Farcical Marshall loan deal ends abruptly


The loan deal of Callum Marshall to West Bromwich Albion has been terminated early.

Earlier today, ExWHUEmployee broke the news that the Northern Ireland forward was on the cusp of returning to West Ham and would be made available to the Hammers’ youth teams.

WBA’s social media account has since confirmed the breaking news, stating, “Callum Marshall has returned to parent club West Ham to continue his development with the Hammers.”

As part of the agreement, the Northern Ireland international can re-join Albion for the duration of his loan, if requested.”

Farcical Marshall loan deal ends abruptly -West Bromwich Albion-West Ham

West Brom’s social media announced the end of Marshall’s loan deal

This loan deal has been nothing short of a disaster. Marshall is a prodigiously gifted young player who deserved the chance to shine. The fact that he was loaned to a club that clearly had no intention of playing him raises some serious questions about the decision-making at West Ham.

Is it too much to ask that the Hammers’ best players are sent to clubs that will actually need and appreciate them? The last few months have been a complete waste of everyone’s time.

I have no doubt about the player’s talent, and the development squad will benefit from his return. However, the Hammers must seriously improve their loan strategy.

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  • Simon says:

    Once again one has to ask … who is responsible for seeing to the potential and opportunities afforded the West Ham youth.
    Over the last few years, with Moyes as 1st team manager we have lost a lot of potential youngsters, with possibly more to leave with Moyes not considering them at all.
    Then also what is Mark Noble doing? Twas glad when he was appointed “technical director”. But to date, we continue to see this horror continuing.
    Come on West Ham. Fix this asap.

  • John says:

    To say West Brom had no intention of playing him is ridiculous in the extreme.

    We didn’t have a single fit striker when he joined us. In fact, we only have our third choice striker fit now. When you consider that financially we were in dire straight, the decision to loan him wouldn’t have been taken lightly.

    Early on he was coming off the bench towards the end of games, and although that clearly is not enough to judge a player, he seemed well off the pace. Our manager was even preferring to play without a striker, and clearly felt Marshall wasn’t ready as then he wasn’t even making the match day squad. We were desperate for him to succeed as we still don’t have a regular scorer but obviously it wasn’t meant to be.

  • Anonymous says:

    Absolutely agree with John’s comment on this! Many young players are loaned out from the EPL and most grab the opportunity with both hands (or feet) but a few seem to think it is beneath them for one reason or another. I’m not saying that is always the case but there are a few that do and I can only speak for the Albion but Serge Gnabry, Daniel Sturridge, Scott Sinclair, Mateja Vydra spring to mind.

    • Tom says:

      Mmm might his attitude have been a factor, his dad thougjt he was too good to play for little albion apparently but hey ho and good luck to the kid

  • Klonker says:

    As I understood it, and it may even have been from this very site, WHU did not want Marshall to go to a championship side where he likely wouldn’t get minutes. It was MarshalL (or his representatives) that insisted on the WBA loan.
    It’s becoming predictable that this site will find any excuse to lay the blame for anything on the WHU management.
    Is it WHUs fault this site is unreadable on a mobile device because the adds make the text disappear as you’re reading a sentence?

  • Rob says:

    Hyperbole in this article to the extreme. As someone who watched him play multiple times, he just isn’t good enough (at the moment) for a top six Championship club. Even in a rotation capacity.

    A season-long loan for a mid table, or lower Championship team would be a good move.

  • John says:

    West Brom would have played him if Carlos Corberan was convinced that he would have made a difference. The one thing you can say about Corberan is that he gives every player a chance if they are up to it. He doesn’t have a fixed team, the team is always rotating and evolving. In short, if Callum had showed that he was at right the level, he would have played, if he had been anywhere near the level of Tom Fellows for example, he would be a regular.

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