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Chelsea back at the LS for night match

london-stadium-fansThe Premier League television fixtures have been announced for March, with Chelsea’s return to the London Stadium planned for the evening of Monday , March 6.

The two teams first played at the venue in the EFL Cup last October when the encounter was marred by ugly clashes between fans.

However, West Ham and London Stadium operators ‘LS185’ are confident that they will be able to deliver a trouble – free game.

They maintain that the Stadium has hosted seven incident-free games since that EFL Cup fixture, including a potential tinderbox 5.30pm kick-off against Manchester United this month.

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Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

11 comments on “Chelsea back at the LS for night match

  1. A bit of the old pot and kettle on the clucking chickens site.One of the biggest talkers of ******** saying this place talk ********.the mush must be banned from here the toerag is always running this place down.

  2. Whats new mate,some of them have a superiority complex.Its old news,its been the same for two or three years.Water off a ducks back 😂😂

  3. I suppose clucking chickens will never stand a chance against rabid dogs anyway, even if they should be chickens feeling superior. I doubt it’s true though.
    You read too much into it, it’s a bloody forum, don’t take it too seriously.
    Shouldn’t we focus on club issues rather than picking fights with fellow fans?
    Both sides actually.

  4. The irony is clearly lost on the poor fella if he doesnt realise that they spend about 18 hours a day waffling & talking boll**** based on media output Lol

  5. Lol H,i said some not all.I dont even read your bloody site.Aint for ages,i dont have time in my life with the little one now.So dont you come over here like a bloody big rooster laying down the law 😂😂

  6. Sorry hammy just saying it as i sees it.the same as i think they are talking bullcrap about Snodgrass and if i had a profile there i wouls tells them as much

  7. Fingers, you are talking as if THEY were one entity which isn’t the case at all.
    I think you will find that those posting on WHTID rarely agree on anything.
    Of course there are some with very particular and strong opinions, yes, some, including myself, may even say ridiculous or bold things sometimes.
    But is that so much different on C&H?
    When I read on here I always see someone posting a strong opinion and others jumping in challenging that guy.
    I still wouldn’t dream of insinuating any of those might have a superiority complex.
    It’s all a matter of different opinions, innit?

  8. HH with respect you need to stop coming on here and tellling people what to post. The wetties set themselves up for ridicule at times and if people here had an account on there they’d be quick to say so on their site. The wetties spend all day reading Hughies articles and then commenting on what he has said and then slag him off which is wrong in my eyes but then on the other hand we read the wetties talking utter bollocs and we feel a need to point it out. Look upon it as one big site. You really shouldn’t lose sleep over it.

  9. Talking of utter b******s I see West Ham are apparently “skint”now according to one unqualified brain over there. Presumably we will go into administration shortly and be deducted 15 points. This will plunge us into the bottom 3 and we so are clearly doomed. None of the reported transfer will happen so let’s stop discussing them. Doomed I tell ye.

  10. I gave up on WHTID long time ago, shame because I like and respect Ian but sometimes I think his is the only voice of reason over there.

  11. H is a lover not a fighter.He just has a blind spot when it comes to his mob slagging this place but then comes here to reprimand people on here about mentioning that place.His is a love affair with WHTID much stronger than the one Fat Frog said he had with West Ham fans 😍😂😂

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