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Eleven for the Hammers exit door!

So job done? No I don’t think so!

The relief is incredible but that we have Everton to thank for that via Tom Davies’ 96th minute goal is a tad ironic given the Allardyce factor and belief among some he would love to come and do us on the final day.

I have never been so pleased to see the back of a season. It’s been awful and absolutely everybody has played a part in that as extreme over-reaction has set in among the fans in the face of some boardroom decisions which beggar belief.

The hard work starts here and the starting point will be in deciding who goes through the exit door as we build for the future and there’s plenty of candidates.

In fact. it’s probably easier to name those who should stay and whether it’s Moyes or somebody else in charge big decisions have to be made and fast given the early closure of the transfer window.

So without further ado here are those I’d be looking to clear out of the Hammers squad this summer:

Hart and Adrian: No need for explanations other than ‘not good enough.’

Sam Byram: Far too many injuries and essentially not good enough.

Aaron Cresswell: A less than average season with his best looking behind him.

Reid – no longer an untouchable at the LS

Winston Reid: Like Byram, a regular on the treatment table and inconsistent when available – top central defender required.

Ginge: Sadly there’s no room for sentiment in football and age has well and truly caught up but thanks for everything mate

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Edi Fernandes: Has given us little during a reasonably lengthy run of games – he’s a four  out of ten performer

Mario: Lightweight and for me lazy who is far too easily brushed off the ball – where this £25 million tag come from I have no clue

Cheik Kouyate: We need better after a couple of very average or worse seasons

Michail Antonio: A question mark here. His body language hasn’t been right for a long time but that may be down to injury. He’s on hold until we see how he performs on his return.

Andy Carroll: I called for his inclusion against Leicester and got it wrong – time to move on for us and him.

It’s a daunting list but if this club is to move forward it needs the most drastic surgery and whoever is in charge must be brave and tell – not ASK – David Sullivan what has to be done.

Whoever is in charge has his work seriously cut out getting in and shifting out the right players and there will be no room for boardroom hype about £25m, £30m or £35m players.

David S needs to take a big step back, appoint his recruitment man and get on with things fast.

Then and only then will he perhaps persuade the fans that he’s serious with his various statements about the direction in which this club is heading

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About Hugh5outhon1895

Hugh Southon is a lifelong Iron and the founding editor of ClaretandHugh. He is a national newspaper journalist of many years experience and was Bobby Moore's 'ghost' writer during the great man's lifetime. He describes ClaretandHugh as "the Hammers daily newspaper!" Follow on Twitter @hughsouthon

15 comments on “Eleven for the Hammers exit door!

  1. Good post Hugh and I would add to that list mate and I would only keep Antonio out of it due to him having injurys and that at our club needs to be looked into too as other clubs don’t have as many as we do every season. So chich and hugil added in my book and we have a decent amount to get in some quality players especially if allardyce gives us that 25mill for cresswell so overrated and can’t defend to save his life. But before all this happening we need a quality young coach that isn’t moyes for sure. Only thing his done better than slav was to find arnies best position even though we all know he needs support not left on his own up front to do major damage. Imo

  2. If Tuchel is interested then give him a chance, other than that would give Moyes time with his own recruitment. I actually think Edi Fernandes will continue to improve, someone has to sit the kid down and improve his English, he has undoubted quality but he needs to bring some nastiness into his game, it is just football education he needs nothing more, as for Mario, yes he goes missing for a while in games but its his first exposure to the English game, jesus give him a chance, he has chipped in with some vital goals and assists, Antonio looks like he wants to move on, if the right money comes in flog him, Adrian I would like to see stay, I was enthusiastic about Hart but he looks shot, send him back to City. Ginge I would like to see stay, I think his character is required, as for the rest of them well if we can get good prices for them let them go so long as we have replacements in. I also want to see what our players look like with a proper Moyes pre-season.

    • Good posing there mate..
      Fully agree that Adrian, Mario should stay, but lets give Antonio sometime to recover.
      I’d go for the “Tuchel” anyday as manager- light years ahead of “Moishe”

  3. There is no sentiment in football “quote ” . I agree so why the hell isn’t Noble in your list ? Easily the worst player in the squad and probably in the league . Waited two seasons for him to bring something other than loyalty ,ie great speculative shot , but now time to go . Be remembered for the one thing you did right Noble , NOT THE HUNDREDS YOU DID WRONG !!!

    • It seems to me and a lot of others you have a huge bee in your ass about noble. He’s been far from the worst performer on the pitch . That goal he scored not only brilliant but fantastic in technique a truly great hit . You must be one very sad **** because every where I go you bad mouth noble every time. I suggest you get your self a life

    • I think that’s enough . If you have nothing other to offer than relentless criticism of one player please leave Bubbles. We are all a bit more grown up than that!

