Chelsea 5 West Ham 0: Player Ratings

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Areola:5 Forced into action twice in the opening 10 minutes. Looked totally dejected after Chelsea’s 4th. Made plenty of saves  . . . too many.

Coufal:5 Got forward where possible but his crossing lacked accuracy. He tried which was more than can be said for some.

Zouma:4 Possibly unlucky for Chelsea’s second goal but Zouma played a part in both opening goals.

Ogbonna:3 Slipped for Chelsea’s opener. Most exposed for Chelsea’s 4th goal where Oggy lacked the pace to cover for Emerson’s error. I’m sorry to say it but he’s just not up to the pace of Premier League football anymore.

Emerson:3 Lost Madueke for Chelsea’s 4th early in the second half. Missed the goal completely with a chance from 8 yards.

Alvarez:2 Chasing shadows in midfield as West Ham struggled with Chelsea’s pace.

Soucek:4 Good block stopped Chelsea going 2-0 ahead and was very busy defensively. Lost the ball for the West Londoners 5th.

Paqueta:2 Neat pass early on created a chance for Kudus . . . that was about it until he played Emerson through in the second half. Bizarrely decided to turn on the style at 4-0 down. Embarrassing.

Bowen:5 Hit the bar three times and looked sharp. Criminal how we didn’t take greater advantage of his obvious talents.

Kudus:5 Given the graveyard shift as a holding winger on the left hand side. Looked to be in decent shape but it’s almost impossible for him to impact the opposition defence from this position. I felt so sorry for Kudus who tried his very best. But to ask him to dribble past numerous opposition players over such a long distance was a ridiculous task. Gave up eventually.

Antonio:2 Lost Silva for Chelsea’s third. Did nothing in attack.


Ward Prowse:6 Half Time substitute for Edson Alvarez. Forced a good save from a freekick.

Ings: 69th min sub for Antonio

Cresswell: 76th min sub for Paqueta 

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  • ricardo says:

    Embarrassing. Moyes = clueless?

  • Colin says:

    I totally agree that Moyes should go because of his tactics all season, but the players have to share the blame for that pathetic performance. No passion, desire or pride whatsoever.

  • Anonymous says:

    Please the blame lies with the incompetent owners not strengthening in jan selling players and undermining the manager how long do we have to endure Sullivan and the overpaid part time Brady

  • MkHammer says:

    West Ham have let 4 or more goals in on 7 occasions this season. They have won 4 in all comps since the start of the year. Why would anyone not think it is now time for a fresh change in the management at West Ham?

    L 4-1 at Villa

    L 5-0 at Fulham

    L 5-1 at Liverpool

    L 6-0 at home to Arsenal

    L 4-3 at Newcastle

    L 5-2 at Palace

    L 5-0 at Chelsea

    • K says:

      Is thst it csn yoj hive them any rating at all ..where is all thd be careful what youvwidh gor fans……wtf …? No football team , least a prem side should keep losing like can you be do blasé about it ….my god…no heart , no nothing…I mean wtf …again the results and goals we let in can this ve allowed to carry on…end of season or not the Scottish clown should of been sacked weeks if not moths ago..LET ALONE TODAY STRAIGHT AWAY….they don’t care any of them ..they should be ashamed to wear the shirt… careful what you wish for…😂😂 …well csn it get any worse….there should be something done right awsy a ****ing disgrace..I was expecting you with your contacts to get on the blower and say what99% of fans are long is this going to be allowed to go on.?. Ratings should all be 0 …are you kidding……each and every one didn’t deserve one word said about them ….and don’t get me started on thst Scottish clown…they will go home abd get there wages and won’t give a fuvk . And we’re talking about he made this pass or that save…OH MY FKING GOD AM.I THE ONLY ONE SEEING THIS ….ITS AN ABSOLUTE DISGRACE FROM THE TOP TO THE BOTTOM..bring on the protests..enough is enough…..what a privilege job they hsve abd you can see they just don’t care…..I WILL NOT LISTEN TO.THE PLSYERS EXCUSES OR APOLOGISES AS THRY ARD JUST repeating empty words …..****ing disgusting……ratings ffs. Oh my FKING days

    • Peter says:

      All I can say is come on Luton do your best to beat these scores. Cos I am sure man city will

  • John Lattimore says:

    One thing Moyes has been known for over the years is that his sides are always defensively solid and difficult to beat – what’s happened? I can only surmise that he’s “lost the dressing room”. The team no longer wants to play for a “dead man walking”. Such a shame after three largely successful seasons.
    Time for a positive change.

  • Brian says:

    Fair reflection on the player ratings.

    Thought Kudos tried, but was outnumbered every time he got the ball.
    Bowen? How often would a player hit the crossbar 3 times in a game and only score a 5

  • Jason says:

    I know Sullivan is waiting until the end of the season to make a decision, but I think we’ve lost three games by 5-0 or worse this season. Moyes has to go and Sullivan has to hire a stronger manager.

  • SD says:

    Do the right thing Moyes, and go now. The players clearly have had enough, no heart no passion, no idea of what you want. Yes we won things with you, but good teams build on that and move forwards, we have gone backwards, to the point where I hate to say it but I think Luton will get a result over us

  • George says:

    These defeats have been horrendous .The players have to take some responsibly ,but some thing is clearly wrong within the club to have allowed this go on almost unchecked . In the final analysis it ends up being the Manager who carries the can .Sorry David ,thanks for all you have done but it is time to move on tosome one new .Lets hope we get it right

  • Russell Burke says:

    Should’ve got rid of Moyes in January when we sold players and didn’t replace them. 2024 has been dire.

  • Roger Jackson says:

    Time to move ON

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