Exactly how would you like Dimi to fall LVG?


Top ClaretandHugh blogger Pete Ellis has been casting his ironic eye over the weekend events at Old Trafford and clearly can’t handle some of the stuff coming out of the Manchester United camp but finds it impossible to suppress a grin.

As we all know, Sir Alex Ferguson loved a good bottle of red and it would appear that  LVG loves a good whine himself. The hissy fit from England’s most successful club is as laughable as it is ridiculous.
van-gaalFollowing Man United snatching a draw at home on Sunday, the club has done little but bemoan their bad luck to anyone that will listen. Even those PPI callers have hung up on LVG, such has been the man’s whinging!
My favourite quote post game, came from sloth himself: “Payet dived! (and before taking a breath, LVG continued…) Yes there WAS a little CONTACT, but you can fall another way….”
Just let that sink in. If you don’t grin a little, you’re a better man than me! Apparently Payet should fall a different way? Perhaps a reverse pike somersault, with a twist? Maybe star jumps would suffice? Or perhaps as LVG himself did he did on the touchline when making exactly the same complaint against Alexis Sanchez in the recent game against Arsenal.
In any case, would someone at the Carrington training ground should perhaps introduce Mr Van Gaal to Ashley Young? (If they can get him off the 10 metre board)!
Chris Smalling and LVG have squealed louder than that pig at David Cameron’s university initiation!
The replay will now be a tad more spicy, and did that United team look like one that was up for a scrap on a school night in the east end?
Did they frighten anyone?
Darren Randolph looked like he was on a sun lounger for most of the match, and seemed to move when Schweinsteiger gave him a nudge. Germans and sun loungers eh?
Regardless of the disappointment of not finishing the job, I think the replay is there for the taking. Focus West Ham, and you will get your chance at immortality!



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6 comments on “Exactly how would you like Dimi to fall LVG?

  1. Van Gaal dived. I’ve watched it & over & over again & i failed to see any contact.

  2. If I was sitting America counting my money that I had stolen off poor Manure fans,
    And watched our little Dutch excuse for a human laying on the ground then listened week after week to so much rubbish coming out of him,
    I would pick up a phone and tell the man that can to ditch him now fast and put Giggs in charge until Marinio takes charge
    Tell Ferguson and Charlton how great they were but now butt out and let another take Manure forward,
    Every day I just thank Christ we ended up with Slav

  3. All this crap is smoke and mirrors to take the dairy off their cheating for the equaliser. That don’t get a mention if they can keep our minds off it.

  4. At the end of the day , all we have to do is beat them to death at the old girl and put them in their place , let’s hope the cheats never prosper appraisal counts for a proper result ,
    Keep tabs on lingard and Herrera , these are Ashley young doubles , the team is littered with cheats and assassins , that’s how so called big teams prosper , plus of course the pre primed refs whenever these teams are close to a final, we moan about the whinging and the result , but have no doubts in you’re head when I say Atkinson cost us the match and more attention should be aimed at him and his hesitant to give a decisions linos and 4th official who imo is purely there for show ! They do nothing , they did two things IMO that needs addressing , they are either incompetent or cheats ! If it was the atmosphere that swayed the decisions he never gave then that is cheating also , make no mistake if those 2 decisions were for the mancs , they would have benefited by both !!
    Until there is a completely unattached referee performance panel with the power to punish poor referees and assistants then nepatism will prevail !! Wa##£#s!!!!!!

  5. There is certainly one place where the winging is going on and on…give it a rest,eh? Embarrassing! …although I loved Ohiord comment. Very funny

  6. Like it or lump it, we still are stuck with a relay we could well do without and it’s the kind of situation where we could easily lose to a single freak goal or more importantly pick up a serious injury, or worse still, both.
    Personally I’d rather we never had a replay and won’t relax until it’s over and we came through safely, whatever the result

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