      • Well spoken Hugh and Mark West Ham Fan..
        He has had a reasonable season IMHO..
        Who will ever forget that ‘thunder from the sky goal” against Leicester? One for the strikers handbook!!

  4. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but your comments on Noble appear to be driven by sheer spite. Noble might be beyond his playing peak but he still made a valuable contribution this season and I suspect we may have been relegated without him. Just two years ago he attracted a full house at the Boleyn for his testimonial, which reflected the respect for him generally held by Hammers fans, irrespective of the extreme criticism he has subsequently received from some fans.

  5. Some of your comments are a bit harsh, Hugh. I don’t think Reid, Cresswell and Antonio will be leaving. Ginge is worth another year – as defensive cover, not sentiment. Andy Carroll? Well, if he can command a reasonable fee, then OK. Otherwise keep him for the last year of his contract. Andy might only give us half a season, but his inclusion makes a difference.

  6. OK, so here’s my tuppence worth….

    Manager – probably Moyes. He’s done enough to warrant a go with his own team. I hear the exotic names, but we all know how that will work out.

    Keeper – BUY! Need a new one. Gunn at Norwich, the Man U loan lad at Villa or Butland if he’s not stupidly priced. Adrian is still risky but worth keeping as a No 2 while Hart has just been an overpriced clown.

    RB – BUY! We just need to get one! Fredericks at Fulham looks favourite. Byram isn’t the answer, but Zabaleta has been a consistent performer and great character. I’d keep Zabaleta as a bench option to bring in when we need to close out games.

    CB – BUY! Reid out, Collins to get his badges and a place on the bench. Rice looks good and will get better. Ogbonna to stay and play, plus someone like Jonny Evans.

    LB – keep Cresswell. He’s not the very best, but it would ‘baby with the bathwater’ to lose him. Masuaku to drop back in emergencies.

    DM – BUY! Dendoncker or Carvalho. Can’t say we have one I can name to get rid of….

    RM – BUY! We need a new one. Antonio is going to be injured every season, so get him fit and offload him. A proper pacy right footed winger, please. Not Xherdan Shaqiri though – the slot of temperamental genius at West Ham is filled by Arnie.

    CM – BUY! Last season for Noble, who still irritates me with that poncy little turn after all these years. Sell Kouyaté – part swap for Dendoncker? – and keep Lanzini if we can. Buy Maddison from Norwich or Cairney from Fulham.

    LM – it’s Arthur (or by his real name, Fuka). No contest. And no spitting.

    CF – Where do I start? Arnie to stay, AC as the back up plan. Chicarito is too much of a passenger unless we start getting the ball into the box. And he loves a good sulk….. Lacazette would have been my first choice, followed by Mickey Bat****. If Batshuayi is available after his injury, I’d push the boat out for him again.

    Of course I’ve missed dozens out – but that’s my first cut.

    • Fair enough Demon, but who will pay the 200-300 million quid for the quality replacements?
      Must start off with some more generous and committed owners-think USA!!

  7. Good post Hugh, and I agree most of your observations. Antonio has to stay for me. Been far from his best this season but if we can get him fully fit, and get in a manager who gets him, then he can become a real danger alongside Arnie. I’d replace Antonio on the list with Zaba. Know you rate him but I just don’t get it. Too slow now, too often out of position and opponents now targeting him.
    And I’ve no axe to grind with Nobes, especially so after that screamer at the weekend, but it is time to move him on too. Both Nobes and Chek lack the legs now, they are over-run in central midfield week in, week out and we need younger legs in the engine room.
    Talking of which, there are a couple of players at relegated clubs we should be looking at. Jow Allen at Stoke is number one for me. Has both legs and creativity so bring him in. Won’t cost a fortune either. And Rondon for Carroll is the other. Again he will be available for a reasonable price and given the ball enough, his physicality and pace alongside Arnie and Antonio is a major improvement on what we’ve had this season.
    As for the rest, we need to replace another ten!!!!

  8. And so starts the ridiculous speculation and expectations

  9. Just for the records … No personal spite against Noble . Tries hard and loyal , bless , but just not good enough . We are overrun week after week in midfield and must improve . Quote .. no sentiment in football …. so lets get someone better and build a team . Goal keeper , centre back , central midfield , centre forward …. The spine of the team … What have we got …. Apart from Arnie none of them !! Doomed to struggle without these positions filled properly so Sullivan and co need to go and get someone in to invest . COYI .

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