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Hammers academy gets a huge boost

Academy gets a huge boost with Earthy appearanceĀ 

The cherry on the cake for Thursday evening’s epic victory against Freiburg was the introduction of George Earthy.

I have felt for some time now that the Academy was in desperate need of some form of encouragement. Not in terms of kind words or faint praise, but encouragement that there might be a pathway into the team. It’s crucially important for the academy to know that the manager is aware of the young players who are on the books.

Academy gets a huge boost with the debut of George Earthy

Academy gets a huge boost with the debut of George Earthy

Nothing says that quite like a player getting game time on the pitch. David Moyes’ decision to give Earthy game time was huge. Make no mistake about it, there would have been a lot of young players and their parents watching the situation unfold with Divin Mubama. His imminent departure and failure to really break into the team would have had many questioning their futures at the club.

However, that will have changed now. There will be many now wondering if they’ll get their chance too. It might be Ollie Scarles, and it might be Lewis Orford, but they’ll now see opportunity where previously there was none.

So well done, David Moyes. I just hope he knows what a big impact he’s had on the mood of the Academy and continues to throw on a youngster or two.


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