Gonzo gets the hump

Gonzo has got the hump in a very big way – or at least down to ClaretandHugh in a manner of speaking!

Our main partner was among the many who read our exclusive about The Stellar Group becoming a major player in the possible transfer of Maxi Gomez to the Irons.

Agent Jonathon Barnett – the player’s agent is set to – or is already bring – pressure on the player to commit to West Ham despite many suggestions that the Celta Vigo striker would prefer to stay in Spain.

That he demands pretty high commissions to work on behalf of clubs is pretty well known but there have also been the suggestion that he – through Stellar – can possibly decide a future destination of one of his clients regardless of the  players preference.

And it’s that above everything else that has really stuck in Gonzo’s craw!

Watch the video as our buddy gets himself into a bit of fuming!

The views expressed here are Gonzo’s and are not necessarily shared by ClaretandHugh 


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11 comments on “Gonzo gets the hump

  1. reported elsewhere:

    Jonathan Barnett has now spoken to Levante EMV after claims were made that Stellar want the €3m after paying €1m for Gomez to break with his previous agents less than a year ago. On that claim, Barnett has said: “It’s absolute rubbish and a lie.”

    On the general transfer, he said: “It all depends on who makes a sufficiently acceptable offer (to Celta). If the two clubs (Valencia and West Ham) meet that requirement, the player will decide. I’m not talking about the offer in terms of the player’s salary, because before that West Ham should agree with Celta.”

  2. More reports coming out of Spain are now saying ‘again’ that Gomez has told near enough everyone & his dog that he will still sign for Valencia. If this is true, please move on to other targets, It’s beginning to make us look desperate.

    Imho this drawn out saga, might make other players think twice over signing for us knowing they are 2nd/3rd choice.

    Thankfully it looks as if Rondon is following Benitez to China. I personally don’t rate him highly enough to take us to any other level except sideways or downwards.

  3. We should move on… wasting time hes nowhere near worth 35-45 million

  4. I understand I don’t like that agent & group are saying they can get him to come even if he prefers stay. Then there be the £50m fee w agent & clause & over £100k so if Chicharito was to leave he could be our highest earner depending on how much over.
    I like the lad but don’t want him if doesn’t want move is pushed into it then gets here wants to go back & then will lose a lot.
    Don’t know if true but just read from Spanish media via West ham forever he has given final decision & its Valencia

  5. If Gomez signs for WHU, it’ll be because he wants to.

  6. Completely agree with this article by Gonzo ? Why are the people that are doing this so called deal with the agency of Gomaz prepared to throw millions at them for this deal and Pi**ed about how much Rondon cost (a proven premier league player) ? Over allegedly, a few or couple of million for his release clause??? If we do sign Gomaz ,and he proves himself in the premiership which is a big question mark ??? How long before the big sharks in the premiership get to this guys agency in times to come, to do the same to get him to sign for one of them???

  7. That’s life , Gonzo . Could be a very dangerous signing anyway . Don’t forget the money isn’t exactly yours . Could be a blessing in disguise and give us the chance for a cheaper option with the same positive result . Pretty sure Pelligrini has more than One Iron in the Fire . Gomez would probably March on after a single season anyway . And just Why Gomez was so important is a mystery to most of us who never saw him play or even knew his name a month ago . Of course all opinions should be respected but , that’s only one opinion amongst many … love your article’s and dedication , a true Iron . But at some stage reality must set in .

  8. As always Gonzo !
    Another great post.. Hitting Nail on the head comes to mind. Hope see you next season.
    All the best
    Martin ..(Cornwall)

  9. According to other sources Gomez has decided to sign for Valencia. I have no issue with this and I wish him all the best. Where my gripe is, our director of football. Why would you waste so much time and money chasing a player who wanted to remain in Spain. We have lost Arnie and we are in a mess. We have not signed a striker, we have not signed a box to box mid, we have not signed a replacement for Arnie, we have not signed a left back. I have not got a clue what he has been doing all year. I am lost for words really and I have to say we have missed a huge chance to progress. We are now risking losing some of our other better players if bids come in and eventually we will lose our manager. Currently looking like a terrible mess with only a few weeks to go in the window. Also I am far from convinced on Fornals. I hope my fears are allayed and they know what they are doing but it is certainly not coming across.

  10. I hope we don’t get him. Smells of Payet all over again. I don’t reckon Rondon either. Mitrovic just signed a 5 year deal with Fulham. I wonder who else is available on their wish list.

  11. In the players defence he hasn’t openly said anything, I can definitely sympathise with Gonzo’s view though we shouldn’t be paying that kind of money for players that want to be elsewhere, having said that you would imagine Hussillos has already got the lay of the land, lets see what happens if the rumours are true about the release clause being triggered we shouldfind out in the next day or two.

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