Allardyce: “Difficult for me to play kids!”

OxfordSam Allardyce claimss the pressure of the current Upton Park situation will not allow him introduce young players.

With just two wins since Christmas and looking for an away win (at QPR) as their first since beating  West Brom at the Hawthorns in December, team and manager are under fierce pressure.

It’s been suggested here and elsewhere that with no relegation on the team, Allardyce may have had the opportunity to blood some kids or squad players a chance.

However we can forget that such as  Diego Poyet, Reece Oxford or Reece Burke may get even a sniff.

Explaining his position @ London24.com the 60 year old manager said: “It is always difficult for me. If we were in a better position with our results it would have been a good thing to look at the odd player.

“But the pressure with us at the moment to get results means it would be difficult for me to do.

“If you put a youngster in and lose you get criticised, the youngster might get criticised, so it is difficult.

“Or play all your youngsters in the FA Cup and get slaughtered for it. You say ‘we don’t give youngsters a chance’ but you give them a chance, lose, and get slaughtered for it.

“You can’t have your cake and eat it.”

West Ham are still without Diafra Sakho, Andy Carroll and James Tomkins for their trip to QPR and Guy Demel is also a doubt.


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34 comments on “Allardyce: “Difficult for me to play kids!”

  1. I honestly didn’t think Samuel Allardyce could get me any more annoyed with him than I already was. I was so, so wrong. Words fail me. Not gonna pick through his statement, because there’s just too much here to criticise. Lord save us from this tactical genius.

    • This man is beyond a joke now,he worries about the criticism yet he doesn’t listen to the disgruntled voices week in week out about his teams inept displays his use of substitutes his tactical ability. The amount of players he has thrown out the door because they didn’t meet his so called formula to be replaced by signings such as diarra,pogatatz,Johnson to name but a few but he fears that young talent with ability will be criticised. The fact of the matter is he hasn’t,can’t or wants to develop our youth because that would mean there is a West Ham Way the one thing he doesn’t want to exist because that would prove he was wrong!! I thought the era of Macari,Roeder and Grant was bad but the common theme was they were removed now owners remove this outdated,disillusioned so called manager from the club give us the fans back our West Ham and our traditions of development.

  2. Oh and as for your site starring out my username; come on guys, are you going to call our legendary defender, Julian ****s?

  3. Sorry Hugh for this expression, but BFS is just an incredible IDIOT.

    “If you put a youngster in and lose you get criticised, the youngster might get criticised, so it is difficult.”
    “It is always difficult for me. If we were in a better position with our results it would have been a good thing to look at the odd player.

    BFS, I really hope you read my post: you are pathetic and coward.

    Now he justifies himself by saying that young players might get criticised if West Ham loses a game. What a pathetic excuses, saying this he seems to be altruistic towars youth.

    Please dear sophisticated BFS answer to these questions: do you really think players like Cole, Nolan, O’Brien, Demel are better than youth players? What is their added value for West Ham? Their experience , their quality?

    The truth is that you are limited manager and peole aren’t stupid.

    I’m not buying into your little drama, old man, the time for your ridicuolus excuses has passed.


    • *sorry : young players not youth players, / people not peole / pathetic excuse not excuses / towards not towars… 😉

  4. Here in a nutshell is why his time is up. How can we possibly be known as the Academy of football with this man in charge. His only use of our youth players was in his shameful exploitation of them at Forest last season in the cup. Surely the time to blood the youngsters was when it became obvious our unlikely Euro spot attempt was over and how has he got on using the past their sell by date players and tactics since December. Once again he is ruining the confidence of the youngsters and insulting the fans intelligence,the sooner he goes the better.

  5. I am sorry to say Sam that I am in total agreement with these guys. You do need to give youth the opportunity when the first team squad are not performing. We have no strikers at present so bringing in some young blood (Reece who is knocking in for fun at junior level) would gain some great experience in playing. Get him in the starting line up see how he goes for the first half, if it is not working for him change him in the second. All us West Ham fans would say is, at least you are giving them a chance.
    Big Sam with this arguement you just do not make any sense. I have been a supporter of yours because you have done what the board have asked of you season after season, and I feel that your contract should of been until we are settled in the OS, but even I am losing faith and feel you cannot take us any further espicially when you come out with these lame excuses week after week.
    Thank you for all you have done for us.
    Kind regards.

