Fans go crazy as Hernandez says “Yes”

So it seems that David Sullivan has landed the crown jewel this summer with the club announcing Javier Hernandez has agreed terms and will  for a medical next week.

The news came against all the instincts of many Hammers fans who expected another let down on the striker front but it now seems ‘The Little Pea’ is definitely on his way to the London Stadium.

Here’s how followers on ClaretandHugh’s Facebook forum @https://www.facebook.com/groups/363174467150521/ responded to the news

An absolute fantastic signing!!!! 
O What he’s not 33 or injury prone! Good job boys. Down to you Slav…
Where has all the moaning gone ?  Turning in to a fantastic window
Still need another striker.
O That is a fantastic signing get in
O Hopefully he’s got 15 goals in him!
O Brilliant to pull this off
O Delighted with this news
O Good, could be great signing…
O Just had a look on the official site. I think West Ham has just got about 2 million Mexican fans lol

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22 comments on “Fans go crazy as Hernandez says “Yes”

  1. Some Manure fans aint happy though,they hav gone all teary eyed reminiscing about their Little Pea & convinced he will score against them first game of the season.Bless ’em 😂

    • Bet Kevin has gone into mourning or is writing a strongly worded letter to the board to question the mistreatment that the Poppodom is receiving by no longer being the highest paid player or the number 1 striker at the club 😆😆

      • Poppadom will still be our No1 striker because he is unplayable on his day remember.He is the only one who single handedly keeps us up each season.Surprised you forgot that GW 😂

  2. Its only taken two seasons to work out Carroll cant be relied upon.It takes awhile for things to sink in but it gets in there eventually chaps.I am finally pretty excited to see a forward we have signed.Wow it feels like a miracle if he signs.

  3. ‘Fans go crazy’ is overstating it a tad – admittedly he’ll be a cut above our normal recruits and any improvement in quality is welcome, but let’s keep all the hyperbole under control.

    I’m just a bit confused about what our line-up will be next season – you’d imagine that Hernandez and Arnautovic would be automatic starters along with Antonio, but where does this leave Ayew? And Carroll? And Sakho? – are they all superfluous to requirements other than for the ‘impact sub’ role?

    What about Snograss and Feghouli? Are we going to get shot of them?

    The midfield looks a bit lacking in creativity – the main man is obviously Lanzini, and Kouyate can step up, but beyond that Noble and Obiang look a bit plodding – more drive and power are required.

    Lot’s of questions but at least things seem at last to be going in the right direction!

  4. Should the headline be..

    Fans are mildly impressed like Michael

    Yes that would be far better.
    Mind you if i had a boat like yours in your avi i wouldnt be be overjoyed with life either

  5. A lot of fans were having serious doubts with our transfer targets and ambitions . I was one of them and freely admit it . I am very happy to be proven wrong . Although I still consider it a lot of money I suppose that’s the way things are these days . Hernandez is an amazing signing and Anautovic is pretty good as well . Reckon we should hold to Feghouli though . Seems to be improving in leaps and bounds . Zabaleta is a great signing that most clubs missed out on or failed to recognize as a possible . Maybe we can start thinking of Europe again after this window . Just hope Slaven Bilic can keep a tight ship and sail on the choppy seas ahead with this new crew . Come on you Hammers .

  6. Wouldnt it have been easier to have not had a panic on in the first place Kev.It would have saved a lot of sleepless nights.
    Anyway time to go lay some bricks,hopefully not pink jelly ones 😂

  7. Smashing signing when it goes through.Lets hope for no last minute hitches.

  8. Take no notice of this lot Kevin. You stick with me in misery monger land & you will be ok. They won’t be taking the p*** when Hernandez is still waiting for his first goal in December & we are bottom of the PL. Who will be doing the jokes then eh?

    My wife said to me years ago ( just before she walked out)
    ‘Some people look at the glass& say half full, some look & say half empty. You look & ****** say ‘How do I know that’s really water in there?’ Bit harsh I felt.

    Anyway even me & Kev are struggling not to smile this morning. Just seenMourinho on the box claiming to be worried about playing us & saying even we are aiming to win the PL. I guess enjoy it while it lasts is the ting to do. Somebody explain to me how that works…..

    • Lol 64,youre in a great mood mate.its almost worrying,have you heard about an asteroid heading towards earth to obliterate us all 😁
      Yeah i read a piece a while back when moanie said he would have never sold Hernandez if he had been Manure manager.Anything that p*sses him off has to be a good thing 😂

  9. Come on boys credit where its due. A top class keeper a very experienced defender a great winger and now a great little goal scorer. This is exciting stuff for us. Im 42 and have seen many windows that have been a let down but at last the board are showing some good intentions. Lets start to dream. COYI

  10. Im well happy with the window if all these deals go through Gary so yeah i will give credit where its due.no problem there.
    I aint got time to criticise the board everytime they fart or sneeze.Got better things to do with my life 😀

  11. Its a rare feeling but a good one radai my optomism is high my gut feeling is great and i am actually buzzing. Dare i say europe. Yeah f#@k it EUUUUUROPE. Up the hammers.

  12. Are you sure it’s only one asteroid Radai. I have been having nightmares for months about a plague of the things. Expecting only one is way too optimistic.

    Yep owners have done well this time. could do with some depth to cover injuries but sides in our position are never gonna have two lots of top class players available. With a few cheap additions/ loans we should be ok.

  13. Nothing wrong with a bit of optimism Gary even if it does usually turn to rat shyt 😁
    64 dont panic it might only be one but its 3 times the size of the Earth so happy days for you.Its got Donald Trumps face on it so the rumour goes 😂😂

  14. The only asteroid hitting this season is little pea’s winner against man u. That will send shock waves through the prem. You heard it hear first on the claret and hugh.

  15. Radai-obliteration you can’t beat it!! Normally I get that from Guinness but if an asteroid can do the job that is fine by me.

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