Hammers showing relegation form

The official Premier League form guide shows that West Ham are demonstrating relegation form in 18th place just above QPR and Leicester City despite being 4th place in the Premier League on Christmas day last year. The Hammers have not managed a win in the last six games and only managed one home win in the past twelve matches. We have earned just eight points since Christmas day.

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15 comments on “Hammers showing relegation form

  1. Yeah but this is the stability we need to take us to the OS as the Sam lovers keep telling us.Keep Sam we stay up for the move to the OS.Wow,lets set our sights high then!.Time people realized we have as much chance of being in the crap with him as manager next season as without.In the last four years,apart from 4 months earlier this season he has given us total garbage to watch.His limited managerial skills can do as much damage to us next season as any possible new manager can do.The way its going we aint going to end up with many points more than last season,which was considered awful.Why people want to stick with this guy is beyond my comprehension.He has taken this team from top 4 to midtable in 2 months,no manager with half an idea would let that happen.A good manager would have found ways to address the slide,not just blame injuries or late goals against us.

  2. This is why we pay him 3.5m,to deliver us a mid-table finish.He has delivered on his what was asked of him.He feels comfortable in mid-table,he didnt like being up near the top,it was alien & uncomfortable for him.Now he is where he likes to be.Managing a mid-table team with his mid-table management skills.Congrats BFS,top work 🙂

  3. The way the season is tailing off is depressing – if we don’t get a result against Sunderland it could turn into a crisis!

  4. Thanks to Mr Stability’s brilliant job we’ll move to OS as championship’s team. So he’ll lead us to Premier League celebrating another of his great successes in the new stadium. This is his cunning plan.

  5. Wheres Conker when we need him to give us positive words about this falling empire of Sams 😀

    • Conker became the new Sam’s agent; because of the negativity is surrounding his client Conker is considering new work proposals: a top secret source told me Allardyce is going to sign a contract with Real Madrid. Conker and Sam have already bought a two-room apartment in Madrid.

      • Haha,soon Conker will have an empire spread across europe.I hope he doesnt forget us,his friends,when he is a billionaire 😉

  6. ahahhaha… don’t worry Tyson, conker will never forget his true friends…

  7. Matte how does Kev feel about sharing BFS with conker ?
    It’s not just Conker where are all the other BFS lovers ?
    By now this forum is full of we need BFS comments and we are being told we are ungrateful for not feeling safe with are 39 points and how we owe so much to BFS for boring us week in week out,
    It is good to see one of our young players with a chance to go to Wembley why we have to watch O,Brien,or Nolan huffing and puffing why Poyet sits growing those young under strength bones,why did we bother signing Nene ?

  8. Ahah… Don’t worry bubs, sam and conker put a bed at the feet of their double bed for the little kev…

  9. Trouble with dropping like a stone is that it will effect our pulling power in the market in the summer.If players had seen we were making good improvement & finished in the top 7 or 8 they would have been tempted by our obvious improvement.Instead now we will be selling ourselves as a midtable team who couldnt move on despite good signings in the summer.It will only be the OS that will maybe appeal to them.Mr.Stability has done more than just screw up this season,it will have a knock on effect.Thanks The Sophisticated One.

    • Spot on Tyson.I personally don’t feel confident anymore taking on either Sunderland or Leicester.Will the owners allow this tragedy to continue or will they put us all out of our misery and terminate Allardicci?Even with the move to O.S it will take more than money to get the key players to join West Ham.A new visionary manager is required for a start.The rest will follow.

  10. If you look at the fixture list and the teams we have played, other than the Palace game and the West Brom cup tie, we have outperformed our level over the last couple of months. Then look at our next 9 games 8 of which we could expect to get results in, we have theoretically an easy run in, so time to rebuild confidence. In a glass half full approach we should be thankful for the good start we made because we had as tough a mid season run of games as anyone in the divison. Probably we will score about 50 points but if we get back on the winning buzz sooner then maybe we could get 55 or more.

  11. Yeah but we all know you are Sams super fan No.32,we will be lucky to make 50pts.You take lessons from Sams Big Book Of Excuses 😉

    • Lol, as mentioned in numerous posts I am happy for a change at the end of the season but I am surprised how well we played during the last couple of months. I don’t blame the manager for the fixture list and considering the injuries etc we have done well enough. Now we have a relatively easy run in, if there is such a thing we should be expected to get results in nearly every game so I would judge SA and the team more on these games than on the previous 10 or so.

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