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Ex-Ref Halsey Slams VAR for Costly Penalty in West Ham’s Defeat

Former Premier League referee Mark Halsey has ignited controversy by criticising the use of VAR in West Ham’s dramatic 4-3 loss to Newcastle.

The Hammers were cruising after goals from Antonio and Kudus overturned an early penalty conceded by Coufal. However, the tide turned when the hapless Kalvin Phillips was penalised for a foul on Anthony Gordon.

Halsey took to Twitter to express his disapproval, stating: “Not a penalty for me. VAR should never have got involved.” This response aligns with the general frustration amongst West Ham fans, who believe the decision was a turning point in the match, along with the substitution

Ex-Ref Slams VAR for Costly Penalty

West Ham supporters are fuming, highlighting the dramatic shift in momentum after the penalty.

The controversial decision, in their view, not only gifted Newcastle a lifeline but also swung the crowd back into the game, ultimately contributing to West Ham’s collapse.

Halsey’s comments add fuel to the fire surrounding VAR’s effectiveness. Many believe that instead of enhancing the game, VAR is becoming a source of contention and overshadowing the actual football.

Let’s face it the VAR Gods just do not like us and West Ham’s defeat has reignited the debate about VAR’s role in the Premier League. Was it a genuine foul, or did VAR overstep its boundaries? The controversy continues.


One comment on “Ex-Ref Halsey Slams VAR for Costly Penalty in West Ham’s Defeat

  1. The problem is not individual decisions, it’s the sheer number that go against us. It’s every game, yet every week we focus on the latest one and forget about all of the ridiculous decisions that have come before.

    Why is there no long term memory – no consensus? No identification of patterns? No accountability?

    Webb knows that he just needs to bat away the weekend’s decisions then everyone will calm down and focus on the next round of games. Rinse and repeat!

    Nothing will change while there’s no accountability.

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