Gold’s answer to the big errors

David-GoldIrons co chairman David Gold has been calling for technology on key decisions for a very long time and is back on the case after the shocking error of refereeing judgement at Stamford Bridge on Saturday.

He is not being reactionary as his pedigree on the issue goes back several years but he believes the time is NOW to make the change.

And he insists that it doesn’t need millions spent on high tech equipment but merely a second ref watching on television and passing down his judgement.

He said: “All that is required is another official watching controversial incidents and passing a decision to the on pitch official – the same as cricket.

“This is not a reaction. It’s a view I have held for a long time. There is so much pressure coming on referees and we need to help them and get these decisions right as often as we can.”


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7 comments on “Gold’s answer to the big errors

  1. Was it just me or were there even more outrageous decisions this weekend than normal , all favouring the so called top sides .?
    All you can put it down to is , in a word , bending the rules , cheating would be the obvious word , referees are manufacturing results at will and are unaccountable for there actions,
    This inevitably is the FA ,s fault and should be held accountable ,
    If we miss out on C/L football by 2 points the revenue lost should be paid in compo as the FA are the governing body who have not acted correctly or responsibly to correct the running of the game . If the FA can fine a club for even questioning a refs decision then surely a club can do the same for a wrong decision .
    It operates as a fascist regime where you do as you are told and not challenge a freedom of rights . If you get my guest ?? Its a disgrace and needs a challenge from every club in writing like the attack on the O/S to force a review to take the nepatism away from the governing body . At present they answer to no one , facistesque ,

  2. They use play back technology in Rugby Union to good effect , going over contentious decisions in a most forensic way in an effort to get it right . Making reviews in a football match by comparison would be simple and take only a few seconds ! This technology must be brought in now FA , FIFA , EUEFA lets start getting things right .Now that Blatter is out of the way lets leave no more room for corruption in football .

  3. This should have been introduced much earlier, I am unsure how long it will before the FIFA trials commence, if the video referee sees an incident which the referee has missed or got wrong he can quickly inform him, the referee can also if not confident or sure about a decision ask him to check it. Rugby show this in the stadium at first with football I feel this should not be the case, just the decision on the screen. Something has to be done about the two assistants they seem to be getting weaker.

  4. Something that would/could make an immediate difference would be the introduction of a third & fourth official running the line, so a ‘referee’s assistant’ would be on both sides of the pitch at all times. The chelski penalty was given because the ref was too far behind to see correctly & the assistant view was blocked by Reid. Having an official on the other side of play would have a clear view & the penalty would not have been given. This change could put into place instantly.

  5. Specsavers
    You buy one you get one free,
    It’s not the technology it’s the standard of the people running the game,
    Blatter and co at the top,then it goes down hill right to the Pundits,Managers and Players
    We need some real truth and honesty in our sport,
    Why does someone like Hiddink make himself look so stupid with comments about the Pen when he would have seen it on replay,
    Just be a man and say Yep it was no Pen

  6. All that’s needed is a screen and a two way mike , seconds and you have an answer, and also the time that is added on at the end of each half is also up for abuse , the clock on the screen should be stopped and re- started at resumption of play . Match ends when time reaches 90 ! At least an extra 2 minutes was played on top of added time v Chelsea because of the antics of Chelsea at the free kick . Point being what was done about the rumpus concerning Chelsea players , the Spaniard in particular , and who authorised the extra 2 minutes ? The ref did , and IMO refs should have that power removed from them as this could and has helped teams in the past gain an advantage , manc,s and Liverpool come to mind !!

  7. Ithink they are frightened of video footage because it would show refs as the incompetent, ageing, fools that they are. How many of them have actually played the game at a reasonable level, so know all the tricks to look out for? Idespair that a middle aged man who has no chance of keeping up with young fit players has the power to decide our team’s season. Plus the fact, they are not allowed to be criticised at risk of a hefty fine. Tyranny comes to mind. Not allowed to speak your mind for fear of punishment.

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