumour remains uncertain, and for now, scepticism seems warranted.

Jarrod Bowen, who has earned a spot in England’s squad for the 2024 European Championship, could feature in tonight’s match under Gareth Southgate.

Tottenham has been actively seeking to enhance their attacking line-up this summer, and it is reported that they reached out at a high boardroom level to discuss Bowen’s potential transfer.

West Ham, however, quickly dismissed Tottenham’s approach. The Hammers explicitly communicated to Tottenham that any further pursuit of Bowen would be futile.

Sources claim that West Ham set a staggering £150 million price tag on Bowen, suggesting they might be attempting to deter Tottenham by setting an exorbitant fee right from the start.

Interestingly, Danny Dyer, Bowen’s future father-in-law and a staunch Hammers supporter, recently expressed that Tottenham is the last club he would want to see Bowen join, adding a personal twist to the transfer saga.

At the moment it seems as if everyone is raiding the West Ham family silver.

Jog on Spurs, Bowen is going nowhere.

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  • steve stringer says:

    Nice story, unfortunately he wouldn’t get a game . Nice to see we still live rent free 😉

    • KBCD says:

      We don’t deal with the Spuds, made up story. More chance of him playing for Scotland in the next world cup!!!
      Plus he’d want to win something, no chance of that with *****

    • Bopper brown says:

      Mate seriously your teams a laughing stock in the premier league 😂

  • Kevlar says:

    Bowen wouldn’t leave west ham for the spuds! Real Madrid or PSG would be the only clubs that could afford him !!!

  • Steve Moore says:

    Why would he go there 🤷‍♂️ more chances of winning more silverware if he stays we he is ⚒️C.O.Y.I

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