Gold ‘There are no plans to sell Sakho’


SakhoWest Ham chairman David Gold repeated the club’s stance that there are no current plans to sell our top goal scorer. Media reports today suggested two unnamed clubs are said to be preparing bids for West Ham duo Diafra Sakho and Morgan Amalfitano.

Gold tweeted “There are no plans to sell Sakho. dg”

Two weeks ago it was reported that Manchester United had expressed an interest in Diafra Sakho but this was quickly denied by West Ham saying they have received no enquiries or bids for the striker adding he was not for sale.

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  • bubs says:

    Alfitano can go we have enough midfielders that are better,but if we sell Sakho we will need to buy 2 more and we can’t get 1 at the moment,
    But many will say if you can get £20 million for him and can buy Austin and another for the money let him go
    But I like his love of our club he has age on his side and I rate him better than Austin

  • ExPat_Hammer says:

    No, he’s a Hammer. Even though that picture is creepy.

  • Si Hammer says:

    Aint worth selling him.What are we going to get,12-15m max.Whats the point.

  • Green man says:

    If they do sell then Hernandez and 12 million. We can then get Austin aswell. Otherwise jog on Manu.

  • Dainon says:

    I wouldn’t sell him unless they paid well over his value, if we swopped him for Hernandez & 15m so we could get Austin then I’d be ok with that

  • Stingray Stewart says:

    They can sod off.He aint for sale.We will get about 16m tops for him,then we are screwed & need a new striker.Pointless selling him 😉

  • kevin says:

    Mank United can **** off . We are trying to build a squad for the future .. They are obviously worried about West Ham finishing the season higher than them . Which is a real possibility.

  • Stingray Stewart says:

    Love your enthusiasm Kev,but if we finish above Manure we will be in the top 3 or above to do that.There is more chance of me waking up in the middle of the night with Megan Fox on my face,lol 😉

  • bubs says:

    More chance of the geezer from foxy bingo Stingray,
    DG did not say we will not sell him only we had not planed to,
    If we get mentioned for anymore midfielders I will scream,

  • rugbyirons says:

    Hope DG isn’t fishing for a swap for Hernendez. We need another not a swap.

  • kevin says:

    Morning , stingray Stewart .. I see what you mean with the Megan Fox bit , nice thinking .
    I based my comment on the summation that Man Utd could have a stinker of a season .
    And West Ham have a blinder . Probably hoping for too much , but hey , where’s the harm .

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