  6. Wow this guys a proper joker who never fitted in with our club, fans or traditions & after 4 years he has not even tried to become part of our club…

    Jog on Sam I find you a total embarrassment

  7. Cant agree more with the comment from syland. I am neither pro or anti BS but the side of me that tends towards anti is to a great degree stoked up by precisely this black and white and frankly ignorant sort of comment. If WHU had been pushing for a European place you just know he would have used a similar argument to not risk young players and probably understandably. The reality is that the present situation is probably about as positive a one as a manager will get to blood the odd youngster for part of a match. Lets be honest if for example if Poyet is so much worse than Nolan that he daren’t risk him even for small periods then either Poyet has virtually no chance at the club or you have to accept that BS is so stubborn that he won’t see the obvious.

    Sadly though the bigger picture is that few of the younger players are actually up to the job or are still very young and in the case of Burke and Oxford exceptionally so for the position they play. The fact that we have had few options for the ‘older’ youngsters to come in and do a job second half of the season is one of the fundamental reasons that performance of the team has plummeted with neither a fresh pair of legs to take the weight off or the competition to keep first choice players honest in their endevours. That has to change but in itself is partly down to until last Summer no real effort was made to bring in such players of sufficient quality to play that role as they developed their skills. Poyet has been the exception yet even he has not been deemed capable of filing that role yet by BS.

  8. A big part of bargaining power to get these kids to sign for us rather than the top six is ‘you will get games for us instead of lingering in the reserve teams’, we are breaking promises and other potential talent will know this and take their chances elsewhere

  9. He didnt mind making fools of the lads at forest though did he.This guy really just isnt worth wasting too much column space on.Just one pathetic statement after another.All just self-serving & little to do with the future of the club.Can playing Poyet in a couple of matches harm the teams perdormance anymore than they have been playing recently anyway.

  10. Just shows that this dinosaur really doesnt understand things.Most fans would have no issue with us losing if he did in fact play a youngster or two.We would appreciate the situation & what was trying to be achieved.People get far more frustrated seeing someone like O’Brien or Nolan coming on for a striker or an attacking midfielder than we ever would do if we saw that something was trying to be done for the future of the squad.This is yet again just Sam covering his on ar*e & little to do with team development.This is an ideal time to give Poyet some minutes,we wont go down,cant realistically qualify for europe via the league.We are comfortably midtable.When do you get an opportunity to try him out if not now? I despair of this man sometimes.

    • Agree Rads, 15 minutes at the end of a game probably wouldn’t affect things too much, looking at his ‘safe play’ in the end of the last 5 or 6 games hasn’t actually covered us in glory has it?

  11. Oh the joy of reading another of Sams amazingly knowledgable statements.How i look forward to this for another two years if he is retained.Bland,boring football on the pitch & Sams lame excuse ridden media jaunts.What an amazing way to say bye to UP & hello to the OS,fun times for all.Not!!

  12. This lame statement today from him is going to do him long term damage even in the minds of some of the most loyalist Sam fans.He is basically throwing out what many fans of our club try to embrace.People will read this & realize that he cares little about our youth development & giving kids a wee bit of playing time to intergrate & bring them on.He is just yet again trying to cover his own ar*e.A standard policy in Sam Land!! Pls Davids for the sake of our club & our youth development rid us of this fool.The kids are wasting their time at our club & soon they wont come to our academy because of it.They will shoot off down the motorway to Southampton were they will be given an even break.

    • I am one of those that have defended Sam a lot this season (wouldn’t call myself a loyalist as I have always acknowledged his faults – but have stuck up for him). However, even I cannot defend this statement. Safe from relegation is the perfect time to blood a couple of younger players, they could be the catalyst to turn the poor form around as they will want to impress and should be full of youthful energy. This is definitely one of the reasons why I am now hoping that his contract is not renewed at the end of the season.

  13. An oxymoron from the moron.

  14. Same old contradictory, conceited drivel he has spouted with arrogance from day one.
    Just do one and give us our club back.

  15. The minute we dropped out of the top 6 and our form had gone he could have played the youngsters instead of breaking up the
    Kouyate Song defensive duo to play Kouyate as central defence he could have used Oxford or Boothe,when Song was struggling after his trip to Africa and Kouyate was injured he could have used Poyet,at the beginning of the season instead of sending Lee out on loan he could have used him as backup forward instead of Cole,
    Plenty of chances but same old excuses,
    Why do people want to interview him he just wants to wind us up.

