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Groundhog Day for Moyes

Groundhog Day for Moyes who has ‘X’ games AGAIN

I guess I shouldn’t be as surprised as I am, but the news that the jury is out on David Moyes for the next few games is infuriating. However, it is nothing new, and we’ve heard it all before.

How many times have we heard, ‘David Moyes can’t afford to go three games without a win,’ or ‘the manager can’t lose four games in a row’? This is just more of the same; essentially, it’s groundhog day.

Moyes has a groundhog day scenario again

Groundhog Day for Moyes who once again has a few games to save his job

It’s precisely the same ultimatum, which will be followed by the same response. Because West Ham will win a game in February, and that will probably be enough to reset the counter. Nothing gets solved, nothing gets done, and the can is kicked down the road for a bit longer.

This rinse-and-repeat assessment of the manager suggests the board either doesn’t know what to do or won’t act. It certainly doesn’t instil confidence in the fanbase, who will be watching closely what happens at a club that appears to lack direction, foresight, and planning.

Short-term reactive solutions to a long-term problem will help nobody.


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  1. Hammers players do not want to play under Moyes anymore, simple. Also, we need new owners, new backroom staff. Brady needs booting out, ASAP, waster. Sullivan is a gutless owner who wraps Moyes in cotton wool. Club had it for now.

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