  16. No matter how many times you read this looking for any logic it is impossible.He doesnt want kids to be critizied if we lose but was willing to let a whole squad of them be sacrificial lambs at Forest last year.He is losing the plot.He is tying himslf up in contradictions.He doesnt want to play the youngsters for his own good,to try & squeek a win to take the pressure off himself.It has nothing to do with protecting young players or the good of the club! He has scored a real own goal this morning! 😉

  17. So if our results had been better he would have played young players ? Of course he wouldn’t, because without our current slump we’d still be in the hunt for a European place or even CL by being around 5th place in the table and that would have been reason enough for him NOT to play oung players.
    He cannot play young players NOW because we need to finish as high as possible as that might get us another million or two to spend on new (older) players.
    And he won’t play young players in preseason because the other players need to gel with those that are likely to be in the starting eleven most of the time to build some chemistry.
    Like in every aspect of his managerial reign Allardyce has an explanation and excuse for everything which is what makes him such an unlikeable man, at least as a manager.
    Him holding his hands up and admitting “I got that wrong. I messed up. I shouldn’t have done that. I made a mistake here.” would go a long way in gaining at least some respect from a lot more fans.
    It’s nigh on impossible to sympathise with a man who behaves like that.

  18. This guy sends me ballistic sometimes,lol,if people cannot grasp that this guy does not have even 1% of our club in heart,nor the wellbeing of this club in the future in his mind they are deluded.I dont expect managers to have some deep affection or affinity towards the clubs they manage,but this guy doesnt give a damn about this club.He is just happy to pick up his 3m a year not give a f*ck about us.When he leaves we will see what he thinks of us,because im sure he wont be able to keep his arrogant mouth shut & will soon be airing his views on Irons supporters & the club & im pretty sure it isnt going to be too complimentary.Put a gagging order on him,starting from this afternoon!! Im sick of reading his pathetic excuses & self-serving rubbish.

  19. This statement this morning just shows how far removed he is from understanding the majority of Irons fans.He has no connection,he doesnt understand that we would embrace & probably to a point respect the guy for giving some youngsters some game time,even if only 15mins.It would also take the pressure off him more than trying to go to QPR to respect the point.If we went & lost intergrating one or two kids i would be accepting of it without a problem.He would have lost but at least it would have been because he was trying to do something for the good of the team for next season or the future.Would i have moaned after gong to Loftus Road & maybe losing if Poyet or Burke had been in the team.Not at all.Will i have a moan up if we go their & play like a team looking for a point at all costs & lose.Damn right i will,lol 😉

  20. It is incredible what rubbish this man can allow to come from his mouth.What a plank.Aint even worth talking about.You have all you need to know abot this idiot in is own words! Jog on Sam,we have had enough of your bullsh*t & excuses!!!

  21. Apart from his last pathetic ridiculous and poor excuse, it makes me mad that he never admits when he’s wrong (which is always). I have heard many great managers like Ancelotti, Simeone, Benitez, etc. say “It’s my responsibility how to solve the problem” or “This was my mistake”. Instead Mr. Nobody is always entirely blameless: bad luck, injuries, referee’s mistakes, too many matches all at once, bla bla bla.
    That’s the attitude of a loser, the attitude of man who perfectly knows his has nothing to show but excuses to cover his fat a*s.

    BFS, actions speak louder than words.


  22. He has totally messed up this time Matte.His stupid comments this morning have even p*ssed off some of his disciples.Even they see the lunancy of this statement & total lack of common sense in it 😉

  23. ahaahah… no! that’s impossibile, that’s absolutely impossible! The disciples against King Sam? It’s because the apocalypse is coming… lol


  24. Just read his column in the evening standard and now the players have got to take responsibility as well as him,a tradesman does not blame his tools BFS,
    And you chose those tools,Nolan,O,Brien,Jarvis and Cole your tools,
    You chose to leave Alfitano,Nene,Oxford and Poyet in the tool box while you laid down chewing in surrender,
    How can our board let him talk to anyone,he inflames everyone and that can’t do moral any good,
    Garden leave is a must now

  25. Yes Bubs, honestly this poor man is becoming embarrassing not only for himself, but especially for the club. As you write, I don’t understand the owner’s attitude. I never saw a situation like this somewhere else…


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